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Combat Master Online MOD APK (Menu MOD) 0.13.19

App NameCombat Master Online
Publisher Alfa Bravo Inc.
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoMenu MOD
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Combat Master (Modern Warfare Mobile) is a great FPS shooting game on mobile. Play now to enjoy fast-paced, high-performance multiplayer gun battles and tons of fun.

About Combat Master Online

Combat Master Online was released to meet the expectations of shooting game fans. No matter how grumpy you are, this game will make you change your mind. Sharp graphics, high performance, and impressive gameplay will be what you feel after playing. The main inspiration for this game comes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. So, you may come across some familiar elements. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all the same. It has many special features and attractions, making players unable to put down their guns. Currently, the game is in beta, so you can not experience the best features. If you are idle and want to be challenged, do not ignore this FPS shooter game.

Combat Master Online (Modern Warfare Mobile) is developed by Activision and released for free on the Play Store by AlfaBravoInc, the creators of many popular mobile shooting games. The game is currently only available in the app markets of some countries. In case you can’t find it on your local Play Store, you can download it for free at our blog. Basically, Combat Master Online always requires a network to connect to the game’s server. Since the game is in beta, it only accepts connections from certain IPs in the list of supported countries. So even if you have downloaded and installed the game, you still need to activate a VPN before playing it.


Gameplay in Combat Master Online focuses on innovation and high performance. Because the game is in beta, it only offers a single game mode, Team Deathmatch. In this game mode, you will participate in a match of 6 shooters. After pressing the Quickplay button, the system will randomly assign you a team. Teaming up can take a few seconds. The team’s main task is to kill the opponent and get the highest score possible. The team that has all its members killed first loses. Your teammates will show up in blue. Your opponent will be shown in red. Pay attention to the color when fighting if you do not want to waste bullets. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of obstacles such as containers, walls, or statues as shelters from bullets.

While playing, you will be autonomous in moving and controlling the gun. In the spirit of “try hard”, the publisher removed the auto-fire function in the game. Therefore, you have the opportunity to practice and show off your shooting skills. The play screen will display many buttons like jumping, throwing knives, aiming, sitting, reloading, etc. By clicking on these icons, you can perform quick actions. In addition, while playing, you will not encounter any ads. Also, the game does not have loot box functionality or money to upgrade guns. Thus, feel free to enjoy the exciting gun battles and show off your skills.

Combat Master mod gameplay

Modern weapon system

Weapons are the most important element in FPS shooting games. Thus, Combat Master Online offers you a variety of guns to choose from. You can select Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, or Sniper Rifles before entering the match. Each weapon category will have many small types. Also, each loadout contains different weapon sets available. If you don’t like the pre-equipped weapons, you can change them to suit your fighting ability. In addition, each weapon will have different stats. These are Mobility, Control, Range, Accuracy, Damage, and Fire Rate. Looking at this index, you can know how good a weapon is. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade weapons to increase damage.

Knives and Weapon Skins

It seems that Combat Master Online FPS takes a lot of inspiration from Conster Strike when it offers a very diverse knife system and weapon skins. Basically, all skins do not create special effects on the weapon’s stats. It just makes the player’s weapon more unique. It ensures balance in matches.

You can buy new knives and skins at the shop or open a chest. Weapon skins are divided into groups based on rarity, including common, rare, epic, and legendary. You can easily distinguish the rarity of weapon skins based on their color.

Various maps

The maps in the game serve two types of combat, melee or ranged combat. You never know what map you’re going to fight in. The system will automatically choose a random map to challenge you. Therefore, each match will take place on a different map. It could be the Art Gallery, an abandoned base, or a special space. All maps are laid out for a battle. In general, the map space is quite tight. So, it can limit your ability to move and aim. But on the contrary, the distance between you and the opponent will be closer, increasing the drama when confronting directly.

Combat Master skins

High performance

Combat Master Online provides maximum performance for you to get the most exceptional playing experience. Its speed is measured in seconds. You only need to wait a few seconds to be able to join the match. Everything happens as fast as possible to save the maximum playing time. Moreover, whether your device is low-end or high-end, you never meet the lag problem. In particular, if you participate in the battle for a long time, you do not need to worry about overheating. It will self-regulate performance for the longest battery life. You can join any battles you like until you get bored.

High-quality Graphics and Sound

Graphics in Combat Master Online are carefully invested that few shooting games can match. AAA graphics quality is sharp to every little detail. The design of the weapons and the context of the map are very realistic. This sensation of the ultimate graphic experience makes for a memorable playing experience. Moreover, the sound in the game is also very well invested. It is authentic in every action and gives you the ultimate emotion. You can hear gunshots, footsteps, or even grenades. In addition, it allows you to adjust the indicators of the sound and the image. Click on the “Graphics” to adjust the indicators and change the interface. If you want to experience the best clarity, let set the indicators to the maximum.

MOD APK of Combat Master Online

MOD info

  • Menu MOD
  • Activate the mod feature in the menu before starting the battle.


Combat Master Online is a super fast-paced gun battle game with AAA-quality graphics and immersive sound. Every second of the shooting and action in the game will immerse you. Download the beta and join this FPS shooting game now.

Download Combat Master Online MOD APK (Menu MOD) 0.13.19

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