Download Color Bump 3D MOD Apk (No ADS) v1.2.2 by Good Job Games

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  • Publisher: Good Job Games
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 39M
  • Latest Version: 1.2.2
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 10, 2019

Color Bump 3D – New addictive game of Good Job Games

Previously, we had known that Voodoo and Ketchapp are the two leading entertainment addictive game companies in the world, but recently many developers have followed this simple entertainment game trend. Including Good Job Games, they have been successful with many simple and addictive games such as Swing Star, Slices, Color Bump, … Recently, they continue to launch a new product called is Color Bump 3D, developed based on the previous version of Color Bump. However, there will be many changes in gameplay as well as images.

Color Bump 3D 1

The new Color Bump 3D game was released in late December, supports both mobile platforms via Google Play and AppStore. Immediately after being released, Color Bump 3D game quickly received the great love of players in every country in the world. After just 2 days, Color Bump 3D has ranked first in the Action list on the AppStore, a really big success for the developer. Until now, the game has received nearly 20 thousand reviews with more than 1 million downloads. In the article below, ApkMazon will introduce to you how to play the game, the most outstanding features available on Color Bump 3D and how to download it.

Color Bump 3D 2

Easy gameplay but difficult to pass

Good Job Games games are always built in a simple way, without the need for a clear storyline or character system. but it still provides an extremely enjoyable experience. This time, Color Bump 3D is also the same. You will experience a quite familiar gameplay, a bit like the previously released Color Bump version but the level will be more difficult with more new features. Simply understanding, your task in the game is simply to control the ball forward without touching other colored obstacles, so you will step through the stages with increasing levels of difficulty.

It may sound simple, but in fact, it doesn’t. The gameplay is quite simple, but to be able to complete all stages with different levels of difficulty is not easy at all. Each stage will be a short path, you will control a ball moving forward by throwing all obstacles. Obstacles will be lined up that road, you must not let your ball touch other colored obstacles. You will control the white ball, so you can rely on white obstacles to get rid of other colored obstacles, creating a path for the ball to reach the finish.

Color Bump 3D 3

The difficulty of the game will increase as the road to the destination will appear more different obstacles. Not only more obstacles but they are also arranged in very difficult rules that you have to be skillfully to move through them. If you fail, you can immediately replay that stage until it is completed, then move on to the next stage. Try to see if you can overcome all stages of Color Bump 3D.

In terms of control, the Color Bump 3D game gives you control with just one finger right on the phone screen. Just touch the screen and move the ball skillfully in the correct direction to overcome the obstacles. This control is easy for you to get used to. But when it comes to difficult levels, you will encounter many difficulties.

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Download Color Bump 3D MOD Apk

It can be seen that this new version of Color Bump 3D was developed more challenging than the previously released version. And through the name, you can easily see the difference between the two games, which is the graphics of Color Bump 3D. It was developed with sharp 3D quality. In general, this new Color Bump 3D session is so exciting that you should try right now. It will give you the best entertainment minutes. Below is the link to download the game Color Bump 3D MOD Apk completely free for you.

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