Code M Apk- Distinct horizontal-screen MOBA game

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Code M netease 2


  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 100MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 20, 2018

A few days ago, NetEase, one of China’s biggest game developers and publisher, has released the latest version of their famous game with the name Code M. This is a familiar MOBA game with the horizontal screen mechanism, built on the background of sharp 3D graphics. So what is the Code M game’s special features? Is it possible to compete with the recent MOBA hit games such as Onmyoji Arena or Arena Of Valor? Let’s go through the review below of ApkMod.

Code M netease 2

Code M- Distinct horizontal-screen MOBA game

Looking at the pictures below, we can easily see that Code M has the basic features of the MOBA series such as finding a teammate, choosing a character before joining the game or. More specifically, you can also buy equipment, farming the monster,… A different thing that helps Code M outstanding from other MOBA games is the horizontal view, not the common top-down.

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That’s why Code M brings a new feeling to the MOBA series, where gamers will have a new perspective, a more exciting experience, and less boring content as in other common MOBA games. For example, the attacks in the game, control the character moves, or simply the overall fighting is totally different, even gathering team is also much easier.

PvP Arena fierce

About the gameplay, the game also developed as other MOBA games with the basic PvP mode. Each match in Code M usually takes place in 4vs4 mode and ends in about 15p, a really good time for the MOBA mobile game. The main goal in every match of Code M is, of course, to destroy all enemy bases, or concentrate on destroying enemy soldiers to win before the soldier’s army is destroyed.

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Character system

The game is equipped with an extremely diverse character system with the characters who have appeared in the legend, comics, and movies. Each of the characters in Code M possesses four different skills: combos, melee combat, support, and more. Flexible in combat if you want to make good use of the features that Code M brings. Because of this feature, players need to capture and develop their characters’ skills. Another highlight is the extremely eye-catching character. NetEase developers also say that they will add new characters after the updates.

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How is Code M’s graphics?

Many people may ask if Code M game has good graphics as the game MOBA today or not. The answer is yes, Code M is equipped with a sharp 3D graphics, which NetEase can easily equip for their product. Featuring with bright colorful graphics, nice effects, as well as scenery, are carefully invested, the game gives players the best experience. Generally Game Code M is invested by NetEase pretty much in terms of images as well as sound.


It is obvious that Code M is a great MOBA game with a new horizontal screen style that will definitely give you a unique and enjoyable experience. However, the current game has not yet officially released, it will be released in a short time. However, you can pre-register this game through the game’s homepage from the link below. Apkmod will update the latest news and the latest Code M download link for you. Let’s wait for it!

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