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City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline
Updated December 6, 2022 (19 hours ago)
Publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Require Android4.4 and up
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Sparkling Society Games with the famous city-building game series has exploded the gaming community with City Island 5. This mobile city-building game allows you to develop your city freely without an Internet connection.

About City Island 5

City Island 5 is the latest title in the City Island game series, which was developed and published by the Sparkling Society. Following the success of City Island 4, City Island 5 is announced with many beautiful cities and attractive building features. In addition, the game also provides both Online and Offline game modes for players to enjoy. You will start the game as a mayor on an island with a few buildings. Your key mission is to build the city and make it the most modern and comfortable place. To grow the city bigger, you need to build many buildings and complete the assigned tasks to earn rewards and experience. Besides building, you can explore new islands to expand your land. Each island has a different theme and building area for you to lay the foundation for a new city. After developing your city, visit other people’s cities and invite them to tour yours.

The game has now reached more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Do you want to become a talented mayor and build your own dream city in City Island 5?

City Island 5 mod apk download

Key features of City Island 5

City Island 5 brings major improvements in both gameplay and graphics compared to its predecessors. It is definitely one of the best city-building simulation games for Android. We bet you will spend many hours immersed in the game world with lots of interesting quests. Here are the great features that this game brings.

Build and develop your dream city

Building a city is not a simple and easy thing. City Island 5 will keep you busy constantly with many city-building tasks. You need to complete quests or events to have money to build buildings for the city. When you complete the quest, you will receive a treasure chest. There are many useful items contained in these treasures. In particular, treasure often contains money and experience for you to upgrade works and level up. As you gain levels, you can unlock buildings and upgrade them. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the island you unlock because each island you explore will have available buildings compatible with it. You cannot build indiscriminately, you can only build compatible buildings.

Moreover, these constructions also come with mini-games to keep you entertained. If you feel bored, try playing them to reduce this feeling. In addition, when successfully building modern buildings, the benefits you get from them also become more. For example, you will receive money every hour from a hotel, cafe, restaurant, etc. Plus, the more modern buildings your city has, the closer “the modern urban” title comes to you. However, to achieve this title, you need to be patient and build the city for a long time.

Explore new lands by hot air balloon

Unlike other construction games, City Island 5 gives you more city maps to build and explore. You don’t only stop at one map, but you can explore the world and unlock beautiful islands. There are nine islands and many types of buildings for you to enjoy. In particular, each island is a different theme to increase diversity for building the city of your dreams. They also have different sizes for you to build large or small cities depending on your preference. However, these islands are obscured by clouds, and the tools to explore them are hot air balloons. Use hot air balloons effectively to explore these beautiful islands.

City Island 5 now has 9 different islands for you to build your cities. Each island has different resources and terrain, so you need to know how to build the most suitable buildings. Besides, you need to develop your city to meet the needs of the residents. When the population is satisfied, you get more rewards.

City Island 5 islands

Complete quests and get rewards

Through building your city, do not forget to do the assigned tasks to earn more rewards. These tasks will keep you busy, but the rewards they bring you will enjoy. The missions you may encounter are exploring new cities, collecting money from buildings, or upgrading buildings. When completing these missions, you will receive attractive rewards and treasures. Every time you complete old quests, new quests will appear for you to do next. So you always have something to do without getting bored.

Visiting other players’ cities

Don’t you know that each building has different building characteristics? For that, you need to use your creativity to make the city unique. This often leaves you out of ideas. So don’t forget to visit other people’s cities and see how they build their cities. Also, not only can you visit but you can also help them building. Surely, you will be amazed at the unique construction ideas and learn a lot from them. Moreover, when you visit, you will receive some small gifts. Sometimes visiting other’s places is also a task that you need to complete every day. Furthermore, if you are confident about your city, invite them to tour your city. With a large number of players, the number of cities that you can visit is endless.

Offline mode

Unlike SimCity BuildIt, which always requires a network connection to play, City Island 5 has an Offline mode. It means you can play the game without an internet connection. Although there is an online mode available where you can connect and interact with other players around the world. However, many players do not want that. They like to enjoy the game alone in their own way. That’s why the developer has provided an Offline game mode. When you are not connected to the network, the activities in the game still develop normally.

However, it is important to note that if you play Offline, your game progress cannot be backed up. Therefore you cannot sync save games on other devices.

City Island 5 gameplay

Attractive graphics and lively sound

Besides the interesting construction features, the graphics and sound in City Island 5 are also extremely attractive. The images in the game are designed with fresh and diverse colors. The surrounding scenery is designed in detail and gives you the feeling of building a realistic city. The image of the islands is also specially designed and unique, bringing a different feeling. In addition, the sound in the game is quite fun and bustling. It accurately describes the sound of modern cities. In addition, when exploring different islands, you also enjoy unique background music.

MOD APK of City Island 5

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money / Free Shopping: When you use cash and gold in the game, they automatically increase.
  • Note: Please play in Offline mode


There is nothing better than observing the modernity of virtual cities that you have spent time and effort building. Download City Island 5 now and start building the city of your dreams from the original wilderness.

Download City Island 5 3.35.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Download (87M)


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