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Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Premium Chapter & Tickets) 6.5.4

App NameChapters: Interactive Stories
Publisher Crazy Maple Studio Dev
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamonds, Premium Chapter & Tickets
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Human life is inherently a long story spanning decades. Do you find that each passing day is an experience worth keeping? You have also watched many movies on TV and seen how the characters behave with the people around them. If you also want to experience life like a book, you can log into Chapters: Interactive Stories and play today. But first, let’s learn about this unique game!

About Chapters: Interactive Stories 

Chapters Interactive Stories is a unique game for those who love to write movie scripts, read stories and discover stories in their own way. Published by Crazy Maple Studio, this game attracts more than 10 million downloads from players worldwide. It can be seen that Chapters is more appreciated for owning a vast collection of stories than games of the same genre, such as My Dog Girlfriend and My Nurse Girlfriend (with only one story).

Accordingly, you can choose the story, read through the pages, and choose your own path that suits your mood and writing preferences. It is a game with classic gameplay but with the plot of Chapters: Interactive Stories are constantly updated, so it’s always new for players. In this game, there are many stories written by talented writers. So you will feel that the twists and turns are so unexpected that you cannot predict what is about to happen.



Chapters Interactive Stories currently has 149 novels. The game lets you choose your path in every story, whether romance, fantasy, comedy, or other genres. This means that here you will play the role of an author who re-writes the story in your direction, making difficult life choices such as falling in love, uncovering secrets, or unraveling things, or unravel deep mysteries.

The game is also labeled 16+ because there are hot, sexy, or bloody scenes of an adventure or horror story. Besides, you have to go through the stages in real life and experience love in a modern style. In modern times, who doesn’t want a relationship that only keeps the messages private? However, beware of disparaging words from perverts.

Chapters Interactive Stories help you dig deeper into aspects of a story, making choices that affect the overall outcome. Adventures and story progressions that reflect your personality and style, all stories come with information directly from the author.

Character Customization 

Besides providing players with diverse content, Chapters: Interactive Stories also makes players interested in the fashion side of the characters in the story. Yes! You can customize your character’s appearance, hairstyle, clothing, and even skin color.

You can choose for your female character a gorgeous outfit to attend a party, trendy suits for male characters. Although the character’s outfit won’t affect the plot much, maybe changing the character’s image can help you get more new ideas.


Some favorite storylines 

There are many stories to play in this game. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any tips on playing the game, as it all depends on your personal preference. You can decide what happens, and your decisions can lead to good or bad results.

Robin Hood: You will become the hero in the story, who always steals from the rich to give to the poor. Will you be arrested and executed? Or will you bring hope to the lives of the less fortunate? It’s all up to you in this historical tale of love and despair.

Vampire Girl: You made a deal with the devil when you were little, and now seven demons from hell have come to an end your bargain. Mother’s soul is at stake, and some of these demons want you to serve their evil purposes. Will you save your mother, or will you rise to rule the underworld of hell? It’s all up to you to decide.

Billionaire’s Next Door: Suddenly, one day, you have a new neighbor. He’s an attractive guy. And then, you know he’s a billionaire from a few small parties together. In addition, your neighbor is the head of a luxury hotel chain and has a hobby of traveling around. So do you want to fall in love with this pompous rich guy?

Eye-catching Graphics 

The in-game graphics are stunning, with the characters designed to look like high-end 3D cartoons. We will quickly think of the world-famous Final Fantasy cartoon when we see the first scenes of the game.

Just a little bit, the colors will be brighter if you play love stories. Vampire Girl, My Positive Bodyguard, Drumline, etc., are blockbusters with content with 6 hot boys and girls. Don’t skip it.

MOD APK of Chapters: Interactive Stories

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  • Offline mode

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Final Words

Chapters: Interactive Stories give players stories with many different emotions that make players wholly absorbed in the story world they explore. Unexpected things will always lie ahead that you would never have expected. Through each chapter, the game brings many details that make players curious and want to discover immediately. So experience all the stories to the fullest and enjoy a world of fantasy and romance the way you want!

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