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Carrom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 15.0.2

App NameCarrom Pool
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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You don’t need to sign up for a membership at any billiards club, as you can now have fun and practice your playing skills with Carrom Pool. This game comes with simple gameplay and attractive modes that will make you addicted.

About Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a free game published by, creator of 8 Ball Pool game. This game features exciting billiards matches for players to test their skills against players from all over. With two game modes online and offline, players can join the game anytime, anywhere without worrying about not having an internet connection. The gameplay in the game is also very simple and suitable for all entertainment objects. Just start playing the first few games, you will quickly become addicted to the attractive and smooth feeling of each billiard line. Let’s explore the special features that this game brings.

If you are a fan of the Carrom Pool game, you definitely cannot ignore this interesting game.

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Key features of Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is one of the most popular sports games on the Play Store as it has received more than 100 million installs and millions of positive reviews from players. The game has more than 10 million players online every day. So what makes it so appealing? Let’s explore it now.


Carrom Pool has simple gameplay and anyone can play right away. At the beginning of the game are detailed instructions to help players quickly understand and get used to how to play. You will see 6 white pucks, 6 black pucks, and 1 red puck on the table. What you need to do is use Striker (appears at your shooting position) to shoot the remaining pucks into 4 holes in the corner of the table. You can choose to shoot white or black pucks depending on your preference. If you choose white pucks, your opponent will be black pucks and vice versa. The winning player is the one who puts all 9 pucks down the hole before his opponent.

Moreover, the operation of shooting these balls is quite smooth and does not cause difficulties for players. With strikers available, the game will automatically adjust the angle based on the force plotting the direction. You can rely on this built-in aiming angle to hit the target. To adjust the angle of this striker, simply touch and move the beam right/left. Then release to shoot. Aim until it falls in the center of gravity because your accuracy will be higher.

Diverse strikers

Striker is the thing that most players are interested in when playing Carrom Pool. It not only shows a player’s personality, but it also shows the level of that player. In the game store, you can find a lot of nice strikers. They come in a variety of colors and unique impressive graphic patterns. Each striker will have different functions. Their stats including Time, Aim, Force will be shown in each level in the Info section. Before spending money to buy a sticker you love, take a look at this information. The reason is that the higher these stats, the greater your ability to win against your opponent.

Therefore, choose a suitable Striker because it helps you a lot in the process of playing against those opponents.

In addition, you can also choose other pucks on the table full of colorful colors. These colors will help make the match beautiful, creating excitement and a new feeling when playing. If you want to change these pucks, you can collect them as you play.

Upgrade your Powers

In addition to striker and pucks, you also find another interesting item at the store, Powers. You do not need to spend money to buy these Powers. Instead, you need to complete the objectives or unlock the Powers first to receive. When using these Powers, your skills will increase. With each successful upgrade, your striker will have more accurate aiming. Striker’s rate of fire is also increased, helping you quickly put pucks into the hole. In particular, when you upgrade Powers to higher levels, the aiming beam will split 2 or 3 times. It helps you to shoot 1 to 2 pucks at the same time. Thanks to that, you quickly put the pucks into the hole and win.

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Attractive modes

The biggest plus of Carrom Pool is that it offers many attractive game modes including both Online and Offline game modes. In online mode, players can enjoy 3 more game modes: Play Disc Pool, Play Carrom and Play Freestyle.

Disc Pool mode is an open game mode and players will compete against other players from all over the world. Players will not see the appearance of the red puck in this mode. If you want to win in this mode, you need to shoot 9 pucks of the same color into the hole.

Carro Mode contains more missions. You need to put 9 pucks of the same color down the hole and shoot more red pieces on the board. Note that you are only allowed to shoot the red puck when you have put all 8 pucks down the hole and keep one puck. Then you shoot the red puck down the hole first, then shoot the remaining normal puck. This mode seems to challenge the player more when it requires dexterity in aiming.

Freestyle mode is simpler when you are free to shoot all 19 pucks on the table. It does not ask to select any pucks by color. Each puck in this mode will have different color and different scores. Depending on the pucks you shoot, the score you get will be different. Try to put the high-scoring pucks down the hole first to win.

Offline mode allows players to practice and have fun at any time. You can play with your friends or family any time you like without any strings attached. If you don’t want to face other players, try practicing in this game mode first.

Unlock new table

Carrom Pool has a collection of tables that you have a chance to unlock. Each table comes in a different color and comes with a new set of pucks. To be honest, the table just makes you feel a bit new in the matches because it does not increase your chances of winning at all. Most of the boards in the game are not free. You can buy them with coins or diamonds.

Global leaderboard

When you win online matches, you get rewarded with money and experience points. Increasing your money and experience points helps you compete for a place in the game’s global leaderboard. The online game mode in Carrom Pool is where millions of players join to compete against opponents around the world. Therefore, there is a leaderboard to honor the best players. The game’s leaderboard has 4 different tabs including:

  • League: The tournament takes place every week
  • Friends: Ranking for friends. Here you can find who is the best player in your friends list
  • Country: Leaderboard for players from the same country
  • and World: The global leaderboard is the most competitive because it includes all Carrom Pool players.

Carrom Pool is based on total coins won by players to rank them. It means that not every win as much as possible will lead to a high position in the rankings.

The opportunity is only for those who dare to bet large amounts of coins for each match. The more coins you win, the higher you are on the leaderboard. Each leaderboard has 100 positions. The rewards for the positions are also different. If you take the lead, you get 5000 diamonds, 2500 diamonds will go to 2nd place, 1000 diamonds for positions 3-10, and 500 diamonds each from 11 to 100.

Try your luck with chests

When you level up, you get a lucky chest. Open it to receive random rewards of Power cards, coins, and gems. There are three types of chests in the game including PRO Chests, Masters Chests, and Supreme Chests. If there are no free chests, you can pay gems to buy them from the shop. Note that with free chests, you need to wait to open them. With chests purchased directly from the shop, you can open them immediately.

MOD APK of Carrom Pool

MOD info

  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Easy winning


Carrom Pool with simple gameplay and attractive game modes offers many choices for players. Download the game and start comparing skills with players all over the world right away.

Download Carrom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 15.0.2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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