Captivity Horror Multiplayer
Captivity Horror Multiplayer

Captivity Horror Multiplayer APK 0.1

Multiplayer Coop: Face your biggest fears alone or together with your friends.

App NameCaptivity Horror Multiplayer
Publisher DarkGamesSCB
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Captivity Horror Multiplayer is a survival horror game that is played online with multiple players. The game is set in a fictional prison, where players are trapped and must find a way to escape while also avoiding deadly traps and monsters. The game features a first-person perspective, and players must explore the prison, looking for items that can help them escape. These items can include keys, tools, and weapons. Players must also avoid or fight off monsters, as well as avoid traps set by the prison’s warden.

Simple but interesting gameplay

Exploration and problem-solving dominate the game. Explore the prison for escape items. Keys, tools, and weapons are examples. Players must also evade the prison warden’s traps and combat monsters. Players must solve many problems to advance. Find hidden keys, read codes, and disable traps in these puzzles. Players can also locate puzzle-solving clues. Besides, the game emphasizes combat. Players use weapons they acquire or manufacture to fight prison monsters. Monsters in the game have different strengths and weaknesses. Players can sneak past monsters and traps with stealth, but they must be careful not to get caught. Also, it encourages teamwork. Players must collaborate to escape the prison. They also combat monsters and traps together. However, other players may turn against them and try to impede their escape. Moreover, the game also features a progression system, where players can earn points for solving puzzles and escaping prison. After that, you can use these points to unlock new items and abilities that can help players in their future escape attempts.

Optimized graphics

Captivity Horror Multiplayer has top-notch graphics and sound design, which make it a truly immersive and scary experience. The prison is designed to look and feel realistic, and the monsters are terrifying and realistic. The sound effects and music also add to the tension and suspense of the game.


In conclusion, Captivity Horror Multiplayer is an exciting and unique survival horror game that puts a lot of emphasis on working as a team and finding solutions to problems. With its realistic graphics and sound design, it creates an experience that is both immersive and scary. The game is perfect for those who enjoy a good challenge and the thrill of a good horror game.

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