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Captain Tsubasa ZERO 2


  • Publisher: GMO GP
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 63MB
  • Latest Version: 1.2.9
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  • Date Updated: January 28, 2019

To talk about the football comic, everyone will think of the name Captain Tsubasa, a famous Japanese comic book many years ago. This comic is popular in many countries around the world and is considered one of the most successful comic books. Moreover, the animated version of Captain Tsubasa was very successful when it premiered in various countries. Not long ago, Captain Tsubasa was very successful with a mobile game called Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team by Klab Inc. And recently, a well-known Japanese game developer, GMO Internet, has also developed a 3D soccer game for the Captain Tsubasa comic series, with the name Captain Tsubasa ZERO.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO 1

Introduce Captain Tsubasa ZERO – 3D Soccer Game With Manga Style

According to information received by ApkMod, GMO Internet has introduced the Captain Tsubasa ZERO to the entertainment game market not long ago with a short trailer video. It is expected that the game Captain Tsubasa ZERO will be released in the coming weeks for two major mobile platforms, Android, and iOS for completely free.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO 2

Game content

The GMO Internet producer has received official copyright from the manga artist Captain Tsubasa, Yōichi Takahashi, in 1981. The manga’s content is about the main character Tsubasa and his friends on the road of conquering the top football league. Football in Captain Tsubasa seems to be built with novel style, dynamic and exciting football moves, often styled and not feasible. Captain Tsubasa ZERO is based on the plot, the character system in this comics to develop a fascinating football management game.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO 3

Management gameplay

Joining the Captain Tsubasa ZERO game, you will have chances to collect famous soccer players who have appeared in the hit comic Captain Tsubasa and lead them to the world’s top football league. You will be a true coach and direct player of the players on the field against the opponent. Like other football management games, you will be able to recruit the best players from the bonus you receive to make your team be the strongest one.

In term of how to control the game, it still applies the virtual keys which are as simple as other football games. As this is a mobile game, the controlling mechanism must be simple cause too many controlling buttons may affect the view of the screen. In order to win, you have to be skillful in controlling your players, but you have to build the right tactics and arrange the right team.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO 4

What’s about the graphics?

One notable feature of Captain Tsubasa ZERO is its sharp graphics. Although the producers did not mention this, we can clearly see it through the video trailer from them. As can be seen, the players appearing on the pitch is shaped very similarly to the original with super smooth movements, showing that the manufacturer has invested so much on the 3D graphics for Captain Tsubasa ZERO.


Generally speaking, Captain Tsubasa ZERO has just been developed into an attractive football game with a sharp 3D graphics, and it will definitely be a great game in the near future. In particular, Captain Tsubasa ZERO will be a good news for those who love the famous Captain Tsubasa comic. After a long time allowing players to register before, now Captain Tsubasa ZERO has been officially released on Google Play and AppStore completely free. And here is a download link for you to download games for your device.

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