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Require5.0 and up
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CapCut (formerly Viamaker) is a video editing app for mobile. It is currently available on Android and iOS, free to download. This article provides you with information about this great application. Don’t forget to have the latest Capcut mod available so you can unlock and use all the features in the app. Let’s explore it together!

About CapCut – The best video editor for Tiktokers

Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company, develops CapCut. This is a video editing app on mobile platforms loved by many people today. It allows users to apply different editing tools to videos to turn them into a unique product. Initially, Bytedance said that Capcut was created as a video creation application specifically for their Tiktok platform. This application’s features are geared towards creating and editing short videos with different unique effects, which you can then share directly with the Tiktok app. However, many people quickly fell in love with CapCut because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Many people have chosen CapCut instead of many popular video editing applications such as Vivavideo or Inshot.

Let us explore the great features of this application right in this article.


Key features of CapCut

CapCut isn’t the best video editor on Android, but it deserves a place in your app collection. The app gives you the tools to turn your video into a work of art quickly. Let’s explore its outstanding features now.

Basic video editor

We want you to know that CapCut is not a professional video editor like Kinemaster or VivaVideo. It doesn’t have too many unique features. The audience this application focuses on is Tiktokers looking to edit their videos quickly but still be unique. However, you will still find the basic editing features needed by a video editor for Android. The first is the function of cutting and merging videos. It also allows you to change the speed and adjust the speed and opacity of the videos.

Besides, CapCut allows you to adjust video color parameters such as brightness, saturation, exposure, shadow, temp, hue, and fade. There is a slider for you to change the values of each of these options.

The great thing is that these tools work quickly and smoothly. You don’t need a professional video editor to complicate your video editing process because CapCut can easily do everything well.

Unique Templates

Working with videos has never been easier. So while video editing apps offer powerful tools, not everyone has the skills to master them. Turning an ordinary video into a unique product with professional effects is complicated with many different photos. However, you can do it easily on Capcut, thanks to the collection of Templates that this application offers.

As mentioned, CapCut is developed for the Tiktok platform. Therefore, you will find many unique popular templates on this social network. The special thing here is that you still don’t need any video editing skills to create a unique product. Very simple, just open CapCut, select an existing template from the gallery and add images, videos, or text as required. Then you have an extremely eye-catching video with a professional style.

CapCut also built a social network where you can contribute the templates you create. You just need to upload to share your built projects with your own unique edits and effects. The popularity of Templates is based on the number of users and their reviews about them.



Sometimes you need to merge videos. For example, you have a great trip to many locations, and you have recorded a lot of videos in each of the places visited. You have to merge these videos when you want a complete vlog of your trip. Besides video cutting and merging tools, transition effects are significant. CapCut will surprise you with the collection of transition effects available. Not only that, but using these items is also very simple. You need to combine the videos, then choose a transition effect from the available list, and you’re done.

The transition effects in CapCut do not affect the quality of your video. You also have a collection of over 100 different unique transitions to choose from.

Since CapCut is a video editing application for the Tiktok platform, your output videos should be no more than 15 minutes in length. Therefore, if you want to edit longer videos, you should choose another tool like VivaVideo or Kinemaster PRO.

Collection of filters and effects

Filters are a simple way to change the color parameters of your video. It is an indispensable part of any video editor. Capcut has a collection of over 100 different unique filters. You only need one touch to apply a filter to your video instantly. Capcut’s filters are divided by topics. Currently, there are seven themes, including Life, food, movies, nature, retro, B&W, and Style. There is a slider for you to adjust the value of the filters.

If the filters don’t satisfy you, try choosing an effect. Capcut provides more than 500 unique effects that you can easily apply to your videos. All effects on the application are stored in the cloud. So you need to download them before applying. As mentioned, Capcut links directly to Tiktok to see the effects that are trending on this platform. Like filters, you only need one tap to apply an effect, and a video can only use one effect.

Add text/stickers

The first and easiest thing you can do to make a video more emotional is to add text or stickers to the frames. It’s a basic feature of every video editor, so you can find it on Capcut. We all know that adding texts and stickers on videos creates vibes for viewers. You can spread the positive energy from your video with impressive quotes or a funny sticker. The application allows you to add and customize the text easily. You can change the color, font style, size, border, and effect of the text.

CapCut offers more than 500 stickers on every theme. You can easily find the right ones to put on your videos.


Customize video audio

Along with visuals, sound is an important part of any video. Especially on Tiktok, all videos need sound. No matter how well you edit video images, but the sound is not good, your video is still a failure. Besides tools that help you fine-tune your video’s original sound, Capcut allows you to insert other audio. CapCut is a product in the Tiktok ecosystem, so you can find most of the copyrighted Tiktok music on this platform. The app also suggests some popular themes such as Rock, Travel, Vlog, Healing, Warm and Fresh. When you use an audio file more than once, just click on the star icon next to it to add it to your favorites list. Then you can access and use them quickly. Besides melodies, CapCut allows you to add sound effects according to themes such as performance, laugh, fight, magic, food, and transition.

If you don’t find the right sound in the available collection, don’t worry because CapCut allows you to import audio files from your collection. Note that an audio file is no more than 30 seconds in length. There’s no limit to audio editing on CapCut, as long as you’re creative enough.

Besides, the application is also suitable for Vloggers. You can record your live voice and then insert it into the video. Sound quality will depend on your device’s mic.

Smart Chroma Key

Chroma Key is a special effect commonly used in Hollywood movies. The way this function works is also quite simple. First, this technique helps you remove all the backgrounds behind the subject and then replace them with something unique. You do not need to find Chroma Key on PC video editors because it is already available on CapCut. There is no need to go to Hawaii to shoot a relaxing video on O‘ahui beach because you can do it on CapCut.

Customize video thumbnails

When you share videos on social networks like Tiktok and Youtube, these platforms often randomly select a frame on the video to make a thumbnail. Sometimes it really sucks because it’s a bad moment. CapCut doesn’t let that happen. The app allows you to choose another interval you like best from the entire clip and set it as a thumbnail.

Professional interface

CapCut provides a professional video editing toolkit and workspace. The interface of the app has been tweaked to fit mobile devices. The user’s working operations have also been optimized to the maximum. Of course, this application can quickly apply the tools you use to the video. Also available option to preview and undo. You can easily crop photos, insert text, sound, layers, filters, or customize lighting and saturation.

The timeline bar is the soul of any video editor. It also has no exception to CapCut. Here, you can see all the edits you’ve made to the video. You can touch and drag on the timeline to move to any frame in your video.

The toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen. This is where you find all the functionality for editing your videos. Everything has been optimized, and the developer has also arranged the tools in reasonable positions. So you don’t get confused the first time you use it. When you apply an edit to your video, you can see the change in real-time.

CapCut is a social network.

Not just a video editing application, CapCut is also a social network where people with similar interests are connected. There is only one option to log into CapCut: to use a Facebook account to connect. Visit the Templates section to explore new topics and interact with people. You can follow popular accounts to receive notifications when they share new templates. Besides, when you see a unique template, don’t forget to express your feelings with a heart or leave a comment.

Each member on CapCut has a personal page. Here, you can customize your accounts, including your display name, cover photo, and bio.

MOD APK of CapCut

If you are looking for CapCut mods, sorry to disappoint you. There are currently no mods available for this app. Honestly, we don’t see any limitations in the app at all. You can use all the features for free without signing up for a membership plan. This app also has no ads.

CapCut Alternative?

CapCut is currently one of the most popular photo editing apps on Android with over 100 million installs on the Play Store. It has the essential functions you need to work with your videos. However, the functions on Capcut are often focused on Tiktok users, so there are some people who do not like it. Besides, the watermark that cannot be removed at the end of the videos is also a minus point. In case you are looking for an alternative to CapCut, we have some good suggestions below.

VivaVideo PRO

VivaVideo is a video and photo editor on Android. It has useful tools to help you create videos with music, add eye-catching effects to videos, create short videos for Tiktok, and much more.

VivaVideo provides video editing tools for all needs from basic to advanced. You can easily trim, merge, add effects to your videos or apply many other advanced functions. On standard accounts, VivaVideo allows exporting videos in HD quality. It is an advantage.

Kinemaster PRO

The most popular video editor on Android with millions of users. It allows you to produce a professional video in just minutes. The application has all the necessary functions for video editing from basic to advanced. You can easily create a new project on Kinemaster and then enjoy its best functions to work on your videos.

You don’t have video editing skills? Don’t worry because Kinemaster provides a lot of professional project templates. You just need to download and use a favorite sample project, then all available edits will be automatically applied to your video.

Inshot PRO

Inshot PRO is an all-in-one video/photo maker and editor. This app is trusted by millions of users around the world. It is also recommended by many content creators on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Inshot PRO focuses on professional video editing functions such as Chroma Key, slow frame motion, object blur, background removal, etc. Even so, you can still find the full range of basic video editing functions in its toolkit, including cutting and merging. transitions, add stickers and text, add filters, etc.


Is CapCut safe to use?

Yes. It is an Android app that has been certified by Google. Capcut has been on the Play Store for a long time and it has always been appreciated for its safety and security.

Is it completely free?

CapCut is a free app on the Play Store so you can install it easily. However, there are some in-app purchases that require payment in real money to activate.

Does it support Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is currently not available on the latest version of Capcut.

Does it collect user information?

Capcut requires some basic permissions, including Storage, Location, and Photos/Media/Files. It’s purely for valid purposes. You need to accept these permissions for the editing functions on the app to work. The application does not ask you to provide personal information and it does not collect any personal data.

Can I use it offline?

Have. You can use Capcut without an internet connection. The functions work normally.


CapCut is a great mobile video editor. It offers all the features completely for free without ads and any membership packages. Moreover, the application is also very easy to use as most operations are touch, drag, and drop. Download this application for free via the link below.

Download CapCut MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.9.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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