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Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Moves/ Boosters)

App NameCandy Crush Saga
Publisher King
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Moves/ Boosters
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  • Run the game and play only without the Internet!

Candy Crush Saga with sweet candies and interesting challenges is too familiar to many people. Release the stress from your work and enjoy the challenges with this funny game now.

About Candy Crush Saga

Smartphone users are no longer unfamiliar with the game Candy Crush Saga. King has created a sweet and challenging world with candies. Each level in this sweet candy game makes a fever and infatuation with many people. Possessing beautiful graphics and simple game rules, Candy Crush Saga is always at the TOP of the most played games today. You can easily see the number of hundreds of millions of downloads on the app stores.

The game gives you a board full of candies of different colors. These candies are arranged in random order. Your main task is to combine them to break the barriers. Each level also has separate tasks to keep you entertained. Besides, it also comes with a bunch of interesting features and new maps constantly. Players never get bored with countless interesting intellectual and patience challenges. Let’s explore this exciting candy challenge world now!

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Simple game rules

The rules of Candy Crush Saga are not complicated. It is similar to games that combine the same colors in rows of three and four. Through the game, your main task is to combine the same candies. Let create rows consisting of at least three candies. Popular candies in this game:

Striped candy

If you match 4 of the same candies vertically or horizontally, a striped candy will appear. Striped candy is used to destroy a row according to its stripe. Its destructive power is quite large and helps you win faster.

Chocolate candy

If you combine five candies at the same time, you will create colorful chocolate. This chocolate has a very high destructive power. When you combine this chocolate with a random candy, all candies will be broken.

Packed candy

When you combine the same candies in an L or a T shape, candy packs will be created. The use of this candy is to destroy the 3×3 area.

Levels with separate difficulty levels

Each land in Candy Crush Saga will give you unique missions and challenges. You may encounter cherries and chestnut collecting levels, point attack levels, or Jelly breaking levels. At each level, players need to combine candies to break the obstacles. In particular, try to combine vertical four or horizontal four to create striped candies. These candies are useful in the jelly-breaking levels. Collecting chestnuts and cherries is probably the most difficult task. You need to control the candies to bring the cherry down below. Each level with different difficulty will take you from one emotion to another. This is how you challenge yourself to overcome difficulties every day.

Candy Crush Saga now has 5000 levels with tons of challenges. Levels of difficulty are marked on the map to warn you before starting them. Hard levels are accompanied by a skull icon, while extremely hard levels are a skull icon with 2 horns. Completing difficult levels gives you the opportunity to receive rewards such as coins or boosters.

Limit moves to increase the challenge

At all levels, most players will be limited to certain moves. Each target score will have a certain number of moves. The more special level, the more limited the number of moves. Therefore, the game poses a challenge for participants to learn how to combine candies effectively. Sometimes you need to combine striped candy with wrapping candy to increase the attack. Sometimes you need to combine striped candy and rainbow candy to break the bombs. Use up all the special candies with these move-limited levels. In particular, you need to learn how to destroy bombs to earn more points.

Candy Crush Saga-features

Miniature social network

Candy Crush Saga is a game that supports linking with social networks. Therefore, you can make friends and interact with other players. It has a gifting feature for players to exchange gifts with each other. The gift can be more moves. These gifts will help you in times of trouble. Use them on the most difficult levels to increase the winning rate.

Besides receiving gifts from friends, you can also receive many requests from friends. In particular, be aware of messages containing heart-shaped envelopes. If you have enough network, you should not click receive them. Save them in the mailbox to use when you run out of moves. In short, the more friends you have, the more likely you are to receive gifts from them.


Boosters are a familiar part of every 3-match game. Of course, Candy Crush Saga is no exception. There are 2 types of boosters that you will use: preparation boosters and in-match boosters. Using Boosters is the simplest way to get rid of difficult levels. Each booster brings a unique ability that you need to know to use at the right time. Some of the popular Boosters in the game are Color Bomb (Get a Color Bomb on the board at the start of level), Extra Moves (Add 5 moves per level), Lollipop Hammer (Use candy hammer to smash a board slot), UFO (Summon a flying saucer to randomly drop 3 wrapped candies on the board) and many other unique boosters.

In some important updates, the developer removed some old boosters and added new ones. You can buy boosters in the store to use, or get them from events or the Lucky wheel.

Sharp and colorful 3D design

Candy Crush Saga belongs to the genre of puzzle strategy game. It is designed to be realistic and colorful under the background of 3D design. Each character accompanying the lands is also designed according to its own story. Not only adults love the graphics, but children also love them. In addition to colorful images, it also owns an attractive background music sound set. Players seem to be immersed in a fairy tale world with sweet candy songs. Every time candies are broken, combined, bombs explode, music effects appear to increase the game’s appeal. Besides, every time you complete tasks and enter a new land, the music also changes. All of the above makes for an incredibly addictive experience.

MOD APK of Candy Crush Saga

MOD info

Although the game is free, you still need to pay for some features. The first is moves. Each level will limit the number of moves. So, how do you own more moves? The Pro version will give you an unlimited number of moves. Besides, it also gives you more gold than you get after each level. Relief features like lollipops or jellyfish, etc are also added. You will quickly complete challenges and tasks without waiting for help from anyone else.


  • You cannot log in to the game to synchronize your progress.
  • The game only works on the Android operating system


Candy Crush Saga will make you addicted to the challenging candy world. Download this game now and enjoy every exciting journey it brings.

Download Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Moves/ Boosters)

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