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Camera360 Lite -Stylish Filter MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 9.9.35

Sweet selfie camera & photo editor with expressive filters

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About Camera360 Lite

Are you fed up with camera programs that perform poorly, frequently freeze, and consume excessive space on your device? If that’s the case, “Camera360 Lite” is the program you should get right now. With this all-in-one, cost-free beauty camera optimized for Android devices, shooting images is now simpler, quicker, and more stunning than ever.

Camera360 is a diverse and excellent photography program with over 500 million dedicated users and has been ranked as the number one beauty camera in seven countries. It features numerous creative and automatic elements that combine to provide consumers with the most incredible photographs possible. The Camera360 Lite app is a stripped-down version of the full-featured Camera360 software that runs incredibly well on all Android gadgets.

Quick & Convenient

The app is a lightweight version of the full-featured Camera360 app that can be quickly and easily installed on any network. This program, which has a download size of fewer than 4 megabytes, is ideal for people who are constantly running out of space on their devices and cannot capture images when needed.

Candy-themed beauty camera for taking sweet selfies

You can say goodbye to false faces and start shooting perfect shots with the beauty camera for candy selfies included with Camera360 Lite. This camera helps the pictures you take a look more attractive and natural. You have access to more than a dozen beauty presets and filters, allowing you to select and customize how your skin and face seem with only the tap of a finger.

Enhance the look of your candy selfie with beauty camera selfie filters, unique and free cartoon styles with personality, and HD camera & selfie camera features that enable you to remove imperfections, smooth skin, add photo filters and special photo effects, as well as a lot of other customization options.

Fashionable Filters

The Camera360 Lite has more than one hundred one-of-a-kind filters and cartoon effects that you can apply to your images in real-time to give them vibrant colors and intricate detail. You can select filters explicitly tailored for taking photographs of food, vintage color film effects that give photos the appearance of being born in the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s, and many other options.

Fastest Capture

The HD Camera in Camera360 Lite is the most powerful camera application for capturing images with bright colors and rich detail since it has a timer, a flash, and all the other capabilities you need to shoot the perfect picture. When you are finished editing, it also lets you quickly and conveniently upload your finished candy selfies to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Line, Instagram, and others directly from the selfie camera.

Astonishing Real-time Photo Editor Capable of Producing Fascinating Results

The editing capabilities of this app are exceptional, and unlike manual editing, they can be done in real-time. The app’s built-in artificial intelligence is adaptable and always accompanied by stunning and outstanding performance, which enables users to adjust some aspects of their experience and directly make instant photos. Because everything is of impeccable quality, you will always be able to create astonishing or inventive advancements while maximizing the systems or capabilities intrinsic to the system or library.

Alter the AI to your liking for more cutting-edge and mind-blowing effects.

The primary capability of Camera360 Lite is to automatically retouch photographs with remarkable performance or rely on pre-selected effects to give excellent results. Both of these options are available. The impact is virtually unbounded, and each is designed to be approachable and entertaining, with the final goal of producing many humorous photographs. The use of filters is a huge step forward in photograph editing since they allow for a wide variety of adjustments to a photograph’s color, lighting, and many other aspects. The user can preset adjust some features and get one-of-a-kind effects or upgrades for each photo thanks to the freedom of customization the filters offer.

Easily change backgrounds with the help of AI

Changing the background is required to take ideal photographs that show various tonal options rather than featured ones. The editing of the backdrop is dependent on the assistance provided by the AI, which also automatically filters out any redundancy that may be present in an image. You also have the option to automatically delete the backdrop and add many new things to create beautiful combinations of many things, including backgrounds and main content.

Make your best video ideas a reality by recording and developing them.

In addition to being able to take images, Camera360 Lite is also proud to be one of the best recording software available. It features various imaginative and amusing editing components that users may experiment with. These itty-bitty aspects always have a lot of new stuff and always prioritize unique and stylish information popular with or widely used by young people. New content or effects will be made available regularly, and they can take pleasure in the price of their creative and amusing video ideas to life.

Adjust the Settings of the Whole System to Fit Your Preferences

If you want better user experiences and to rely on the system less, customization and personalization of the system are crucial. The benefit of customizing the system is that it enables users to make everything function according to their personal preferences. This includes many sophisticated and helpful items that provide more room for work. In the meantime, artificial intelligence will gradually learn from user activities and highlight fascinating things to broaden people’s media discovery across various formats.

A User-Friendly and Easy to Understand Interface that Allows for Rapid Interaction

The user interface of Camera360 Lite is exceptional because it has a straightforward design that is also elegant, which enables users to get off to a solid start or make discoveries. In the meantime, the layouts or features are organized in an orderly fashion so that users can get off to a strong start while simultaneously becoming accustomed to each function upon their very first use. People will have the best user experience possible in real-time or more if the elements associated with interface customization are delicate and have the creative capacity to make that possible.


Camera360 Lite is a fantastic tool for those who enjoy snapping images but consistently fall short on storage space. This app is ideal for individuals who wish to shoot gorgeous and breathtaking images without worrying about storage space because of its lightweight design, quick and handy capabilities, and outstanding real-time photo editor with fascinating support from AI.

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