Download Cabal Mobile APK v1.1.2 (English Version) for Android

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CABAL Mobile 1


  • Publisher: ESTgames Corp.
  • Platforms: Android+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 99M
  • Latest Version: 1.1.2
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 14, 2019

Cabal Online is a free 3D multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by the Korean company ESTsoft loved by many players worldwide. After getting big success with the PC version released since 2005, this game has now been officially released for the mobile platform. This time, it will still be ESTsoft developer to undertake the work of publishing Cabal Mobile for Android and iOS platforms.

CABAL Mobile 1

Cabal Mobile has just been released on March 13 recently, only the Korean version is available so players will experience with a bit of language problem. The international version of this game will probably be released soon. Before downloading the game, please refer to the introduction of Cabal Mobile below to see if this Cabal Mobile version has anything special compared to Cabal Online version. The link to download the game will be located at the end of the article.

Cabal Mobile – the popular MMORPG of ETsoft launches the mobile version

Cabal Mobile belongs to the MMORPG genre that applies the European context, built on the eye-catching 3D graphics, combined with a continuous action mechanism and allows players from the main character to transform into a Man Very attractive wolf or Vampire.

CABAL Mobile 2

In the current version, the game has all 4 careers including Warrior, Blader, Wizard and Gladiator. Each character will be evaluated according to their combat skills on the difficulty of manipulating. Of course later, new careers can develop their full potential and then you will know the strength and balance between them. Also in Cabal Mobile, each character class has another skill set called Battle Mode. This is a kind of buff skill that helps characters to strengthen their attack and defense ability. The higher the level of the Battle Mode’s characters gets, the better they become. When they reach a certain level of evolution, they can transform the form of the Weapon you holding in their hand.

CABAL Mobile 3

In terms of manipulation mechanism, Cabal Mobile players can easily control characters through virtual keys, apply with the QTE system (quick time event) to allow the display of many skills to fight voyeuristic. And to increase action and better combat experience, each character’s system of skills is divided into several stages, creating powerful interactions with different effects. In addition, Cabal Mobile does not restrict players in a series of long-term bosses, whereas the game allows you to freely move, interact with the NPC to take on quests, explore the vast world view as the original version. PC at all.

The impressive features of the game:

  • Enjoy a perfect scene on your device with modern 3D graphics quality, simulate the context, characters, delicate equipment and accompanying eye-catching fighting effects.
  • Fast combat mode, comprehensive attack, continuous combos. Especially when you reach to high level, you will have to carry out QTEs with slashes, horizontal and vertical to jump dame more damage!
  • The game offers many real-time arenas for you to compete directly with other players in solo form 1vs1 or 3vs3 teams.
  • The game offers the concept of “end game” with many guilds, big and small, and any guild that owns the world of the game will be considered King of Cabal Mobile, owning that server.
  • Players can easily exchange, communicate, trade items with other players. Especially, the game also supports the guild management system, voice chat, and the chat group association, which is very convenient to contact – connect.
  • Few characters but possess a system of skills, many combat operations are endless, the higher the game, the more open-source features for you to develop your character.
CABAL Mobile 4

Download Cabal Mobile APK

Overall, Cabal Mobile still carries the outstanding features of the Cabal Online version released many years ago and also has new features for players to be more interested in the game. Currently, you can only experience Cabal Mobile with the Korean version, the international version will have to wait a while longer to be released. Here is the download link Cabal Mobile APK for you.

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