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Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Unlocked/ Unlimited Money) 4.1.2

App NameBus Simulator Indonesia
Publisher Maleo
Require4.2 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked/ Unlimited Money
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Bus Simulator Indonesia (MOD Unlocked/ Unlimited Money) is now available on our blog. Download the latest mod of this game and enjoy the real driving experience and explore the beautiful cities in Indonesia.


Did you know that in Indonesia, the bus is one of the most popular public transport being used every day by millions of people? There are many bus routes stretching everywhere in this beautiful country. If you are interested in the job of a bus driver and want to explore famous places in Indonesia, you definitely cannot ignore Bus Simulator Indonesia, the most attractive driving simulation game on Android.

The game allows you to become a bus driver that goes to different stations in every city in Indonesia. Step on the buses and control them like a skilled driver. You will have to do the familiar work of a bus driver, which is to drive to the bus stations, then pick up and drop off passengers. It is a completely fun and wonderful experience when you have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, where you are passing.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is developed by Maleo, a game development company based in Surabaya, Jawa Timur Indonesia. The game has now reached more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store and received millions of positive reviews from users. Join us to find out the interesting features of the game in this article. Don’t forget we give you the latest mod version of the game to make you have a better playing experience.

Bus Simulator Indonesia-mod-apk

Introducing Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

If you are a guy who loves to travel and explore new places but you do not have a lot of money to satisfy this passion, then maybe this bus driver job will be right for you. Even if you don’t have any real-life bus driving skills, you are sure to have a perfect experience with Bus Simulator Indonesia. This is a must-have game on your Android if you want to have free tours in beautiful Indonesia. You will experience the life of a real bus driver. Like any other profession, there are rules that you need to follow while working. You must drive safely, obey traffic lights, pick up and drop off passengers at the correct stations, and more. But most of all, this job gives you free long trips to visit beautiful places in the cities.

In Bus Simulator Indonesia, you play as a skilled driver. Your daily work always starts at 5 am at the bus station. Here, choose the car you drive, then don’t forget to check the map and gas before you leave. Follow the directions on the map, then go to the stops to pick up and drop off passengers. Don’t forget this is a realistic simulation game, so you need to obey traffic laws and go at the allowed speed in the city. Do not try to run a red light because it is really dangerous for both you and the passengers.

Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia

There are tons of cool features that you can find on Bus Simulator Indonesia. That’s why this game received huge downloads and a lot of positive feedback from players.

Simple and intuitive controls

The control system is one of the most important elements of a driving simulation game on mobile. Bus Simulator Indonesia has done this very well when it comes to providing a simple, intuitive, and smooth control system. At the beginning of the game, you are instructed on how to become a bus driver in the city. The game then gives you access to a simple and intuitive control system. It simulates in detail how you control a car in real life with the steering wheel, Gear stick, accelerator, and brake. After completing the initial training, we bet you are confident enough to step on any bus and ride them like a pro.

Besides the touch buttons, the game allows you to control your bus with the motion sensor on the device. No matter how you control your bus, you have the opportunity to go through different parts of the city and see the surroundings. Even so, driving a bus is not easy. Always be careful in front of other cars moving on the road to never have an accident. Besides, you need to obey traffic laws by stopping in front of red light.

For those who want a new experience for driving simulation games, Bus Simulator Indonesia also provides different perspectives for you to enjoy your journey. Besides the first-person perspective from behind the wheel, the game allows you to observe with a 360-degree camera from above. You not only see your bus moving on the road, but you can also observe the beautiful scenery around. There is an on-screen display option available so you can switch views whenever you want.

Bus Simulator Indonesia gameplay

Simulation of famous places in Indonesia

If you do not know, Bus Simulator is one of the most popular driving simulation games in the world with many different versions. But there are few versions that focus on a particular country. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a pioneer for this. The game is aimed at those who love Indonesia and want to visit famous places here.

This simulation game has built many famous places in Indonesia such as Taman Sari Castle, Maimun Palace, Al-Akbar Mosque… Especially while controlling his bus. to the stops, you have the opportunity to pass these places and see them from behind the wheel. What could be more wonderful when you just control a bus and travel for free in beautiful Indonesia?

Many bus models for you to control and explore

Bus Simulator Indonesia has a lot of different bus models that you can unlock during the game. Each vehicle is characterized by 3 indicators including Passenger Capacity, Comfort, and Consumption. Of course, the more expensive the car, the higher these stats are. Besides popular models like Marcpolo, Yudistira HD, Sadewa HD, you have the opportunity to drive super luxury buses like Arjuna XHD and Srikandi SHD. New car models are not available from the start, you need to buy them from the store. However, if you use the mod of Bus Simulator Indonesia that we provide below, you can use all the buses without paying any cost!

Extremely large and detailed map

The game has built a large map that simulates many different locations in Indonesia. You can comfortably control your bus in traffic on modern city roads or go further on rough roads in the suburbs.

Bus Simulator Indonesia builds a complete transportation system with roads, traffic lights, and signs. Moreover, you will meet other vehicles also participating in traffic. They can be cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. New maps are still being added by the developer in some major update versions of the game.

Bus Simulator Indonesia-custom your bus

Don’t forget to customize your bus!

Controlling a bus with monotonous colors is definitely not what gamers want in Bus Simulator Indonesia. To make this game more interesting, the developer offers a lot of options that allow you to upgrade and customize your bus. Now you can comfortably sit in your car with your favorite customizations. There are now many options for you to change your bus, including paint color, horn, interior, wheels, driver’s seat, and radio.

Most vehicle customizations only change the basic attributes of the vehicle. It has no effect on Speed or Consumption. Even so, upgrading the interior of the car can provide a better travel experience for drivers and passengers.

3 unique game modes

Bus Simulator Indonesia offers three independent game modes including Free Mode, Career Mode, and Multiplayer Mode.

In which, the Free game mode is for those who want to explore the places in the city because it allows you to freely control the bus without following the predetermined routes.

Career Mode brings more interesting experiences. It is for those who want to become a real bus drivers. You start by selecting the start and endpoints of the ride. It is any two cities on the map. When you have marked the points, the game will notify you about the distance to go and the amount of money you receive. In this mode, you are required to drive according to the predetermined route on the map. The sooner you complete the ride, the more bonuses you get.

Finally the most interesting mode of this game, Multiplayer. This mode allows you to compete with your friends or other players in real-time races. Your task is to control your bus to complete the route as quickly as possible and overcome the opponents. Winners have a chance to receive special rewards for vehicle upgrades.

Free to play and No ads!

BUSSID is currently one of the most downloaded free Android simulation games on the Play Store. That’s right you didn’t hear me wrong, it’s completely free. Despite tons of unique and fun features, this game is completely free to download. There are a number of in-app purchase packages that help you have a better experience while providing a large amount of currency for vehicle purchases and upgrades. If you’re a casual player, though, this shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, you can use the latest mod of BUSSID that we provide in this article for an unlimited playing experience!

Ads on free games are always the enemy to ruin the gaming experience of gamers. However, this does not happen on BUSSID. No ads to interrupt your journey.

Bus Simulator Indonesia game mode

Impressive graphics and sound

For those who are looking for the most realistic driving simulation game on Android, Bus Simulator Indonesia will not disappoint you. It is rated as one of the driving simulation games with the best graphics available today. That means you will find the cars in the game are designed to be completely accurate to reality, the transportation system is wonderfully simulated and the effects of the day & night, and weather are extremely detailed. You have the opportunity to explore a beautiful Indonesia while behind the wheel. Most importantly, the game has used realistic physics systems to give you the most realistic driving experience.

Sound effects are also a plus point of the game. The sound of the car’s engine, the chattering of the passengers, the horn, and the random sounds on the road will surely excite you in your journey. In addition, a system of different radio channels is available that you can enjoy while driving. In particular, Bus Simulator Indonesia allows you to add songs from your personal library and play them if you want.

MOD APK of Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

MOD info

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a free game. You can get it easily from Play Store. However, there is a lot of content in the game that you need to unlock. If you want to buy or upgrade a vehicle, you need to use in-game currency, which can be earned from your journeys. However, it is not easy for you to have such a large amount of money to buy a car in the game (For example, the Srikandi SHD model costs more than 2 million cash). Don’t worry because this problem can be easily solved thanks to the mod version of the game. The mod feature allows you to unlock all the buses in the game. Besides, you get a lot of money at the beginning of the game to shop and upgrade your bus.

It is definitely a great driving simulation experience on your Android smartphone as you don’t need to care about the paid content in BUSSID.

How to install

  1. First, you need to download all the files we provide below then save them to your device.
  2. Open the APK file then install it as usual.
  3. Extract the OBB file then copy it to the Android/OBB. The correct result is Android/OBB/com.maleo.bussimulatorid
  4. Open the game and enjoy

Note: the mod is only available on Android.


If you are a fan of the mobile driving simulation game series, you definitely cannot ignore Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID). The game offers an exciting driving experience for those who want to be a bus driver. Please download the game via the link below.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Unlocked/ Unlimited Money) 4.1.2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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