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Not long ago, Voodoo has just got a big success with the superb online games, it’s very popular with gamers around the world and the download number on App stores grows rapidly. And a few days ago, they have released a new entertainment game which is quite similar to called This game was released by Voodoo on the AppStore in late July and the Android version will probably be released in the near future. So what is the fun game, could it be successful as his elder brother or not? Let’s find out!

Bumper Voodoo’s Multiplayer Game

Simple gameplay

About the gameplay, still has a very simple but addictive gameplay that focuses on the competition between players and does not require much skill. You will control a pretty cartoon character and your mission is to move, eat the ice cream and push all the other players into the water. Many players will be randomly selected and an online arena. More specifically, more players will be put on a piece of land and the water is around you. All are trying to eat the ice cream and kill other characters by pushing them into the water. So the last surviving player on this land is the winner.


The control mechanism in the game is also very simple. You just need to touch and control the character as you like. However, to knock other competitors off the floor is not really easy. In order to have the greatest character, move skillfully to eat ice cream and scatter your smaller opponents. Conversely, if you are not skillful enough, you will be the knocked out by other players. In general, the gameplay of is like a survival game when you have to destroy everything to be the only one left.


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In terms of graphics, the game is no different from the titles Voodoo has released before so we will not evaluate much about it. Overall, is not so good in style but with the competition between many players games are popular with many players. You can download it from the link below to experience this great game.

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