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Boxing is a very popular sport in the world. Not only that, the games inspired by this sport are also very interesting. And today ApkMod will introduce you to a very exciting new boxing game from the developers 433 from Korea – the famous studio with many games like Battle of Arrow, or Battle Boom. And this time, the game we have is called. Boxing Star.

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The content of the game

The game Boxing Star will reproduce exactly the life of a boxer. Players will take the role of a newbie and must try their best to get the reward and earn money for his daily life. You will also need to use this money to buy the best boxing equipment to reach the end goal of becoming the number one boxer in the world.

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Interesting gameplay

The Boxing Star‘s gameplay is quite simple. At the start of the game, players will need to pick a character and then equip them with the best equipment and take them to the Boxing Tournament to receive the prize. The control system is not really hard to get used to, which just includes the left and right dodging keys as well as the defensive ones. You will need to dodge the enemy’s fists at the right time. If you can successfully do it, you will be able to use immediate hits and make a lot of damage to them.

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After each match, you will be rewarded with a gift box to unlock new characters. The stronger the opponents are, the more valuable the rewards and the experience you will gain. In addition to the storyline, the game also has a multiplayer mode where you can fight with players from all around the world through the League, which will help you randomly find the opponents at random levels. The more you win, the greater the prizes are. Moreover, there are even the world championships which are extremely attractive for you.

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You can also choose a nice suit that matches you best as in other role-playing gameplay. It includes the gloves that are suitable for your playing style, from defense to offensive purpose. To become a strong boxer, players need to practice and regularly develop the skill. Through the game battle, you will gain more experience points to develop the different skills. Just build your own character style and knock out the opponent completely.

Attractive 3D graphics

The game Boxing Star is equipped with sharp 3D graphics with clear display quality, giving the best experience to players. The images in the game are created in a cartoon style, which is not as realistic as other boxing games. Besides, the characters are quite impressive, who looks like the real thugs or criminals. Overall, graphics are definitely a strong part of Boxing Star.

Download Boxing Star MOD APK

Here we can see that Boxing Star‘s gameplay is really interesting and with eye-catching 3D graphics. This game was released shortly but received over 500,000 downloads and over 30,000 reviews on the Google Play store. Now you can see how great this Boxing Star game is. Finally, you can download the Boxing Star game from the link below to experience it.

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