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Boxing Gym Story MOD APK (Unlimited Gold ) 1.3.0

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Publisher Kairosoft Co.
Require4.4 and up
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Boxing Gym Story (MOD Vô hạn tiền)

Introducing Boxing Gym Story

If you are a fan of mobile idle simulation games, you must have heard of Kairosoft. They are a longstanding mobile game development company based in Japan. With over 25 years of experience in game development, Kairosoft has published a lot of games on mobile platforms and they have become extremely popular on the app marketplaces. There are features that we always recognize in the games of this company are 2D graphics and simple simulation gameplay. We can mention some typical names that Kairosoft has released such as Kingdom Adventurers, Silver Screen Story, Basketball Club Story, Pocket Harvest.

Boxing Gym Story is a new mobile game released by Kairosoft on the Android and iOS app market in February 2021. The game is inspired by boxing. However, instead of becoming a boxer like in Fight Night Round, you become a boss of the gym where boxers are trained.

Currently, Boxing Gym Story has a global version available. The game supports English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. You can buy it for $6.99 on the Play Store or download it for free at our blog.

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The story in Boxing Gym Story takes place in the fictional city of Tokyo. You are a trader looking for a new challenge. One day, you start your new business venture. It is a gym business and training boxers. Although you don’t have much experience in this job, you are confident that it will be successful. Starting with a gym located on a small street, you begin the path to becoming a boss to build your business empire. Are you ready?

Simple simulation gameplay

Similar to other games of Kairosoft, Boxing Gym Story has simple but addictive simulation gameplay.

In the game, you are a boss, founder, and manager of a Boxing training room in Tokyo city. Besides the usual gym business, your goal is also to train the best boxers to participate in tournaments in the city. Things are not simple when you just start with a small amount of capital and an old gym.

At the beginning of Boxing Gym Story, you meet your assistant Anne Queensberry. She was a former female boxing champion of the city. Anne Queensberry will be your right-hand man. Thanks to her years of experience competing and winning in world boxing competitions, she can offer advice and support in your business.

After a quick chat with Anne Queensberry, you start your business venture. First, let’s build a new gym. The most convenient location is located in the city, where there are many shopping areas and schools. After completing all the initial construction work, you can open your boxing gym. At this time, someone will come to register and practice. Your mission is to train them to become the best boxers in the city. Once you have a reputation, you have the opportunity to expand your business by opening new gyms, upgrading existing locations.

Obviously, the gym and boxing business is not easy. It requires a lot of time to build a business empire. Are you patient enough to complete it with Boxing Gym Story?

Boxing Gym Story-gameplay

Train your boxers

After you open the gym, many people will come to sign up for membership. They aspire to be a boxer. However, not all of them have the qualities of a martial artist. Each has unique characteristics. These include strengths and weaknesses. The system will provide you with information about these people when they come to register. After consulting the general information about them, you have the right to decide whether to accept or refuse them into the boxing academy.

After accepting the new member, you need to put him in a class in your gym. Each class will offer different workouts. Therefore, the members after studying in this class will have specific skills that are not available in other classes. Class members are sorted based on their weight. Currently, Boxing Gym Story has 6 classes.

Before participating in tournaments, your boxer needs to attend training sessions. Besides training and learning new skills, the weight control of the boxer is also an issue you need to pay attention to. Only boxers who reach the required weight can participate in the tournament. In Boxing Gym Story, there are 2 types of training: Indoor and Outdoor. In which, outdoor is outdoor exercises such as jogging, jumping rope… Indoor, of course, includes indoor exercises to improve boxer attributes such as reflexes, endurance, speed, and speed. muscle increase.

Exercises that affect your boxer can be either positive or negative. Sometimes overtraining makes a boxer tired and he can lose weight. It could keep him out of the tournament. Currently, Boxing Gym Story has 15 boxers with their own unique stats for you to comfortably train them.

Boxing Gym Story features

Join tournaments

In a year, there are 4 boxing tournaments held in the city. A new tournament is usually opened every season of the year. It means you have 4 chances to enter these tournaments and win.

Before each tournament, you have general information about the opponents, as well as general requirements from the organizers. Based on this available information, you should have a reasonable strategy to train your boxer. If you win the tournament, you have the opportunity to receive rewards of Gold, items, training equipment, and new fighters. The more you fight in the high-level league, the more rewards you get.

Upgrade your gym

You start the game with a new gym. Since the initial funding is not enough, you can only purchase basic items. Besides, the training area is also limited in a rather cramped area. Don’t worry, there are many opportunities for you to upgrade your gym.

By training boxers and winning tournaments, you can receive gym equipment and especially Gold as rewards. When you have enough gold, you can easily upgrade your gym. The upgrade process takes a lot of G so you need to know how to save them. However, with the Boxing Gym Story MOD that we provide, you have countless Gs to use.

Besides, when you upgrade the gym, new exercises will be unlocked. As the area of the gym increases, you can also open a new class. Thanks to that, the boxers will come to your gym more.

Learn new skills

When a new boxer joins your gym, he has no skills. After completing the Training Ring, boxers can immediately start learning new skills specified by you. Based on the class you assign, the boxers will learn different skills. Each skill learned will improve one or more of the boxer’s stats.

A boxer’s chance to learn skills is affected by the trainer’s stats in classes. Some skills require special stats to learn. A boxer successfully learns a skill only when the learning progress reaches 100%. Currently, Boxing Gym Story has over 20 different skills to train your boxers. Some outstanding skills such as Flicker Jab, Corkscrew Punch, Jolt Haymaker…

Some tips

The process of training a boxer in Boxing Gym Story is not easy. Based on the initial stats of the boxer, you must have a reasonable training plan to turn him into a champion boxer. Besides training hard, there are several other ways to increase strength and improve boxers’ stats.

We’re talking Boosters. When you use boosters, they immediately affect boxers. The effects of these items are also different. For example, dumbbells will help increase the boxer’s health indicators while losing weight and increasing muscle. Salad helps to restore physical strength faster. These items can be obtained after matches. Or you can buy them from the game’s store.

MOD APK of Boxing Gym Story

MOD features

Boxing Gym Story is a paid game on the Play Store. However, you can download and install it for free on our blog. Besides, there is a mod available to help you enjoy this game more comfortably. Here is the MOD feature:

Unlimited Money: Just install and open the game, you get countless Gold. You can use them to upgrade fighters or buy new items.


Boxing Gym Story gives you the chance to become a great boxing trainer. From a small gym at the beginning, write your own story.

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