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App NameBoom Beach: Frontlines
Publisher Space Ape
Require6.0 and up
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Boom Beach used to be a strategy game that shocked the gaming community with many interesting elements and attractive gameplay. Boom Beach: Frontlines, the successor to the game above, will attract you even more with strategic real-time battles.

About Boom Beach: Frontlines

Strategic action games with engaging battles are always the focus of the search for most players. Boom Beach: Frontlines is one of them. It is an attractive tactical action game inspired and based on the famous Boom Beach. Supercell and Space Ape Games are the duo that released this game. All the classic action elements of the old hit game on the background of modern combat elements make the game even more attractive. Focusing on the new 9vs9 battleground gameplay, you will have an unforgettable experience. Moreover, with the breakthrough elements in tactics and teamwork, you need to spend a lot of time and mind to win this game.

Boom Beach: Frontlines is currently in beta, so it’s only available on the Play Store in some countries. In case you can’t find this game on the app market, it’s obviously not available in your country right now. Don’t worry, you can already download it for free at our blog.



The main context in the game is influenced by the background and setting of Boom Beach. However, the gameplay of Boom Beach: Frontlines is not a copy. It focuses on teamwork and engaging tactics. You do not fight the enemy alone. Instead, you will fight with your teammates. The way to fight is to use high-end and guns to defeat opponents. The gun battles will take place continuously and keep you playing non-stop.

When you start the game, the first task is to capture bases on an island. After successfully occupying, you need to try to collect the available resources to build the necessary structures. At the same time, do not forget to invest in combat vehicles and plan to defend the base from enemy attacks. If you successfully defend your base, chests, coins, gems will be worthy rewards for you. This reward will help you unlock treasure chests or upgrade your character. With treasure chests open, you can gather more resources needed to strengthen yourself.

Boom Beach-Frontlines-mod-gameplay

Team up and play with your friends

A fighting game wouldn’t be enjoyable without teamwork, especially with the participation of friends. Boom Beach: Frontlines allows players to invite friends or make friends with many other global players and form teams. With teams formed, it will be the tool to accompany you through intense quests and battles. You can’t imagine how many benefits a team brings to you. However, don’t always think about the benefits, think more about how to make your team grow. Also, share your play strategies and plans to attack or defend your team’s base. If you and your teammates have smart tactics, it will be easier to win and own a series of terrible resources.

Fortify and expand the base

Not only are your bases important, but the bases around you are equally important. It contains a huge amount of resources for the whole team. Also, it is a great place to build defensive towers. Therefore, in addition to the task of defending the base, try to expand your territory in Boom Beach: Frontlines. Try to plan an attack on the enemy base to rescue the slave and make it yours. Then, upgrade them to strengthen this support tool and protect your team from ambushes by all enemies.

Attractive weapons and combat vehicles

Your weapon in this 9Vs9 shooting game is the guns. Plus, it is also a car or even a tank. The guns provided may not be powerful enough to help you win. Therefore, when you have accumulated enough gold and diamonds, let upgrade guns or buy new ones with greater power. Cannons or guns with high equipment will deal better damage to opponents.

Moreover, the vehicles will increase the movement speed for you and your teammates. Although they are not cheap, when owned, the benefits they bring are great. Before buying a vehicle, you should also consider your ability to control it. It will be slightly more difficult to control than character control.

Boom Beach-Frontlines-features

Diverse combat system with different maps

There are two types of matches in Boom Beach: Frontlines that you can participate in, normal matches, or ranked matches. In a normal match, you can form a team, plan your battles and fight with your teammates. You can join the regular match at any time. The map in these matches also changes every 4 hours. As a result, you get to experience many different types of terrain and scenery.

In contrast, ranked matches will have a time limit. They only take place for a certain amount of time for you to compete. A leaderboard will accompany these matches. The end of the season is the time to summarize and give valuable rewards to the best fighters.

Fun cartoon-style graphics and sounds

Boom Beach: Frontlines seem to distill many cool elements of Boom Beach, especially the graphics and sound. Its graphics still retains the fun animated 3D style. The battles are not tinged with fear or gloom. Instead, they are colorful battles with many eye-catching effects. You will be immersed in a fun world with tiny warriors and colorful battles.

Background music in the game is equally invested. Despite the cheerful element, the heroic quality in the battles is still promoted. Just listen to it once and you will feel excited and interested right away. These two factors help you get an unforgettable playing experience.


There’s no better feeling than winning thrilling matches with your friends. Plan your battles and choose the right weapons in Boom Beach: Frontlines by downloading this game now.

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