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Bomber Friends MOD APK (Skin Unlocked) 4.97

App NameBomber Friends
Publisher Hyperkani
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoSkin Unlocked
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Surely your childhood had the appearance of the interesting bomb game – Bomberman. If you are looking for the excitement of your childhood again, the exciting new version – Bomber Friends (MOD Skin Unlocked) will immerse you.

About Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is an interesting bomb game loved by many gamers. The attraction of this game is great, so it has more than 5 million downloads. When participating in this game, the player’s main task is to plant friends’ bombs to score points. The game provides a lot of levels for players to prove their ability to place bombs. Although the gameplay is simple, to win, you need to be quick and skillful. You need to learn to be careful in every move and have the perfect plan to approach your opponent. Destroy your enemies before they come in front of you and kill you. The game has a simple design but the experience it gives you will be very unforgettable.

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The gameplay in Bomber Friends is not much different from the previous game. At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a character with modern bomb equipment. You need to try to control the character to put the bomb and break the wall. To control the character’s movement, you just need to use the two circular buttons on the two sides. When you want to move the character, tap the circle button in the left corner. When you want to place a bomb, tap the circle button in the right corner.

Besides, you will compete with your friends so the main goal is to reach and bomb them to win. Along the way, you also need to collect additional items. These items have many uses and make it easier for you to win. Moreover, when you kill the enemy, they will not die immediately. They will become ghosts and harass the surviving players. When you accidentally touch these ghosts, your speed and bomb placement will decrease. Your energy is also significantly reduced. From there, you can hardly control your character agile. Therefore, try to avoid them if you do not want to be killed.

Many interesting game modes

Players have two playing options: Multiplayer and Single Player. Each mode will have interesting differences. First, you can enjoy two game modes: Campaign and Training in Single Player mode. You can practice against random opponents in Single Player mode to get used to the gameplay first.

Besides, Bomber Friends also challenges players in the Campaign mode. There are more than 100 levels for players to experience from the lowest level to the highest level. These levels will revolve around 3 different worlds full of demons. These demons are very difficult to defeat. Therefore, you need to upgrade your playing skills and equipment if you want to defeat them.

After collecting enough gold, let upgrade your character to fight other online opponents. Multiplayer mode will give you 3 options. You can play against opponents from all over the world or challenge your friends in online mode. Moreover, participating in tournaments also helps to increase the playing experience and the bonuses you gain.

Bomber Friends gameplay

Design the character and equip the necessary bomb

Besides the main character you used at the beginning of the game, you can customize the character according to your preferences. At the main interface, you will see a custom button. This button will help the player choose to change the appearance of his bomb assassin. Players can change the hairstyle, head, hair color, body, or customize the style. The game offers a lot of accessories for you to freely choose.

However, not all of these accessories are free. Sometimes you need to spend your real money if you want to own them. Another way to get them is to accumulate enough coins during the gameplay. In addition, you can equip different types of bombs for your assassins in Bomber Friends. Different types of bombs will bring different uses. You can choose from Snowman Pack, Army pack, Christmas Pack, etc. Their destructive power also has a big difference. Before buying, you can refer to the displayed indicators to get the correct selection.

Collect boosters item to win easily

While playing the game, you should not neglect to collect boosters items. They are very useful and help you win easier. Some boosters items you may need to use are:

  • Flame: the bomb you set will have double destructive power when you combine this add-on
  • Bomb +: The total number of bombs you place will increase the number. At this time, only a few bombs need to be placed, but its destructive power is like many bombs combined.
  • Shoe: Your bomb placement speed can be slow and when using this add-on, your speed will be significantly improved.
  • Shield: If you want your character to live longer, use this add-on.
  • Skull: When you encounter this icon, your character will be cursed.

Note, your opponent can also use these boosters to fight against you. Therefore, let’s plan to use them effectively to win. Besides, the time to place the bomb until it explodes is 1’30s. Thus, try to move quickly and collect as many boosters as possible.

MOD APK of Bomber Friends

MOD info

Skin Unlocked: All Skin equipment has been unlocked so you can use them whenever you want.


Your childhood memories will return with the fascinating game Bomber Friends. Download this game now and start planning to plant bombs and kill all enemies.

Download Bomber Friends MOD APK (Skin Unlocked) 4.97

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