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Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.4

App NameBlue Monster Escape: Chapter 2
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 MOD APK is a game that will take you into a scary toy world. Here, you will have to find a way to escape from a factory full of toy monsters and bad toys. This game is now available on APKmazon. Are you ready to experience it?

About Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 is a horror role-playing game on smartphones. This game is developed by Falcon Global – a famous monster game developer. This game follows the previous version of the Blue Monster Escape series. However, this series’s chapter 2 also brings many more exciting features. Let’s discover more about Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 with APKmazon.

Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 mod apk download


Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 has simple gameplay and is easy to get used to. This game has the same gameplay as the famous video game series, Poppy Playtime.

While during the game, the navigation key will be on the left side of the screen. Here, you can use it to move the character. On the other hand, the hand operation and the jump key will be on the right screen side. These are the operations you will regularly use in this game. Blue Monster will have two different hands, one is green, and the other is navy. At the same time, they will have various functions, such as pulling/pushing objects.

Your mission is to find a way to escape from the scary monster factory. But can you do this?

Complete tasks to win

During the gameplay, Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 will give instructions to the player. More specifically, they are tasks that need to be completed to win. These tasks will appear in the right corner of the screen. At the same time, they will also represent by images for added visual appeal. Just follow the requests that the game makes, and you will be able to win easily.

Jump scares

Jump scares are an exciting and engaging part of Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2. They will appear in chase phases or mini-games. Jump scares are probably the scariest element in the game when the monsters approach you unexpectedly. At the same time, they will perform terrifying scares. Therefore, try to hide well when being chased and avoid making mistakes in the mini-games. Otherwise, you will have to experience horrors.

Collect items

You will see items with a yellow circle icon below them during the match. These are the items that Blue Monster can collect. Of course, they will come with their uses. More specifically, some benefits of these items are camouflage, speed, traps, etc. The items after being collected will be displayed in the left screen corner. After that, if you want to use them, you need to click on the item’s icons. However, you will have a limit to collecting these items and how many times you can use them.

In addition, you can also collect more items by watching advertising videos.

Blue Monster Escape Chapter 2 features

Run away from the monsters

As you move inside the factory, you will encounter many other monsters. Their job is to catch you. This is also relatively easy to understand because you are the fugitive. The monsters from the factory will find a way to chase you at any time. If you don’t want to get caught, it’s best to run fast or find a hidden spot. Of course, if they catch you, you lose.

Monsters in Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 include: Pinky Monster, Mommy Monster Long Legs, Toys Monster, Spider Long, and more.

Play mini-games

Besides the exciting things above, Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 also has many exciting mini-games in the levels. Specifically, they can be games that challenge memory, reflexes, or observation. To continue the game, you must pass them. These mini-games are pretty difficult. Honestly, I spent hours figuring out how to complete them. But at the same time, they are also attractive and interesting.

Graphics and sound

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 has a design with a pretty detailed and beautiful 3D graphic format. However, the game has context about monsters in the toy kingdom. So you will experience the perspective, and the images are quite weird and scary.

 The sound is probably the most impressive thing in Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2. It is short music with dramatic and creepy sounds. This is perhaps the factor that scares me a lot. But to be fair, this is something the game publisher has done quite well.

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 is inspired by the famous game Poppy Playtime but in a mysterious toy world.

MOD APK of Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 is a game that many people love. The proof is that it has achieved millions of downloads from Google Play. If you love horror role-playing games, don’t miss Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 MOD APK. APKmazon brings you the latest version of this game completely free. Besides, new versions will also be updated continuously in the feature. So, visit our blog often, so you don’t miss something interesting.

MOD Info:

  • All Unlocked
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To escape from the toy factory, you will have to overcome many challenges. At the same time, many mysteries and dangers are waiting for you. More than that, you will have to confront evil and scary monsters on the way to escape. This game also requires you to be able to observe and reason well. Overall, Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 MOD APK is an exciting game and worth experiencing. Please click on the link below to download and install the MOD APK version of the app for free.

Download Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.4

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