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Bloons TD Battles MOD APK (Unlimited Medallions) 6.18.2

App NameBloons TD Battles
Publisher ninja kiwi
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Medallions
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Continue the never-ending battles between monkeys and balloons in Bloons TD Battles! Download the latest mod version of the game at APKmazon to shop everything in the game for free.

Bloons TD Battles: Break the Balloons & Defend the Stronghold

Bloons TD Battles strategy game released by Ninja kiwi Publisher. It allows you to accompany the monkeys to protect the stronghold.

However, you don’t have to face monsters or a mighty army. Instead, all you need to do is pop the balloons, blocking their way before they reach the city gates. Although you do not have to participate in a brutal battle, you will be troubled by a large number of balloons.

If you are new to this gameplay, don’t worry, Bloons TD Battles have its own detailed guide for newbies. Help the monkeys keep the stronghold safe by preventing balloons from getting inside.

The next version of Bloons TD Battles was released on November 21, 2021, try it now!

Bloons TD Battles MOD APK download


Bloons TD Battles has a similar opening story to most other titles in the series. It’s a battle that revolves around Monkeys and Balloons. The quiet forest where the monkeys lived was attacked by the balloons. They move in waves and are ready to destroy anything that gets in their way. No one knows why the balloons hate the monkeys so much, but surely the fierce battles are about to begin.

The ones that build watchtowers to defend against waves of balloons. Watchtowers attack any balloons that move into its range. Can the monkeys destroy all the balloons to bring peace to their jungle?


In general, Bloons TD Battles comes with familiar tower defense gameplay. So, you need to make an effort in destroying the enemy’s stronghold.

You’ll start with a choice of game modes, maps, and tower defenses. The goal that you have to complete will depend on the mode you choose. But, in general, your main goal is still to destroy all the balloons before they enter your stronghold. Each battle limits the number of balloons that can reach your stronghold. If the number of balls entered exceeds the limit, you lose.

Each Level is divided into several stages. The waves of balloons will increase gradually with the levels. It means you have to constantly upgrade the monkey towers to be ready for battle. In the latest update, Bloons TD Battles has more than 20 maps in Story Mode, 8 types of balloons and 20 monkey towers. During the battle, you can upgrade the monkey tower up to 8 times. After each upgrade, the stats of the monkey tower will increase.

You can quickly recharge your tower using Monkey Tower Boost. When using the feature, your monkey tower will attack faster for a period of time. If you’re playing Assault mode, players can use Bloons Boost to help power up the balloons when fighting opponents.

Bloons TD Battles gameplay

Upgrade Weapons to Destroy Balloons

The higher you level up, the more the movement speed, number, and power of the balls also increase. If you use a weapon that is too weak, you will not be able to stop those balloons. So, upgrading weapons is essential. Upgrading can be done while the battle is in progress.

After each win, you will receive a bonus. Use this money to buy or upgrade weapons.  On the other hand, Bloons TD Battles also has many other features such as Decal, Skins that allow you to change some points in appearance.

Club Battles

Go to Battle School then select Sandbox. This is a game mode for club members only. If you can’t access this mode, make sure you’ve joined a club before. Unlike other modes, Sandbox mode limits access per day. You get one free turn every 24 hours. Hits can also be obtained from spinning the wheel of fortune.

Sandbox mode is for those who want to experiment with strategies for specific maps. In this mode, all maps are unlocked and you get unlimited use of resources including gold and lives. To get started, select a map that you want. Then start the stage. Sandbox mode allows you to drop specific Bloons on the map at any time you want. Now your mission is to place the monkey towers to destroy the balloons. This way you can experiment with strategies to win the maps.

You can pay $6.99 for unlimited access to this mode.

Bloons TD Battles features


The controls are also very simple. Roll over any monkey to move and interact. For example, rolling over Super Monkey will help it use the laser gun or rolling over Sniper Monkey for them to aim and shoot.

In addition to the dramatic battles, this game also offers more than 16 attractive special achievements for you to collect. These achievements are generated from confrontation with AI battles or online PvP matches.

Various Defense Modes

Assault, Battle Arena, and Defensive are the main game modes in Bloons TD Battles. Each mode is a place for you to try to protect the stronghold with a new style. 

  • Assault mode

You need to beat your opponent using balloons. Initially, the balloon will fly quite slowly. However, from lap 30 on, all balloons will gain 20% speed. Although the main purpose of this mode is to attack, defense is also very important. So, try to protect your tower from enemy attacks.

  • Defensive mode

In this mode, the player will be offered $75 initially. Your mission is to defend and survive as long as possible.

  •  Battle Arena mode

You will be competing against many other players around the world. The more medals you get, the higher your rank will be. When you become the best, you will receive special benefits.

But no matter what you choose, you need to prepare a methodical plan to eliminate all balloons. 

Sometimes the balloons move quite messy, it will be more difficult for you to destroy them from both sides. In addition, weapons are not always fully arranged in positions. That is the weakness of the player in Bloons TD Battles.

Graphics & Sound

Bloons TD Battles come with 2D graphics that are not too sharp, however, it still gives players a simple attractive feeling. Pictures of balls and funny defense towers will definitely bring you.

In addition, along with funny images are very lively and funny sounds. Surely you will have hours of interesting entertainment after a long day.

MOD APK of Bloons TD Battles

Mod info

Unlimited Medallions: Similar to gold, medals are an important currency in Bloons TD Battles. Players can use them to buy items in the shop and make upgrades. Medals can be obtained from various activities including winning levels, completing event quests, opening chests… With the latest Bloons TD Battles mod that we offer, you get unlimited medals at the start of the game. Now you can use them to shop for free.

Note: Google Play Games login is not available in the mod.

How to install

  1. If you have installed this game before, please uninstall it.
  2. Download the APK file we provide below then save it to your device.
  3. Open the APK file, select Install then wait for the installation to complete.
  4. Open the game and enjoy.

Note: In order not to lose your progress when the game releases a newer version, you need to make sure you have updated the mod in this article.

Bottom Line

In short, Bloons TD Battles is a perfect choice for you to relieve stress. The graphics and sound effects in the game are quite fun, helping to add more fun to your experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try now!

Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK (Unlimited Medallions) 6.18.2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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