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Bloons TD 5 MOD APK (Paid/ Unlimited Money) 4.3

App NameBloons TD 5
Publisher ninja kiwi
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoPaid/ Unlimited Money
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The destruction of the balloons is threatening the monkey kingdom you are protecting. Upgrade weapons and increase defense to help the monkeys win with special items from Bloons TD 5 MOD APK now.

About Bloons TD 5

When it comes to the Tower Defense game genre, gamers will immediately think of the famous developer Ninja Kiwi with the Bloons TD series games. One of the most successful versions of this game series is Bloons TD 5. With an attractive storyline, beautiful graphics, and diverse gameplay, this game received the love of many people. With familiar gameplay styles such as building defense towers, hiring special warriors, choosing upgrades, and fending off attacks from an evil force, players will experience hours without getting bored.

Although the 6th title of the Bloons TD series has been released with many improvements, it is undeniable that Bloons TD 5 is still one of the best Tower Defense games on Android that you definitely should not miss. The game is currently $2.99 on the Play Store but you can download and install it for free at our blog.

Bloons TD 5 mod apk download

The plot

The plot of Bloons TD 5 revolves around the battle between the monkey warriors and the destructive balloons of the evil force. Once a peaceful and green place, the monkey kingdom was destroyed by evil forces with poisonous balloons. These balls have destroyed the life of creatures and constructions. Their destructive power was great and caused part of the kingdom to be destroyed.

Without standing up against this evil, the kingdom will be left with nothing. Monkey warriors were gathered to stop these balloons. This is also when the life-and-death battle to regain a life for the monkey kingdom begins.

Key features of Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 offers tons of different challenges that revolve around the battle of your monkey army and demonic balloons. Let’s explore the outstanding features of this game now.

A typical tower defense game

When starting the game, the main screen will appear a series of balloons. They are entering the monkey kingdom at a fast pace. Your task is to use specialized weapons to shoot at the balloons and destroy them. Monkey warriors will also accompany you in this battle.

Before entering a level, the left side of the screen will appear a weapon system for you to choose from. Once you have selected your weapons, arrange them in the areas on the map provided. Arranged weapons will automatically attack balloons in their range. You need to pay attention to arrange these weapons tactically so that they maximize their power. Besides, do not choose random weapons, but consult their information to choose the best ones to improve the performance of the battle.

In addition, the balloons will have different moves according to each level. Meanwhile, the area of the map is also limited.  Therefore, placing the monkey warriors carefully to save the map’s space, and cover the path of the balls. One piece of advice for you is to arrange the monkeys in frontal attack positions to make use of their attacks.

Bloons TD 5-gameplay

Build your strategy

If you want to become successful in defense games, the most important thing is to develop the right playing strategies. In Bloons TD 5, the levels are designed continuously. So, it forces the player to use the tactics of arranging weapons and warriors flexibly.

If you arrange without tactics, the balloons easily pass through the defense and destroy your kingdom. This means you lose. In particular, the number of balloons will be more after each round, so you need to pay attention to the arrangement. At this point, you need to equip special warriors and high-powered weapons and arrange them evenly throughout the map. Try to build effective tactics to pass all the rounds.

Various weapon systems

The diverse weapon system is the most impressive thing for gamers. The game offers players up to 21 types of defense towers and many weapons such as cannons, machine guns,  rockets, or screw factories, etc. Each weapon will have a different attack effect. For example, you need to use a screw factory with levels where Black and White balloons appear. Because the screws will assist you to destroy the small balloons from the big ones. When they hit the screws, they will explode immediately.

Based on the properties of the weapons in Bloons TD 5, they are divided into groups including Sword, Dart, Instrument, Wand, Bomb, and Gun. Besides, the weapons are also classified based on rarity. These levels include common (green), Rare (Blue), Super Rare (Pink), and Epic (Yellow).

Upgrade your Towers

The indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of these weapons are coverage, rate of fire, and firepower. Depending on the shape of the Bloons you face, you need to choose the right Towers. Before the new level starts, the system will give warnings about the properties of these bloons for you to prepare. Don’t forget to upgrade your defense towers and weapons to improve your ability to defend your kingdom.

Bloons TD 5-game-mode

Exciting game modes

Bloons TD 5 gives players many attractive and diverse game modes for you to choose from. Before starting any level, players are allowed to choose the experience mode, map, and even the difficulty level of that level. Depending on the stats you choose, the balloons will appear in different forms. Especially, when you unlock the top-level maps, new and dangerous enemies will appear. At this point, you need to equip your warriors with skills and upgrade weapons to win. Furthermore, after you complete a mission on any map, a free game mode will be unlocked for you to experience and earn rewards.

Bloons TD 5 brings a completely new game mode that has never been seen on previous titles, Coop mode. In this game mode, you will play with another player. The screen of the game is divided into 2 different sides and you will manage one. The rules are similar to single-mode, you have to place the monkey towers in the right places on the map to destroy all the balloons. However, the interesting point here is that you have to coordinate with your teammates to have a reasonable strategy to win all rounds.

In coop mode, the game allows you to discuss with your teammates on the chatbox.

Many interesting maps and quests

While joining Bloons TD 5, players can enjoy 40 different maps with more than 250 regular missions and 10 special missions. The map system will lead you to new lands and meet new opponents. Every day, the game will send you different tasks such as equipping special warriors, breaking enough balloons, etc for you to complete. After completing these tasks, you will receive random rewards or gift boxes. These rewards will bring you new protection items. Besides, special missions will lead you to different maps. Try to complete them to get a lot of money to buy more weapons and upgrades for your monkey warriors. Moreover, events are also open throughout for you to participate in the competition and receive many attractive rewards.

MOD APK of Bloons TD 5

MOD info

  • Paid/ Patched: Bloons TD 5 is a paid game on Play Store however you can get it for free at our blog.
  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game to buy items and upgrade weapons


The balloons will change the strength and speed that make the journey to protect your kingdom difficult. However, do not be discouraged, but show your tactical ingenuity to win the enemy by downloading Bloons TD 5 and fighting right away.

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