Download Blood Souls Arena APK + Data V1.1 for Android

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Blood Souls Arena 1


  • Publisher: Wild Art Game
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 171MB
  • Latest Version: 1.1
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 24, 2018

Blood Souls Arena is a new role-playing game of the Wild Art Game publisher. The game is currently only open in some countries on the Google Play for Android, so some countries will not be able to play this game. Accordingly, the Blood Souls Arena will be an extremely engaging action role-playing game, developed based on the popular Dark Souls game for years by developer Developer Software. However, it will still have unique features to create new attraction, not the same transition version from Dark Souls. Join with ApkMazon to find out what this special Blood Souls Arena game has and how to download the game to your device.

Blood Souls Arena 1

The new Blood Souls Arena – New RPG same like Dark Souls

Coming to Blood Souls Arena the first thing you will be impressed with from the first time is the 3D graphics in the hand-drawn style of the game. The game allows players to customize characters to create a unique appearance for themselves. The special effects from the environment, movement, skills are all great. And with the dark and gloomy tones and the music, the sound is somewhat devilish and mysterious, the player will have fascinating experiences when fighting the skeletons, hell demons, zombies or births. … in the game.

Blood Souls Arena 2

About the character system, the game will have a diverse character system to choose, which was divided into 8 different character classes to unleash. Each character will have 25 skills that can be learned and the player can use 6 skills in combat. Therefore, it is necessary to learn, practice to create a great combination of skills through which to create an effective combo chain for each purpose. In addition, the player has more weapons, armor to build and assemble. Still like other RPG titles, players will have a series of main missions that are getting over the dungeons. And these dungeons are also not easy to overcome, it is quite difficult. If you do not have the skills and can be killed at any time.

Blood Souls Arena 3

However, the special and fascinating points of the Blood Souls Arena are in the PvP Arena. This is a real-time 1vs1 antagonistic arena, where you can become legendary after soliciting opponents. What makes this arena so exciting is that the Blood Souls Arena is not only free to download but also free to choose heroes. The battles are fair and only those with experience of fighting with dexterity and great combat skills can win in this arena.

Blood Souls Arena 4

Download Blood Souls Arena APK

The game Blood Souls Arena owns diverse gameplay and eye-catching 3D graphics, which will definitely be a great game in the future that you should not miss. If you love the popular Dark Souls game, you should try the Blood Souls Arena right now, it will give you both new and familiar experience. Because the Blood Souls Arena game is limited to a number of countries, you can only download the game through the Blood Souls Arena APK version below.

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