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  • Publisher: Siamgame Mobile
  • Platforms: Android+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 63M
  • Latest Version: 19.1.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 22, 2019

Bleach Mobile 3D – Role-playing game with popular manga content

Bleach is a very popular Japanese manga illustrated by Noriaki “Tite” Kubo. The comic series is very well-known with Japan people as well as many other countries in the world thanks to its fantasy superhero style. Recently, this comic is taken to develop into a role-playing game called BLEACH Mobile 3D. This is a mobile game developed and released between Siamgame Mobile and KlabGames based on the Bleach manga. The game was released to the Chinese and Taiwanese markets before and had received many positive reviews from the players.

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Recognizing the popularity of its products, Siamgame Mobile decided to widely distribute this game worldwide. Currently, we can register BLEACH Mobile 3D on Google Play. As expected, the game will be released officially in April next for global players to experience. Before welcoming Bleach Mobile 3D, let’s go and find out what this game has in our below article.

The content of the game

As mentioned above, BLEACH Mobile 3D was developed based on the Japanese cult manga of the same name composed by Noriaki “Tite” Kubo. Recalling a little about this manga, Bleach was released in 2001 to 2016 with 71 comic books. The Bleach anime version was developed and released from 2004 to 2012. In addition, the series was adapted into musicals and video games.

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And BLEACH Mobile’s producer has based on the plot of this comic to develop into an attractive RPG. The content of the game as well as the original story is about the life of the main character named Kurosaki Ichigo, a teenager who can see the soul. Ichigo Kurosaki’s adventure journey begins after he acquires the power of a Shinigami – a personality that resembles the death of a Grim Reaper – from another Shinigami, Kuchiki Ruki. Joining the BLEACH Mobile 3D game, you will have chances to discover all the intriguing details in the story.

Interesting MMORPG-style gameplay

Bleach Mobile 3D (BLEACH: Brave Souls) is a mobile game developed with the MMORPG role-playing gameplay. The game is based on the original comic story, so you can discover Ichika with Bleach once more. In addition, in the game, you can freely control other familiar characters such as Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki … And of course, each character has different strengths and skills for players to choose.

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With Bleach Mobile 3D, players will gather for themselves and create a strong team to participate in the extremely dangerous journey of the game. About the gameplay, the game will be divided into many different modes for you to freely choose. In addition to the familiar features of MMORPG games, Bleach Mobile 3D players can also participate in real-time combat PvP systems in either 1vs1, or PvE mode to fight fierce boss battles with Hueco Battles. Mundo.

Images and sounds

As its name is BLEACH Mobile 3D, players can easily see the game was developed based on an impressive 3D imaging technology. The game creates a fantasy world with the vast Bleach world. Each character in the game is also represented by original voice voices with Japanese voice actors. Besides, players can also visit famous places like Kurosaki Hospital, Urahara Salon, Rukongai, Las Noches. With modern technology and 360-degree rotation, players will feel like directly living in the world of Bleach.

Download BLEACH Mobile 3D APK

In general, BLEACH Mobile 3D game is quite impressive about the content, because it is based on the plot of the famous comic series of the same name, but the gameplay does not have too many new points compared to other MMORPGs. Anyway, BLEACH Mobile 3D is still a desirable game during this time. Currently, the game is allowed to register in advance, you can register it through the link below.

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