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Blade Runner Nexus 1


  • Publisher: Next Games
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 72M
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  • Date Updated: January 19, 2019

Blade Runner Nexus- Latest RPG of Next Games

Next Games, a not so famous mobile game company, has just released two game titles, Compass Point: West and The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, and these two games all brought great success. These two games are all set as “Editor’s Choice” on the Google Play store. Recently, the game company has just released a new mobile role-playing game called Blade Runner Nexus.

Blade Runner Nexus 1

The new Blade Runner Nexus was released in early January, both on Google Play and the AppStore for all mobile devices. As the name suggests, you can easily guess its content, Blade Runner Nexus is inspired by the sci-fi movie film Blade Runner, and this game has opened up a thrilling and appealing adventure.

The content of the game

In terms of content, Blade Runner Nexus is developed according to the content of the famous movie Blade Runner as mentioned above. It is a fictional story that happened in the 21st century, many clones were created to serve certain purposes. They are strong, agile and perhaps smarter than humans but are only seen as a machine, a tool controlled by humans and called Replicants. However, some Replicants have escaped from control and turned against their owners, so they need to be monitored and “retired”. Those who are in charge of hunting the Replicant are called Blade Runner.

Blade Runner Nexus 2

Role-playing gameplay

Joining with Blade Runner Nexus, the player will take the role of Blade Runner, recruit other partners to and find the evidence, unravel the mysteries surrounding your goals. Initially, the player will have three representative character choices, all are experienced veterans in the job of being a Blade Runner. From there, you will begin your journey, search for replicants, talk to them to decide whether to save or “retire”.

Blade Runner Nexus 3

The Blade Runner Nexus gameplay is not too complicated, which was developed according to the turn-based RPG. Specifically, you will meet a series of characters coming from the Blade Runner universe, using their unique skills to overcome threats and challenges. Of course, during the battle, players need to consider when to use the skills for Blade Runner in the squad. The order of the turn in the match will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen and not follow any rule who in turn gets attacked. In addition, the player also has to focus on upgrading the power of Blade Runner in the squad to increase the strength of each individual as well as the entire team.

There will be tasks if you want to complete, it requires you to coordinate with friends or other Blade Runner around the world. This helps the game to be more community-based, connecting players with each other, creating an exciting atmosphere rather than playing alone.

Blade Runner Nexus 4

Vivid graphics

The graphics in Blade Runner Nexus Mobile is designed to be extremely vivid and looks like it is a movie. The game has high-quality 3D graphics with the most modern imaging technologies. From storyline, lines, sounds, weather effects, … to the extent that every episode takes place really attractive and engaging. There are even times when not in battles, players also feel extremely nervous as being caught up in the story growing on the screen.

Download Blade Runner Nexus APK

Blade Runner Nexus brings you an exciting science-fiction game style, with unique content inspired by the famous Blade Runner movie. So Blade Runner Nexus promises to be a great role-playing game in the future and brings the next success for Next Games developer. No more wasting your time, here is the link to download Blade Runner Nexus game APK for you.

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