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BLACK STELLA MOD APK (Damage Multiplier, God Mode) 1.0.13

BLACK STELLA MOD APK – A profound scenario and world view by gorgeous creators! A real-time battle of tower defense that defends Tokyo from the approaching mamono in cooperation with the circle’s friends!

Publisher CyberStep
MOD InfoDamage Multiplier, God Mode
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The introduction of BLACK STELLA has given rise to a fresh wave of excitement within the gaming world. This smartphone application, built by a team of skilled developers, provides a rich and engaging experience thanks to its dense plot and compelling universe. Get ready to go on a trip in which the destiny of Tokyo hangs in the balance as players fight in real-time combat to protect the city from merciless monsters. This adventure will take place in Tokyo.

The Reveal of a Compelling and Intriguing Narrative

The game’s story begins after a mysterious explosion that shook Tokyo in 1999. This explosion catalyzed a sequence of disastrous events that occurred in the metropolis. Mamono is a hideous monster that arose from the depths of a massive “hole,” consuming the entirety of the Minato ward and terrifying the local population. Because of this, Tokyo was cut off from the rest of Japan and the rest of the globe in 2049.

Put Yourself in the Middle of a Dark and Futuristic Fantasy

BLACK STELLA spins a story about a dark fantasy based in the present day in the middle of Tokyo. This mesmerizing environment is brought to vivid life by a cast of characters that is both diverse and unusual. Takaaki Suzuki is credited with having a creative mind responsible for imaginative world-building. At the same time, well-known authors such as Fumihiko Shimo, Tatsuhiko Takimoto, and Yoshiaki Inaba were accountable for the primary scenario’s construction.

Developing Relationships with Other Fighters

A bustling community called the “Circle” is waiting for players inside the game. This community provides a setting where players may meet new allies, engage in conversation, and fight alongside them. As you engage in exciting combat against dangerous foes or engage in calm discussions with the members of your Circle, you will strengthen the relationships created between you. You are given the flexibility to choose how you would want to enjoy the one-of-a-kind gaming experience this game provides.

Combat in Real Time Between Multiple Players

The fights in BLACK STELLA take place in real time, and players must arrange their heroes on the stage strategically to fend off the Mamono troops advancing toward them in exciting tower defense conflicts. However, the game’s main feature is its cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows up to three players to join forces and take on the game’s ever-present hazards together. This option is the game’s highlight feature.

A Large Number of Individually Distinct and Elegant Characters

During the game’s unfolding narrative, players will cross paths with a diverse cast of likable people who will lend them a hand in combat. Oguchi brings each character with a unique personality and looks to live via his elegant character designs. Oguchi is responsible for these designs. The superb voice cast, which includes Ysuke Kobayashi, Saori ‘nishi, Maaya Uchida, and Ryota Suzuki, further accentuates the distinctiveness of these characters, which helps to ensure that they will be remembered.

Personalization and Advancement of Skills

The players of BLACK STELLA are given a choice to pick their favorite character from a pool of immortal warriors, each with a different approach to warfare. The characters have been carefully built in the well-known anime look, and realistic voiceovers have been added to compliment this. You can give your warriors more power by using cards and getting new weapons to replace the ones they lose in combat. In addition, players can purchase a wide range of costumes, which enables them to personalize the appearance of their in-game avatars to reflect their preferences.

Enhancing the Gamification of the Experience

The game is constantly introducing brand-new content and scenarios to maintain player interest. Following the instructions provided by the game’s user-friendly touch controls, each player takes turns accomplishing objectives from the to-do list. Learn about the fascinating beings that call this world their home and battle the animals’ underlings before taking on the world’s most formidable bosses. The difficulties of the trials increase as players move through the chapters, putting their brains, as well as their bravery, to the test. As you take on the role of a hero, you may immerse yourself in the mesmerizing score while engaging in intense conflict with seasoned foes, and you can make memories that will stick with you forever.


MOD feature

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode


BLACK STELLA emerges as a revolutionary gaming experience that immerses players in a world of grim fantasy, real-time combat, and a compelling storyline. BLACK STELLA provides a gaming experience that is unrivaled by any other due to its massive cast of one-of-a-kind characters, cooperative multiplayer fights, and a completely immersive narrative.

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