Download Black Desert Mobile APK v1.22.56 (English) for Android, iOS

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  • Publisher: PEARL ABYSS
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 72M
  • Latest Version: 1.22.56
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

Black Desert is one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time. This game is enjoyed by gamers all over the world. The game Black Desert has even been voted one of the most notable PC games of recent years. PearlAbyss, the game’s publisher, has recently introduced the gaming community to the Black Desert Mobile version with a trailer video and other information around mid-2017. At that point, the game received a lot of attention. of the players, especially those who love the original Black Desert game on the PC.

Black Desert Mobile 1

But at the end of February, Black Desert Mobile is officially released. As expected, the game has been released on two major mobile platforms are Android and iOS, for completely free. After a long time of waiting, the Black Desert’s fan can finally enjoy the experience of the game. Please do not download the game right now, please refer to the review below on Black Desert Mobile, which will have a download guide for you.

Black Desert Mobile – Re-released MMORPG on mobile

Black Desert celebrity

A little reminiscent of the Black Desert version, this is an extremely addictive MMORPG that was released to PC a few years ago and has received the attention of players all over the world. The game brings a huge open world, allowing players to freely explore, moving between all the land. More specifically, thanks to the beautiful graphics, the maps in the Black Desert are beautifully designed, with many interesting features for players to explore, such as scattered materials on the map. , which players can collect to prepare, equip or perform missions. And this version of Black Desert Mobile will be developed the same as the original on the PC but will be equipped with a lot of new features to make a difference.

Black Desert Mobile 2

Background of the game

The Black Desert Mobile version continues to bring players to a virtual world of the Middle Ages with the appearance of monsters and brave warriors. Here, the player will take the role of a powerful warrior, holding up arms and start a dramatic battle with the enemy and the evil real. Players will be exploring a vast world, meeting many other warriors and fighting for life.

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Attractive action game

The play of Black Desert Mobile is what gamers are most interested in, a game of action extremely attractive. The game will use the same semi non-target engine as the original PC, with some special skills that require the player to target the target (like Blade and Soul), along with dance moves, dodging blows, … promises to bring fierce battlefields with the crazy pace that you hardly find in other mobile game products. In general, this style of play seems to be similar to the original, but in fact, it has been refreshingly innovative, giving players the experience of both novel and familiar.

Players will be able to choose from different game modes such as PvE or PvP. In PvE mode, the player controls the character to complete the assigned tasks to develop the character’s power. PvP mode will allow all players in the world to meet to fight, to show strength. Once engaged in battle, the player will not be able to stop, it is very fierce and dramatic.

Impressive graphics

The Black Desert PC version is highly rated in the graphics, and so does the mobile version this time. The new version of Black Desert Mobile will also impress the player at first sight. The game is based on the latest 3D graphics, optimizing the level of Engine technology was successful on the PC. Thanks to that, every picture in the game is extremely sharp and vibrant, giving the player the most eye-catching experience. Overall, the Black Desert Mobile game has an impressive graphics, no less than the 3D games on the PC today.

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Black Desert Mobile APK V1.2.19- Download for Android, iOS

Being a game that has both attractive gameplay and the great 3D graphics, surely Black Desert Mobile will be a popular game in the coming time. Of course Black Desert Mobile will be the number one choice for gamers who love MMORPGs. You can download the Black Desert Mobile game on your device via the link below to experience it!

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