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BLACK COMMAND is a highly addictive military simulation game developed by Capcom, one of the world’s leading game developers from Japan. This BLACK COMMAND game was introduced a few months ago with a video trailer and some in-game pictures. At that time, BLACK COMMAND has attracted the attention of gamers all over the world.


And now the BLACK COMMAND game is officially released on the Google Play and AppStore for every smartphone devices. Accordingly, the game BLACK COMMAND will be a military simulation game, which allows players to control the mercenaries to fight for the purpose of profit. To learn more about BLACK COMMAND and how to download it, please refer to ApkMod’s article.

BLACK COMMAND – Capcom’s army simulation game

The content

Before the debut of BLACK COMMAND, many people assume that this will be an FPS shooter, but in fact, this is a military simulation game. Here, the player will command an elite mercenary together with this army to go around the world and receive the combat missions. The only goal of the game is to develop your mercenary army and make a lot of money.


Interesting gameplay

When participating in the game, your only mission is to perform all the tasks assigned to receive the reward. The game will have a main mission system. In addition, you will perform the assassinations, rescue hostages, protect the base and convoy, and so on! As a commander, you can master the battle and make yourself the right tactics to win. All the mercenaries are dependent on your command, you just need to make the strategy and command them to fight.


In order to win the battle against other mighty armies, you’ll need to hire the best mercenaries, buy powerful weapons and equipment, and boost your PMC. Not only that, the tactics that you build should also be unique and reasonable. In the battle, you have to look carefully to make the right decisions and change the tactics when necessary.

Simple graphics

The BLACK COMMAND game was developed with a pretty sharp 3D graphics, but it was not really eye-catching because the creation was pretty straightforward. Because BLACK COMMAND is just a tactical simulation game, most of the battle in the game is only shown as a tactical map, the character’s image is only secondary. We will not comment too much about the graphics of BLACK COMMAND.


Overall, the game BLACK COMMAND is a highly tactical simulation game, not a normal RPG. Currently, the game is being sought by many players, and the BLACK COMMAND rankings in app stores are pretty high. Here is the original BLACK COMMAND version from Google Play and the BLACK COMMAND MOD APK version for you to choose for your device.

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