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BitLife - Life Simulator MOD APK (Bitizenship Unlocked) 3.8.11

App NameBitLife - Life Simulator
Publisher Candywriter
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoBitizenship Unlocked
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Do you want to know if the outcome of all your choices is good or bad and how it transforms your life? BitLife is a popular simulation game that satisfies your requirement.

About BitLife

Candywriter, LLC is the developer of this exciting simulation game BitLife – Life Simulator. You are allowed to play this game on multiple device platforms including smartphones and tablets. When playing this game, you can shape the character with the drama in a new life of your own. Players are allowed to transform their lives into either a protagonist or a villain. You can become anyone you want. Plus, the special thing is that you are the one who goes through that life and knows the results. No one will judge your role, dreams, or life in the game. Are you ready to explore the wider BitLife world out there?

In this game, there are millions of stories created. Whether they’re fun or bad, it all depends on the player’s choices. Each story has a common starting point when life is created in the virtual world of BitLife. You are the one who controls it. Everything changes based on your choices and comes to an end, death. When your character dies, he will continue to respawn in a new story. There are countless different ways for your character to end his life. It may be due to a traffic accident, cancer, or if luckier he may die of old age happily. The loops of life and death in BitLife Immerse the player in the life of a virtual character. That is why the game has reached more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store and received a lot of positive reviews.


Key features of BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife allows you to build a story around your life by making choices. There are many surprises waiting for you in this amazing simulation game. Let’s discover together now!

Surprised endings depending on your choice

BitLife is also a life simulation game like The Sim Free Play, but it has completely different gameplay.

If real-life forces you to take responsibility for all the choices you make in your life, BitLife doesn’t. It allows players to decide how their character will be operated from birth. Also, you can decide how your chosen life will play out at the same time. Plus, each stage of your life will bring countless different ending options. It’s your choice to be a model citizen or a revenge criminal. The positive or negative ending scenario is also up to you to decide.

Maybe the positive sending is marrying the dream partner, have children, and live happily with an ideal job. Maybe the negative sending is stealing valuables, inciting devastating riots, becoming a smuggler, becoming a threat to society is all up to you. The end for this simulation level is the death of the player. After you die, you receive a eulogy about how you lived. Whether you live a good life or a bad life, you accept this eulogy as a reflection of your life.

Try different careers and actions according to age

A character will have many different age stages. At each stage, you will have your preoccupations. For example, before you graduate from high school, you can choose to focus on your studies, join school clubs, play sports, get a part-time job or you can also focus on flirting. As an adult, there are hundreds of different careers for players to pursue. Depending on your education, work experience, and qualifications, the level of starting your job will be different.

Sometimes, players have to start from the bottom. After many years of trying with strength, you can slowly advance, have a better income. BitLife offers a series of tasks for you to pursue to avoid boredom. How exciting would it be if you had the chance to become a captain, a K-Pop superstar, or a billionaire? It may take a lot of your time to complete these challenges. Sometimes when you’re old and dying, you still haven’t completed the challenge.

The country you choose to be born in also affects your life

BitLife also shows the authenticity of each country in the game. From social situations to tax levels, it is quite clear. Each country will have different tax rates. For example, the personal income tax in Monaco is 0%, however, in other countries, it can be up to 50%. Sometimes, this game also brings some unexpected changes. Your parents can move to another place with other social welfare regimes. If unlucky, your life may end when that country is not at peace.

Simulate life with real situations

Your character in BitLife faces personal, social, age,… just like a real person. It also brings up situations that force you to choose. Sometimes, your character needs to face real problems. They are health problems, crime, and society, career, marriage, etc. The time for each character’s life cycle is also limited for the player.

Plus, options in the game allow you to try out matters. For example, you get to choose how a relationship happens, sweet or tragic. It also allows you to choose between overwork or work-life balance. Also, you can see how the simulation families work. With the personal decisions you make for this family, outside influences are equally influential. What you learn is that every choice in life has its consequences.


Indicators influencing choice

Although it is a virtual life, it is still highly influenced by indicators. The indicator bars that affect your life are Happiness, Health, Smart, and Appearance. All your choices have a direct effect on these indicators. Each life stage is different, the indicator bars are also different. In particular, these stats are low when you are young and high as you get older. You can take action to improve these metrics daily. For example, to improve health and mental health indicators, go to the gym and read books. As you get older, these two states will be low and you need to put in a lot of effort to keep them high.

Manage your assets

You are a citizen in the virtual world that Bitlife has created. So your character develops like a normal person in real life. He grew, studied, worked, and hoarded. When you earn enough money, don’t forget to spend it on different purposes. Check the Assets tab to see what you currently own. These assets will be lost when your character dies. Therefore, do not save too much money. First, look for a new home and get rid of the old one you live in. When you have more money, buy cars. Vehicles can be an expensive pleasure, but it’s worth it. When you own expensive cars, career and love opportunities will come to you.

Time Machine

Have you ever dreamed that you owned a time machine to go back in time and correct your mistakes? Of course, it’s just a fantasy in real life. However, this can happen in BitLife. This feature in Bitlife allows you to go back to a specific time in the past to change your choice. When a choice in the past is changed, your character’s future also changes.

Simple graphics

Bitlife does not have eye-catching 3D graphics like blockbuster mobile games. It impresses by the fun in the gameplay. Everything revolves around the stories and situations that players create. The game’s graphics make me think it’s more like an app. There are different tabs for you to access the game’s features. Just tap to make choices then check the changes in the story.

The sound of the game takes the familiar humorous style. You will listen to cheerful background music while writing your own life story on Bitlife.

MOD APK of BitLife – Life Simulator

VIP version

It’s annoying to play games where you’re bothered by ads. You can completely avoid this situation by signing up for the Pro version. At the same time, this version unlocks all features in BitLife. You can enjoy the full functionality and choices that this game brings. Thus, it’s funnier to enjoy the vast world in BitLife. Money will also increase so you can quickly buy buildings or promote quickly. Your life will start easier instead of starting at the bottom.

MOD features

Unlock Bitizenship: Bitizenship as a certificate of citizenship in the world of BitLife. When you become a Bitizen, you receive the following privileges:

  • Remove all ads in the game
  • Unlock VIP features such as: New pets, change your appearance in the game, join gangs and prisons, interact with teachers at school and many more interactive activities.
  • You get a Bitizen badge and other Bitizen-only benefits.

You need to pay real money to own Bitizenship. It is currently priced at $2.99. You only need to pay once to receive this benefit permanently.


BitLife is the game with the most choices today when it comes to giving you the right to live the life you dream of. Download this game now and create your own life.

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