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Big Money: Idle Clicker Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0

App NameBig Money: Idle Clicker Game
Publisher Great Lucky Games
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

Do you dream of becoming a talented investor and becoming rich? – Big Money Idle Clicker Game MOD APK will allow you to experience this. The game will give you a natural investment feeling and lessons to become a millionaire.

About Big Money Idle Clicker Game

Big Money Idle Clicker Game is a game developed by the publisher Great Lucky Games. This game has pretty interesting gameplay and contains many valuable lessons. Specifically, you will be role-playing as an investor. Along with that, you will open many stores to grow your business. Can you become a millionaire? In the article below, let’s discover more about Big Money Idle Clicker Game with APKmazon.


Big Money Idle Clicker Game is a game where you can role play as a businessman. In this game, you can open many different businesses and run them. Of course, you will start small businesses, but if you work hard, you can become rich. More specifically, you will open stores, operate them, hire employees, upgrade equipment, and more.

First, you will start with a small bar. You will have to tap on the bar to begin selling to operate it. It will bring you income. Gradually, you will accumulate more and more money. Besides, you can hire employees to work for you. They will be responsible for running the store. At that time, your work will become idler. As a result, you will have more time to invest in things like upgrading new equipment in your current store or opening a new one.

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Level up your businesses

Every business brings you a certain amount of income. However, you can increase this income by level-up facilities. You will have to spend some money to upgrade the store. As a result, more customers will come, and your revenue will increase. On the other hand, leveling up the business also allows you to unlock new areas inside the store. Of course, this will also increase your earnings in Big Money Idle Clicker Game.

Upgrade equipment inside the store

If you want to optimize sales and increase profits, you should upgrade the equipment inside the store. This will be a worthwhile investment because it increases the store’s productivity. Thanks to that, you can earn more money. This is so great.

Employee manager

As you know, in Big Money Idle Clicker Game, you can open many business shops. However, every time you open a new store, the important thing that you need to do is hire employees to work. They are the people who will directly help you run businesses. At this point, the store will be your passive income source. You won’t have to work at that store. Also, you will have more time to invest.

Contracts signing

When the business situation has stabilized, you can sign contracts to continue to grow. More specifically, you will sell out of your existing stores and start from scratch. However, your sales and profits will then be higher than before. At the same time, you will get a few other extraordinary benefits from the game.

Buy new buildings

In Big Money Idle Clicker Game, there is not only one but many different buildings. You can repurchase them and continue to grow your business. However, these buildings are costly. If you want to own them, you will have to work hard.

Lessons learned from Big Money Idle Clicker Game.

Big Money Idle Clicker Game is a game that trains your business thinking ability. From this game, you can experience the perspective of a boss. As a result, you can learn valuable lessons. First, you will learn the feeling of investing. You will have to think twice before spending it when you have money. Second, you will know passive income – when you do not have to work directly and still have money. Finally, keep in mind that “Work smarter, not harder.” Instead of investing in many businesses, focus on investing in the one that gives you the highest return.

MOD APK of Big Money Idle Clicker Game

Big Money Idle Clicker Game MOD APK is now available on APKmazon. You can download it for free to your smartphone. With the MOD, you can shop comfortably. Every time you spend on something, your money will increase.

MOD Info:

  • You can make purchases even if you don’t have enough gold (premium in-game currency);
  • Gold increases with spending


Big Money Idle Clicker Game MOD APK puts you in the position of a boss. You start running a small bar. Gradually, you can invest and expand the system with many different stores. Moreover, the game also offers a lot of engaging lessons about business. Please click the link below to free download the Big Money Idle Clicker Game.

Download Big Money: Idle Clicker Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0

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