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Bid Wars - Auction Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.58

App NameBid Wars - Auction Simulator
Publisher Tapps Games
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MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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The dream of becoming an auction king and owning valuable items is not far away from you. Enter the fascinating auction world of Bid Wars and fulfill your dreams.

About Bid Wars

To achieve the greatest rewards, everyone needs to accept the riskiest investments. The Bid Wars auction simulation game from the manufacturer Tapps Games is a venture capital opportunity that you should not miss. In this exciting world, you will play two main roles. The first role is the owner of a pawnshop with auctions every day. The second role is to try to be the smartest and fastest bidder, the winner of valuable auctions. Smart and well-timed risks in the auctions will bring you huge fortunes. Houses, cars, or high-class assets will come to you if you know how to use the right tactics. Try to put the smallest bid to maximize your profit.


Key features of Bid Wars – Auction Simulator

Bid Wars simulates how an auction takes place but in a simpler way. The game was really successful when it received 100 million downloads with more than 2 million positive reviews from players. So what awaits you in this exciting Android game? You will know right now!

Become an auction king

Players will transform into professional auctioneers with special auctions designed in Bid Wars. At the beginning of the game, you meet your assistant, Alice. She will show you how to spend money efficiently and helps you become an auction king. To start the game, you will receive some money to make capital for the auction. You will then participate in the auction with other default players. The auction item and the initial amount for that item will appear.

Each auction usually has 3 sessions and each session comes with different items. All participants will have time to bid on the item. Your concurrent participants can bid from the start or wait for you to bid first. Your task is to use your strategy to price and outbid other players. You can enter the amount you want and click “BID”. If you feel the item is not valuable enough, press “PASS“. The person who owns the auction item is the one who bids higher than the other players. Time is precious and if your intuition and confidence are not high enough, it is easy to lose this precious item.

Each garage contains a lot of items, they have different values. You need to estimate the value of all the items in order to bid accordingly. Do not try to bid too high to surpass other players because sometimes the amount you spend is greater than the total value of the items you receive. It was a failed business. After winning an auction, you own all the items in that garage.

Luck is also an important factor in Bid Wars. Sometimes you have a chance to find rare items in old boxes. They are very expensive. You can sell items for big bucks or keep them to add to your collection.

Pawnshop business

Besides auctioning important items, the pawnshop business is also an interesting task for you to explore. This business takes place by collecting and reselling auctioned items. Once you have successfully auctioned and owned the item, you can sell it to others to earn auction money for more valuable items. This business will bring amazing profits. The reason is that you may be able to get your items to others at a higher price than they originally were.

In addition, if you want to make more profits, you need to constantly collect unique and rare items and display them in the shop. You are allowed to arrange them however you want to attract the attention of shoppers. If you have a unique collection of items, billionaires will quickly come to your store to buy them. This is your chance to make a lot of money. Moreover, as your business becomes more and more successful, you can open more new branches to become richer and richer. Moreover, the more pawn shops you open, the more your reputation and empire will become known.


Bid Wars offers power-ups to help you bid better. The game currently has 3 booster items including:

  • Calculator: This item helps you calculate the value of all the items in an auction. From there, you can make the right bid. Remember that your bid price should always be lower than the stock’s value.
  • X-Ray: When you use this item, you can see all the items inside the boxes. As we mentioned, some boxes have a chance to contain rare items. If you find it, be sure to win the auction because it’s a bargain.
  • Kick-out: Each auction consists of you and 4 other people. It means your chance to win is 20%. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can use this item to kick another opponent out of the auction.

Boosters are always great tools to make it easier for you to win auctions. You can buy them with coins from the game store.

Travel around USA

The auctions in the game take place in famous cities of the United States such as New Your, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. You need to complete all levels in a specific location before unlocking the next city. Each city usually has 3-5 auctions and you need to conquer all of them to earn money and find rare items.

Attend exclusive auctions in different cities

In Bid Wars, you don’t just bid on items in one location. As your level increases and the money you earn increases, invitations to exclusive auctions also appear. This is your chance to challenge your bidding skills against other smart players. The auction items in these new cities are also very special. You can see ancient Egyptian statues, alien items, or items of famous people, etc. You can’t know the true value of these items until you own them. The auctioneers are also very smart and cunning, they will trap you, so be alert.

Complete different missions to earn rewards

The missions in the game will always keep you busy. At each different level, you will be auctioned different items. When the auction is successful and the desired level is reached, a new stage will appear for you to continue bidding. Note, not all levels are open for you to experience. Instead, you need to level up to unlock. Besides, quests to build pawn shops or complete collections also appear for you to show off your business skills. Moreover, you also need to manage your store and handle customer orders promptly. In general, you need to operate continuously in this world of auction and trading simulation.

Bid Wars-unlocked-city

In-game support system

If you are not confident enough when participating in the auction with other players, use the support items that Bid Wars provides. These items are very helpful in helping you to price items. Some support items are glasses, calculators, or shoes. They will help you increase your strength and predict prices more accurately to own valuable items. You can open daily login gifts or try to complete quests to receive support items. However, these items are difficult to use, so you should only use them when necessary.

Fill your catalog

Catalog is the informational place of all the items that you can find in the auction. When you successfully bid on an item, they are added to the Catalog. The items in this catalog are divided by rarity, including common, rare, special and underground. Common items have low value from 0 to several tens of bid bucks. Rare items have a much higher value, possibly up to thousands of bucks. They are also classified into different collections. When you collect all the items in a collection, you will receive a gold bar as a reward. Meanwhile, special items only appear in Treasure Hunt events. Finally, the underground super rare item. There are all 5 items in this category.

In-game currency

Bid Wars uses two currencies, Gold Bar and Bid Bucks. They play different roles in the game. Bid Bucks can be considered as the main in-game currency. You use it to bid in auctions. It is like a short-term investment because if you win the auction, you can sell the received items for Bucks. Gold Bar is used for other purposes such as buying power-ups, buying energy, unlocking new locations.

You also need to pay attention to energy. Each auction in the game requires you to spend a certain amount of energy to participate. You can buy energy with Gold bar. Before each auction, there is an option that allows you to view an ad to reduce energy consumption. You do not need to care about this option because with the latest Bid Wars mod version that we provide, you can buy unlimited energy.

MOD APK of Bid Wars – Auction Simulator

MOD info

  • Unlimited Gold/ Unlimited Bid bucks: As soon as you open the game, you get a huge amount of Gold and Bid Bukcs. Maybe we don’t need to show you how to use them. Buy whatever power up you want or unlock new locations in the game.
  • Support login: You can quickly log into the game with your facebook account. Your progress will also be synced across devices.


Become an auction tycoon and build your pawnshop with rare items in Bid Wars. Download the game now and give the highest bid to win all the auctions.

Download Bid Wars - Auction Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.58

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