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Bid Wars 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.88

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Do auctions for special items excite you? Participate in the auction, give a price, and compete with other players in Bid Wars 2.

About Bid Wars 2: Auction & Pawn Shop Business Simulator

If Bid Wars has made you crazy with the exciting world of auction simulation, the content and quality in Bid Wars 2 will delight you even more. It is a game for players to participate in auctions to get the best lots for the lowest possible prices. The main goal of these auctions is to sell them and make a profit. This game is considered a professional arena of wisdom and bravery. In particular, to become successful and rich in this simulation world, your business and auction skills will decide everything. Besides, you can not simply discover new cities through auction invitations, you can build your auction shops with modern buildings.

Bid Wars 2 is much more successful than the first title when the game has reached 50 million downloads on the Play Store. The game also received more than 1 million positive reviews from players. Besides the familiar gameplay, Bid Wars 2 offers valuable upgrades for you to have a better playing experience.

Bid Wars 2 features

Key features of Bid Wars 2

What’s improved in Bid War 2? Let’s explore it now.

Familiar gameplay

The gameplay of Bid Wars 2 is not as difficult as you think. All content in the game revolves around auctions in the garage to hunt for treasures and special items. You only need to remember two key points: choosing your favorite item and tactically paying for it. Plus, the time given in each auction is also limited, so you need to pay attention to not lose your turn. It can be said that the main element of this game is price competition, intelligence in bidding tactics and financial potential. Therefore, you must use careful tactics to fight with many other people to achieve your favorite item. If you feel that the item is not worth selling, you can choose not to pay.

All items that appear in the auction are valuable and worth fighting for. They are usually antiques or expensive items. The winner of an auction is the person who owns the item with the most reasonable price. Not only do you own these items, but you can also fully profit from them by selling them at a higher price. Therefore, if you want to earn as much profit as possible, calculate carefully in each trading session. While playing the game, you also need to earn a lot of money and gold. Money gives you a great source of profit and makes it easy for you to win against your opponent. Gold has a higher value than money and is harder to collect.

Unlike the first title, Bid Wars 2 does not allow you to get all the items after the auction. If you win the auction, you can only get 2 items from the garage. The remainder will then be sold for cash. The 2 items you’ve picked up can be listed for sale at your Pawn-shop.

Bid Wars 2 gameplay

Feeling excited about secret shipments

The attraction of Bid Wars 2 is the secret shipments. You won’t know what’s inside until the auction ends and you own the items. Players can buy and sell hundreds of various items from items that have no value to even garbage. Sometimes, you can get valuable items or items that are more expensive than gold. After knowing what they are, players can evaluate the value of the items they buy and sell. Therefore, you need a little luck to bid and own these valuable items. Sometimes, you should also try to rely on your intuition to decide on an auction.

Locksmith Shop

In some auctions, you win and own mysterious boxes called Safe Boxes. They may contain special items. You need to bring them to the Locksmith Shop to unlock them. There is a skilled old man here. He can open all kinds of chests you bring as long as you pay him well. There are up to 6 slots for you to open multiple chests at the same time. To unlock the Locksmith Shop, you need to spend 250 cash.


When you reach level 5, you can unlock the Library. Here you can check information about all the items that you won in the auctions. Items are also classified based on rarity. Some items are in collections. When you collect enough items in a collection, you will receive a reward.

Become a talented investor

When you have become rich and own many expensive items, do not stop but expand your wealth by building stores. You need to use a certain amount of money to build stores that display the items you have successfully auctioned. Expanding stores will help you attract the attention of investors. They will have an abundant source of money for you to exploit. By expanding these stores, your reputation is also known to more people. However, these investors are not as simple as you think. They can spend money to buy your stuff, they can also make your store and market their own. Therefore, you need to be careful when dealing with these investors. Overall, this is a fun game that offers business learning opportunities for gamers.

Many attractive game modes

Bid Wars 2 enhances the player’s experience by providing a variety of exciting game modes. You can join the game modes like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. All of these modes revolve around auctions that take place throughout the game. With each separate mode, the atmosphere of these auctions is also very different. It can be thrilling and stressful. Depending on your level, you can choose the appropriate game mode. Below each mode, the game will show the minimum bet for each auction. Besides, the levels in these modes also lead you to different cities. Plus, the auction items in these modes are also different and have a value that will surprise you. You will certainly have a great experience when participating in auctions in these modes.

Travel around the world

Bid Wars 2 auctions take place in many famous cities around the world. You have the opportunity to participate in auctions in the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Panama, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, and China. Besides, there are special auctions where you can hunt for super rare items. They take place in secret locations like train stations, boats, and even in Area 51.

As usual, each turn will cost you 10 energy. The cities in the game are not all available at the beginning. You need to win enough money in a particular city to unlock the next area.

Graphics and sound

If you think Bid Wars 2 is only all about the auction, you are wrong. Taaps Games invested in graphics and sound for this game a lot. The 3D graphics in the game perfectly simulate the items and the atmosphere inherent in the auctions. The character system in the game is also very diverse and designed according to different ages and shapes. The interface is also simplified for easy transactions. Besides, the sound in the game is also very realistic and interesting. The sound of bids and successful deals will delight you.

Bid Wars 2 mod apk download

MOD APK of Bid Wars 2

Currency in Bid War 2

The game uses 2 main currencies including Bid Bucks and Gold Bars. Bid Bucks are used in auctions. You pay them to win and then sell items from the garage for a profit. Meanwhile, gold bars are harder to find. You can use gold bars to buy power-ups or upgrade your Pawn-shop.

MOD info

Unlimited Bid bucks and Gold Bars: You have a lot of money at the beginning of the game. So you can freely shop and upgrade everything in the game.


Don’t miss your chance to get rich and show off your business skills with thrilling auctions in Bid Wars 2. Go to the Playstore and download this game now.

Download Bid Wars 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.88

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