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BetterSleep: Sleep tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 23.17

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BetterSleep (MOD Premium Unlocked) offers many useful functions to help you improve your sleep. The latest mod version of the app is available on our blog, and you can download it for free.


Sleep is a natural activity in the life of all living things and humans. It is simply understood as the time when the nervous system and the physical activities going on in our body are partially or maybe completely stopped. No one can survive without sleep. Sleep plays an important role in our lives.

For various reasons, we may experience symptoms of insomnia or trouble sleeping. It negatively affects health. We can improve this condition by taking medicine as prescribed by the doctor or changing our lifestyle. Besides, listening to something before going to bed is also a way to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

You may not need a personal doctor to cure insomnia because we now have many mobile apps that can do this. BetterSleep is one of them. It is a health app for those with problems with their sleep. This app helps you improve your sleep with useful functions like a sleep tracker, premium sleep sounds, bedtime stories, and breath techniques.

BetterSleep MOD APK download

About BetterSleep: Sleep tracker

BetterSleep is a health app developed by Ipnos Software. This app has now reached the milestone of more than 300,000 downloads on GooglePlay with a 5-star rating. This app will help users easily fall asleep and have a better night’s sleep. Besides, BetterSleep also has features to help users relax and relieve stress. Moreover, the app can also manage a scientific and healthy lifestyle for everyone through sleep.

BetterSleep is always in the top “editor’s pick” on Google Play for health and fitness. The app was also honored with the “App of the day” award for its effectiveness. Let’s explore with APKmazon about BetterSleep in the article below.

Simple interface

BetterSleep has a straightforward and beautifully designed interface. The main color tone is a galaxy tone with blue, purple, and white colors. It gives a very user-friendly feel.

The app has an extremely scientific layout. The app’s main features will be easily found at the top of the main page. In addition, you can also quickly access these features via the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen. Features also always come with specific instructions and visual examples. So you will easily get used to BetterSleep in just a few minutes.

Contents for sleep

BetterSleep will bring you many methods to have quality sleep. Each method has its features for you to experience. You can also choose your preferred method to use or combine multiple methods. These methods are: relaxing sounds, music, sleep meditations, bedtime stories, and breathing exercises. As you can see, there are many options that BetterSleep offers for you to choose from. All will help you have the best quality sleep.

Relax and fall asleep faster

One of the easiest ways to fall asleep quickly is to relax your mind and body. BetterSleep will help you with this. The app is integrated with music and chords to help you relax before bed. You can choose and listen to them before bedtime. From there, you will fall asleep faster. This will be a great solution for those who have trouble sleeping. I recommend listening to the sounds in the “meditation” and “white noises” tags for BetterSleep.

BetterSleep MOD APK features

Sleep tracker

To help you build the most scientific and healthy sleep, BetterSleep will track your sleep. This process will take place while you go to sleep and turn on the “Sleep” mode on the app’s main page. This is to analyze and send you recommendations to get BetterSleep.

Tracking sleep regularly helps you improve sleep quality effectively. You will know how to arrange a reasonable rest time. Moreover, daily tracking will allow you always stick to the plan and achieve the goals you want.

Record your sleep

BetterSleep will work while you fall asleep to analyze your sleep. To help you understand your nightly patterns, BetterSleep will request Microphone access to record while you sleep. You just need to plug in the charger for the smartphone and put it next to you while you sleep to let the app do the job.

If you are afraid that plugging in the charger for so long may affect the smartphone’s battery, don’t worry. BetterSleep almost exclusively used the microphone on the smartphone during this time. So the task that the app uses is very light and consumes very little of the device’s resources. Moreover, the fact that you plug in the charger is also a command for BetterSleep to realize that you want to activate the records feature.

Sounds in BetterSleep

BetterSleep’s sound system is very diverse. It will help you a lot to fall asleep quickly.

The miracle is that BetterSleep possesses chords in a wide variety of frequencies. Hearing sounds at the right frequencies can stimulate your brain waves if you have questions. This will help you relieve stress, stimulate the brain to work, and help you feel more comfortable. Currently, BetterSleep has popular frequencies ranging from 2.5Hz to 528Hz.

Besides chords that will help you fall asleep quickly, BetterSleep also has sound effects with different uses. One of them is the Anxiety Healer – a chord with sound frequencies and built-in effects to dispel your anxiety. There are also many other chords with specific purposes such as emotional release, energy cleansing, relaxation… Download BetterSleep to your smartphone now to start discovering them.

You can also create your relaxing audio mixes and add them to your playlists. With this feature, you will select the available audio clips of BetterSleep and combine them into a complete track. This track can include short chords you like about all topics such as flute, running water, rain… Or you can also combine long songs selected from the “Music” section.

Listen to ASMR – Autonomous sensory meridian response

Have you ever heard of ASMR? It is a type of automatic sensory stimulus-response. These are sounds that bring a feeling of relaxation and extreme comfort to the listener. ASMR is one of the most effective ways to make people relax and orgasm through sound.

You can also listen to ASMR to BetterSleep. This is the audio feature built into the app. You just need to access the Sounds section and select the “ASMR” tag. Here, there are many different chords according to each theme for you to choose from. Each of them will bring an extremely comfortable feeling to the listener. This is also one of the effective ways to stimulate nerves to increase brain productivity.

Set goals for your sleep

To get healthy and scientific sleep. You will need to set goals for yourself. These goals can be bedtime, wake-up time, or the time you fall asleep. It doesn’t sound very easy, but with BetterSleep, everything becomes a lot simpler.

Based on the wishes and preferences you provide to the app, BetterSleep will build a plan for your bedtime. This very detailed plan aims to achieve what you desire for sleep. It will start as simple as setting your daily alarm or providing the minimum number of hours you need to spend on rest. If you, unfortunately, forget to follow the plan, BetterSleep will send you a notification to remind you. Just follow the set plans and tasks, and you will surely have a healthy and scientific lifestyle.

You can also manually set the sound as your alarm if you want to BetterSleep. This feature will appear after you set a Bedtime Goal. You can also customize the time frame at which the alarm will sound, sound effects, and vibration mode.


One of the reasons I love using BetterSleep is its science and convenience.

After tracking your sleep after a night, all your sleep data will be reported on the Journal page. Here, BetterSleep will calculate the length of your sleep cycle. The sleep cycle is when you’re deeply asleep and at your best, and your body is extremely relaxed. This information will appear in the center of the screen when you access the Journal section.

With the data collected from tracking your sleep, the app will give you the ideal time frame for going to bed. This time frame is designed based on your time budget and sleep cycle to ensure science. With BetterSleep, you will have a good, healthy sleep and not be tired when you wake up.

If you’re curious about what happened while you slept, visit the “Recordings” section below. This is a recording of the sounds and BetterSleep records as you fall asleep. The app can identify where these sounds are coming from and how long. If they are your sounds (breathing, snoring, dream voices, etc.), BetterSleep will use them for an in-depth analysis of your sleep. Of course, it is only to analyze and plan your sleep but nothing else.

Manage time effectively and scientifically

BetterSleep will help you manage your time effectively. The app can plan and build a reasonable time frame for sleep. In this way, you will have a scientific lifestyle in terms of time, and it will help you always stay in the most relaxed state.

Create an account to use on multiple devices

BetterSleep will require users to register for an account to start using the app. The reason is that the app will store your sleep data, such as playlists, goals, and schedules, through these accounts. So you can use your sleep analytics across multiple devices.

MOD APK of BetterSleep

You can download BetterSleep at Google Play completely free. However, some features in this version will be limited. To access and use all the resources of the app, download the BetterSleep MOD APK Premium on Currently, this Premium version costs $60/year, but you can download it at our website completely free.

Premium features

  • 200+ exclusive sleep-including sounds, ASMR, brainwaves & relaxing music
  • Full library of guided meditations & bedtime stories, updated weekly with fresh content
  • Breathing exercises and SleepMoves to help calm the mind & body.
  • Mix and match everything: Sleep to your beat

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Free download on


With all that BetterSleep brings, this deserves a “must-have” app for your smartphone. Owning this app means you have the key to having a perfect sleep. Please download BetterSleep MOD APK Premium Unlocked via the link below.

Download BetterSleep: Sleep tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 23.17

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