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Beholder 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.7.16099

Beholder 2 MOD APK – Story-rich multi-ending game about life in the Ministry of a totalitarian state

App NameBeholder 2
Publisher Alawar Entertainment
Size1.09 GB
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Beholder 2

Cold, dark, and scary walls stretch into the sky. The most important secrets of the State are hidden behind substantial wooden doors. Welcome to the Ministry, where people’s futures are chosen, and the weight of power hangs heavy in the air. Step into the world of Beholder 2, a unique 2D dystopian journey combining elements of job simulation games and surveillance games to make the experience gripping and engaging.

Accept the role of a simple intern in the vast state machine

As a humble intern, being accepted into the system is both a privilege and a duty. The Ministry wants you nothing less than accuracy and hard work when you do your job. Even if you are at the bottom of the job ladder, your goals are higher than those of many of your fellow citizens. Your work is for the general good and helps a lot of people. And as a prize for your hard work, the Wise Leader will give you awards you could never have imagined.

Learn about the most critical parts of Beholder 2

1. Unique Totalitarian Bureaucratic Simulator

Immerse yourself in a world unlike any other, where bureaucracy rules and every choice has significant effects.

2. Hard Moral Decisions

Find your way through a web of moral problems, knowing that your choice affects the story and your fate.

3. Different Endings

Find out what Beholder 2 is about as you try to reach different ends. How many different ways can you go?

4. An exciting style of art

Enjoy a feast for the eyes with 3D figures that fit perfectly into a 2.5D world. The unique art style adds to the dark and mysterious feel of the game.

5. Stories and life situations that are interesting

Start a trip through the Ministry to learn about its complicated parts. Meet many interesting people, each with their own story to tell.

6. Time as a Valuable Resource

Time is the most important thing you have, so use it wisely. Spend it wisely so you can do your jobs as well as possible.

7. Engaging Minigames and Enigmatic Challenges

Play fun minigames, handle citizens’ applications, and discover what owners hide. Get ready for a delightful mix of games and other tasks to keep you on your toes.

8. Black humor shines a light on the darkness of totalitarianism

Find the comedic elements that provide a break from the oppressive atmosphere and add some lighthearted moments to the grim reality of a totalitarian government.

9. A Standalone Experience

You don’t need to have played the first Beholder game to understand what’s happening in the second one. But players who have played before will enjoy the extra references and Easter eggs waiting for them.

Ambition Set Free: From Dusting Off Applications to Wanting to Be Prime Minister

You were tired of doing boring things like dusting off applications from people who didn’t matter much, so you set your sights on the top prize: the Prime Minister’s place. The way to power is through plotting, blackmailing, and having a strong will that won’t back down. You will do anything to kill anyone who tries to get in your way. The ends will always be worth the trouble.

The Enigma: Where It Came From and What Its Secrets Are

As thoughts run through your head, you start to think about how you got to be in this situation. Did you get this job because you deserve it? Impossible. Someone else cleared the way for you, but you need to know who this person was and why they did it. The truth is a dangerous secret that holds the key to your success and, more importantly, your life. It’s essential to keep this secret because if it gets out, it could end your young career.

In the Halls of Power, you can make your fate

Armed with information about the dangers, you must plan and figure out the best way to reach your goals. Will you go after the prized position of Prime Minister with all your heart and use every tool at your disposal? Or will you have questions about the system and think about telling people about the cheating in the Ministry? You have the power to decide what will happen in your own life.

A dystopian story is told

Beholder 2 gives players a game that simulates a totalitarian bureaucracy. It has new and unique game techniques and a wide range of impressive features. Enter a world with all the elements of a fantasy adventure, along with stories that make you think and a story that keeps you interested.

Figuring out how to play

Again, you find yourself in Helmer City, where you are a part of the authoritarian regime’s never-ending machine. Beholder 2 adds complicated game features that move players along the long, rugged path to the Prime Minister’s seat. Starting as a slow-moving employee with big dreams, the road is anything but easy. There are a lot of hurdles ahead that will test how strong and determined you are. But being Prime Minister isn’t just a goal; it’s a powerful, well-known, ambitious, and influential job.

It is visually striking and draws you in

The game’s graphics mix 3D characters with a 2.5D world in a way that looks smooth and creates an atmosphere of darkness, fear, and dread. The clever use of color, sound, and lighting adds to the creepy atmosphere, making it a memorable player experience. As you move through the game and control your character in a side-scrolling way, you’ll like how smooth and quick the controls are. They make your movements feel light. On-screen signs give you essential information that lets you figure out how your character is doing and make good choices.

Getting around the complex web of relationships

During your time in Helmer City, you will meet people of better ranks and go to different places. These meetings and sites act as litmus tests, letting you know how good you are and giving you a lot of choices. Be careful because the game could lead you wrong, luring you down dangerous roads with no light and deep holes. To become Prime Minister, it’s up to you to plan your path and get through many hard times. Every choice is crucial because it can change how the game goes and what will happen to your character. You must be smart, beat your opponents, gather power, make friends, and build a safe job to win.

Minigames: Entertaining Breaks

Beholder 2 gives players a variety of fun minigames to play between the main events. You get big prizes when you beat these minigames and move through the game faster. As the central part of the game, these minigames bring something new and different to the adventure genre, giving you a unique and exciting way to play.

Real Life Lessons, Real Life Lessons

In addition to being fun, the game gives players a chance to think about real-world problems. The game’s story makes you think and reflect because it is based on the real world. Playing the totalitarian governmental match allows you to learn lessons and gain insights.

MOD APK version of Beholder 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Beholder 2 is an excellent choice if you want to play a game that pulls you in and makes you think. Its unique mix of a simulation of a totalitarian bureaucracy, a fantasy adventure, and a deep story makes for a fantastic trip. Find your way through the dangerous halls of power, make hard decisions, and discover the Ministry’s secrets. Beholder 2 wants you to use your control, question the status quo, and change the future of a country.

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