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Zombie hunting game has never stopped its super hot trend, it is always popular with players around the world. And recently, the developer Gioco Studios has just released a new interesting shooter game called Behind Zombie Lines. This game was released a few days ago and support both Android and iOS for completely free. Accordingly, this Behind Zombie Lines game will be built with the traditional FPS gameplay based on the sharp 3D graphics.

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Review Behind Zombie Lines – New FPS zombie killing game

Attractive FPS gameplay

Behind Zombie Lines is a role-playing game in the traditional FPS series. It is set in a vast, dark, mysterious area with the bloodthirsty zombies who are constantly searching for humans to attack and eat alive. Accordingly, the player getting involved in the game will take the role of any character, from the first perspective and begin the adventure journey in the zombie world of Behind Zombie Lines.

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Players will be able to choose from a variety of game modes in Behind Zombie Lines such as the plot mode or PvP real-time, in which you can play with many other players around the world. In the plot mode, players will receive missions from the system and have to complete it. Depending on the completion, you will receive the corresponding reward. To fight the evil zombies, players will have to collect new weapons that are more powerful and have better strength.

About the manipulation, Behind Zombie Lines is designed simply for the optimal mobile platform. There, players will use the buttons to move, attack, replace weapons with the virtual key which are all integrated on the phone screen. In general, the gameplay Behind Zombie Lines is quite simple that anyone can easily play.

Graphics and sound

The game Behind Zombie Lines is developed with sharp 3D graphics, resulting in the dramatic Zombie Hunting battles with high realism. The best point in the image in the game is the dark colors combined with light effects, creating a mysterious dark world. More importantly, the integrated sound system is very well suited to a shooter game.

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Download Behind Zombie Lines APK

Behind Zombie Lines gives you a realistic sense of the experience, you will feel like going straight into the zombie world to start an attractive survival battle. Generally, Behind Zombie Lines is definitely a great game that worths the experience. Here is the link to download the Behind Zombie Lines game to your device.

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