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Beelinguapp for Android is a free app to learn multiple languages at once on your phone. Download MOD APK of Beelinguapp for Android; you can learn foreign languages and enjoy many good stories with native speakers. The detailed review below will help you know more about this practical application!


Today, language is the key to our integration into the world. Did you know that thousands of different languages are being used worldwide, but only a few of them are really popular? Language represents an important part of a culture, so when you can speak and understand a new language, you have the opportunity to discover a new culture. Every language needs to be learned to be used, including the mother tongue. Of course, you can’t learn all languages globally, but we recommend trying some of the most popular ones like English, Spanish, German, Mandarin.

Thanks to technology development, you don’t have to go to educational centers to learn a new language because you can start your learning journey right on an Android smartphone with language learning apps. According to international educational standards, many online language learning platforms offer language courses from beginner to advanced, and Beelinguapp is one of them.


About Beelinguapp: Learn Spanish, English, French & More

Beelinguapp is an application that helps you learn a new language. The app includes a tailored curriculum depending on your current foreign language level and your preference for the language of your choice.

Besides, it will also remind you daily to and update many other practical new lessons. At the same time, the app will also guide users through different lessons to identify goals and how you can achieve them to get the most out of your learning.

Beelinguapp owns a massive collection of different languages ​​for users to choose from. Learning languages ​​with this application is not too difficult, and you need to choose your native language or the languages ​​you are most familiar with to start learning.

Plus, you also get in-depth learning materials and visual tutorials from Beelinguapp. With exciting stories available in 2 languages simultaneously, it is guaranteed that you can enjoy the learning experience to the fullest.

Now, along with great lessons from Duolingo, language learners Busuu can also improve their skills with the stories available in Beelinguapp. 

This will make it super easy and fun to learn specific languages. So feel free to use the mobile app and enjoy its exciting features so you can thoroughly learn your chosen languages.

Get started

The first time you use Beelinguapp, you need to set up some initial settings. It is imperative for you to have the best learning experience on this platform. First, you need to choose the language you want to learn and your mother tongue. Then, wait a little while for the application to download the language dataset you have selected. This reduces the application’s storage space because it only downloads the language packs selected by the user.

In the next step, you need to connect to speakers or headphones to listen to a preview of a conversation that has been translated into the two languages you have selected earlier. Then choose some themes of the stories that you want to enjoy in the app. Beelinguapp offers a completely new approach to language learning as it offers interesting stories read by native speakers. You listen to stories then learn new words, grammar, and sentence structure.

Next step, choose the level of language you want to learn, including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This is the most important step in determining your learning goals. The content and difficulty of the courses are changed based on the level you have chosen.

Finally, log in to the app. A quick login option with Google and Facebook is available. Although you can use the app as a guest, we recommend logging in because it’s easy and free. In addition, your learning progress can also be backed up and synchronized.


Great Features

Here are all the cool features the app has to offer:

Learning New Languages is Easy and Fun

Using Beelinguapp, users are exposed to a unique and new way of learning languages, making the whole learning process so much easier.

You will learn by reading stories in any language of your choice. From there, you can learn new words, new phrases, conjugations, grammar and immerse yourself in exciting stories.

At the same time, the application will divide into many levels to experience and help you find lessons that are more suitable for your skills. Here this app provides different studies for beginners, multimedia students, and professional language users.

Useful for Listening and Pronunciation Skills

For those who are interested in this application, you can activate the practical audiobook reader in Beelinguapp. This makes it possible for users to listen to the audiobook reader instead of reading it comfortably. Furthermore, this feature will help you practice the correct pronunciation and listening skills of the language of your choice.

Besides, this audiobook reader feature can be active while your phone is off and can be scheduled to turn off at certain times. Therefore, you can listen before going to bed to improve your listening skills.

Learn Foreign Languages by reading Stories

Beelinguapp also introduces a massive collection of stories, including many great titles, and is continuously updated to make users more interested. Therefore, you are free to choose any story you want to read or listen to.

In addition, each story will come with a different difficulty level so that the reader will never be overwhelmed with their choice of what to read.

It can be said that in daily life, you will encounter hundreds of things: favorite stories, newspapers, travel guides, topics about culture, art, technology, economy, literature, etc. . And all the things. As long as you want to read, you can find almost any topic in Beelinguapp.

Besides, Beelinguapp also brings cute lessons through cartoons. This is also how you will know that the 8X generation and earlier used many learning methods. Movies are easy to go into people’s hearts, sometimes even touching viewers’ hearts; this makes it easy for you to absorb new words, correct pronunciation, and keep them for as long as possible.

Available in Many Different Languages

Beelinguapp is currently available in the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Swedish. Make sure that all the language requirements you want to learn are covered here.

With an ever-expanding language pool, the app will always be more accessible to Android users worldwide. Thus, allowing you all to enjoy your language lessons while reading great stories from all cultures.

Monitor and evaluate your learning progress

Every day, Beelinguapp summarizes your learning progress then provides an overall assessment. You can find these reviews in the Profile tab. Your learning progress is assessed across categories, including Stories Read, Day Streak, Correct Question, and Words Read. You can also follow the overview timeline to gauge your progress.

At the Profile tab, you can also find other categories, including:

  • Favorites: The application allows you to save it to favorites when you highlight a piece of text, besides the lookup options. You can then visit this section to view your favorite passages or stories.
  • Downloaded: With a Premium account, the app allows you to download stories for offline reading.
  • Glossary: Where you store Glossary words.

MOD APK of Beelinguapp

Premium features

Similar to LingoDeer, Beelinguapp is a freemium app. Part of the courses and stories in the library is free. But there are a lot of items that have been limited. Apps require you to pay an annual fee to access them. Those are packages from Premium members. There are 3 subscription options available: 1-month plan for $7.88, 6-month plan for $30.99, and 1-year for $49.99. There is no trial option.

When you become a Premium member, you receive the following benefits:

  • No ads
  • Unlock all the stories in the library with more than 1000+ news stories always updated weekly.
  • Unlock all courses
  • Unlock all courses
  • Unlimited songs
  • Track your progress.

MOD info

Unlock Premium: Yes, you get all the benefits of VIP membership for free.

To Sum Up

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested in the whole application but are apprehensive by its price. Now you can use the unlocked and accessible version of Beelinguapp on our website.

In short, Beelinguapp has a beautiful interface, easy to see, easy to use, rich audiobook system, easy native pronunciation, and many other attractive features around learning foreign language audiobooks. Everyone who is learning a new language download Beelinguapp to your mobile today to enjoy its exciting features!

Download Beelinguapp MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 2.984

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