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The current image capture and editing application is indispensable for every smartphone user. They are tools to make your photos shimmer and more eye-catching. Thus, there are now a lot of photo editing applications available, so users can not know which of their choice is the best and how to choose most appropriate editing application. So today I will introduce to you a great photo editing and editing application called Beauty Photo.

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Beauty Photo is the product of the new producer Prof.Poto which was released in late December. And this app will be released on two major Android and iOS platforms corresponding to the Google Play app store and AppStore for free. While many photo-editing and photo-taking applications are now available, Beauty Photo will surely get the attention of the user. Here are some of the most prominent features of this photo editing app, along with how to get apps to your devices.

Review Beauty Photo APK- Free photo capture and editing application

Diverse features

The Beauty Photo can help you create beautiful photos with just a few simple operations without the need to lose the makeup in real life. Moreover, you can choose the automatic makeup to make your face radiant without losing any money. The application will let you choose one of two main uses is to turn on the camera to capture the photo editing or select the photo from the album for editing is quite simple. Coming to Beauty Photo, you can edit photos easily on your phone.

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With Face Detection, the application system will be able to detect multiple faces in one image so you can easily select the mode to edit. There will be plenty of photo effects available for you to choose your own style and make the picture more alive. In addition, the application has a lot of other intelligent auto-correction features to overcome the external factors, the picture is as perfect as possible.

Main features:

  • Simple and free photo editor
  • Capture and edit your photos as you like
  • Easily crop photos or pair them together in a variety of styles
  • Color Balance, Contrast Adjustment
  • More than 100 exclusive face recognition filters
  • More than 200 stickers with over 30 different filters
  • Make the frame more beautiful
  • Many filters are available for you to choose from
  • Keep up to date with new content every week
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Download Beauty Photo APK latest version for Android, iOS

Here are just the highlights on the Beauty Photo application. You just need to directly experience to see many other great features and you will become a professional photographer. Moreover, the intuitive user interface is very easy to use so you can familiarize yourself with it several times. You can download this app to your Android or iOS device via the link to Google Play, AppStore or the APK file below for free.

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