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Beast Brawl: Hatch & Raise RPG MOD APK (Free Shopping, Chest) 419

Hatch. Raise. Brawl. Repeat. Real-time Action RPG, a unique entry to the genre.

App NameBeast Brawl: Hatch & Raise RPG
Publisher Baikun Interactive
MOD InfoFree Shopping, Chest
Get it onGoogle Play
About this MOD
  • Free Shopping
  • Spawn High Chest Grade Injection

Info :
– Enable Free Shooping only when you want purchase , and disable it for Play Stages.
– Toggle On/Off fast chest to , Pïck your chest , then repeat operation if you dont want game laggs.
ARM64 Only device , recommend real phone.


About Beast Brawl

Beast Brawl is an innovative new mobile game that takes the dungeon crawler genre in a different direction. The players assume the roles of Summoners and Beasts, respectively, and travel across randomly created worlds while fending off waves of enemies. The game is accessible without cost and has several possibilities for personalization and play styles.

Continually Happening Gameplay

Beast Brawl’s real-time action gameplay is one of the most ground-breaking aspects of the game. Unlike traditional turn-based dungeon crawls, there is no downtime in this game. Players must think on their feet, make tactical moves, and adapt to new situations to survive encountering waves of creatures. Because of this, the game will be much more interesting and exciting than before.

Create and Nurture Rare Animal Species

At launch, players can hatch and grow over 60 monsters, each with a unique set of 250 skills. Each beast has unique advantages and disadvantages, allowing players to construct optimal teams for their play style. In addition, players may improve their creatures’ capabilities and statistics over time through upgrades. The game becomes more exciting and satisfying as a result of this customization.

Maps and Habitats Produced by a Procedural Algorithm

The randomly created levels and settings are another highlight of Beast Brawl. Each different adventure map features its distinct collection of enemies and surroundings. This ensures that every playthrough is different and challenging for gamers.

Choices for Personalization

Players may personalize not just their monsters but also their weapons and armor. You can choose from 15 tiers of upgrades across five distinct equipment qualities and kinds. Each monster and piece of gear in the game has its unique set of statistics produced randomly. As a result, players are afforded more opportunities to try out new tactics and approaches.

The Closing Act

Players can choose from a wide selection of rewarding activities on Beast Brawl. You may choose from activities such as Strikes, Hunts, Guilds, Co-op, and Seasonal Events. These modes provide challenges and benefits, giving players something to work toward even after finishing the story.

MOD APK version of Beast Brawl

MOD feature

Free Shopping, Chest


A novel twist on the classic dungeon crawler formula, Beast Brawl is a fantastic smartphone game. Everyone can find something they like in this game because of its real-time action mechanics, variety of monsters and skills, randomly generated levels and environments, many personalization choices, and satisfying conclusion. If you like mobile games that take you through dungeons or are just searching for something new to play, you should check out Beast Brawl.

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