Battery Guru: Battery Health
Battery Guru: Battery Health

Battery Guru: Battery Health MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Monitor phone’s battery usage and accurately estimate its current health

App NameBattery Guru: Battery Health
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Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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A device’s battery life is a crucial factor in its usability, and it can be frustrating when it runs out too quickly. Thankfully, Battery Guru is a powerful application that can help you control the power of your device and understand its current battery status. It lets you use your device correctly, know when to unplug it, and avoid overcharging. In this article, we’ll look closer at Battery Guru’s features and how it can help you manage your device’s battery.

Battery Guru MOD APK features

Knowing the Current Status of Your Battery

One of the standout features of Battery Guru is its ability to provide users with a clear and concise view of their device’s current battery status. The application presents this information in the form of graphs, making it easy for users to understand the current condition of their battery. In addition to assessing the battery’s current status, the app also provides information on the corresponding power and battery usage activities. This knowledge can help users make informed decisions about using their device and extending its battery life.

Notification of Current Charging and Usage Time

Battery Guru also helps users keep track of their device’s charging and usage time. This information allows them to optimize the remaining power of their device and make the most of it. When the battery is low, the app will notify the user of the remaining charge time until it is complete. This helps users unplug the charger at the right time and avoid charging for too long. It’s a convenient feature that allows users to keep their device’s battery life in check.

Statistics of Your Battery Charging History

Battery Guru records each battery charge, allowing users to see how much time they’ve spent charging. This information can help users avoid overcharging the battery and unplugging the charger at the right time. By paying attention to the parameters inside the history, users can ensure that their battery stays in good condition with the correct charging time.

The Number of Hours That You Use the Device

In addition to tracking battery charging, Battery Guru provides users information on the device’s usage time. Through these parameters, they can see the maximum usage time and recognize any abnormalities in the device’s battery. Additionally, users can see which apps currently take up the most space on their devices. They can then stop or delete them if they are not in use, helping extend their device’s battery life.

Device Temperature and Charging Notifications

Finally, Battery Guru provides users with notifications to help them maintain their device’s battery life. Users can set alarms to remind them when to unplug the charger and avoid overcharging their battery. The app monitors the device’s temperature and notifies users if it gets too high. This helps users quickly stop any activity that might be causing the machine to overheat, protecting both the device and its battery.


Battery Guru is a useful application for anyone who wants to extend their device’s battery life and keep it in good condition. Its features are designed to help users understand the current status of their battery, optimize their device’s usage time, and avoid overcharging. With Battery Guru, users can have complete control over their device’s battery life and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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