Baseball Boy MOD APK v1.8.6 (Free Shopping/Money) for Android

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  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 83M
  • Latest Version: 1.8.6
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: February 10, 2019

Recently, Voodoo has released another exciting new game called Baseball Boy!. The game was released on February 2 and is currently only available for the iOS platform via the AppStore app store. The version of Baseball Boy! for Android will be released a few days later as the other previous Voodoo’s products. Perhaps many people want to see a different style in these entertainment games from the Voodoo game, but Voodoo will still retain the traditional style of their branding. And Baseball Boy! This will be a simple game in terms of graphics, gameplay and no plot. For more highlights of the Baseball Boy MOD Apk game! With this download, you can refer to the review below of ApkMod.

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Review Baseball Boy! – New Baseball Game from Voodoo

Simple gameplay

The Baseball Boy! game is developed according to the baseball game. However, the gameplay of this game is different from playing baseball in real life. In this interesting game, you just need to hit the ball to make it fly as far away as possible. Joining the game, you will control a boy holding a baseball bat, you have to align the polished ball so that the balloons are as far away as possible. The game will calculate the distance of the ball you hit by meters, you need to hit the ball as far as possible. So as to let the ball to fly away, you need to adjust the angle of the ball as straight as possible, the ball will fly far. The only task of the player in the game is simply to break his record after the polishing. On the flying path of the ball, you can hit some obstacles that will continuously appear such as houses, cars, light posts and other obstacles so that when the ball touched it will stop flying again.

The polishing is very simple, you will wait for the arrow to move in the center of the bar to polish. You just need to adjust the polished angle of the stick will automatically hit the balloon. Your goal in the game is to break your high score record and unlock all the new baseball bats.

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Unlock the new bats

The game has a variety of polishing bats. Especially, they are not just simple bats, but also bananas, knives, table tennis rackets, hammers, fish,… With each turn, according to the meters far that you can hit the ball, you will receive the equivalent amount. When the qualifying amount, you will be able to unlock a new stick. New sticks will have stronger polishing power.

Impressive graphics

As always, Voodoo still has remained their simple with a very sharp 2D graphics with bright colors that stand out. The main character in the game you control or the house, the car is created very simple but catching.

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Download Baseball Boy! MOD Apk Voodoo

Overall, the Baseball Boy! MOD APK This is still a familiar style of Voodoo but will give you a feel of new experiences with baseball sports. You can download Baseball Boy game! MOD Apk on the experience through the link below completely free!

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