Download Ball Mayhem! MOD APK v2.8 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Ball Mayhem 3


  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 40M
  • Latest Version: 2.8
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

Ball Mayhem! – Voodoo’s new sports game

As we often know, Voodoo – the world’s leading entertainment game company is now known for its simple yet highly addictive games, most of them are popular among players worldwide. But recently, they brought a surprise to fans of their simple series by bringing a game with a complex operation mechanism, following strict rules and playing with many other players in the world. This game is called Ball Mayhem!

Ball Mayhem 1

This game was released in early February of 2019, supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms. After a few days of release, this game is loved by many players and quickly achieved high records. Like on Google Play, Ball Mayhem! has received more than 11 thousand reviews with over 1 million downloads and on the AppStore, it’s now at the top 1 in the Sports category. It has shown the great attractiveness of Ball Mayhem! To better understand how to play and the outstanding features of the game, along with how to download it, please refer to the article below.

Ball Mayhem 2

Join the most dramatic football matches

About the content, Ball Mayhem! has developed exciting sports-based gameplay from American football. But Voodoo has refreshed it, the game rules still revolve around a rugby match, but it has been slightly modified to make it easier for players to experience. Joining a handball match in the Ball Mayhem!, you will match a team of 6 players, each of whom will be arranged in a position to match the play to achieve the best results. Although each player will have a different position, they can move wisely to other positions if possible to create unexpected elements. This point is the same as in football, a defender can join the attack to surprise the opponent.

Every player in the game is the same, without any special abilities or strength, stamina, and techniques that all depend on your control. But in the game, you can create special handball techniques to make the game not boring. From there, you will be able to create stronger breakthroughs and score points for your team.

Ball Mayhem 4

As said, game Ball Mayhem! is based on rugby sports, but the rules will not be the same as in this sport in real life. It will not have strict areas like in a standard rugby match and the rules are also simpler. Basically, only the touchdown area is displayed at the end of the field with the word “TOUCHDOWN” prominently designed. You just need to get the ball there and get 1 point. Just try to use your ingenuity and breakthroughs to get Touchdown points.

The controls in the game are not too complicated, but not as easy as the games that Voodoo has previously released. You just need to touch the screen and move your player to move in any direction, then perform actions such as passing the ball to a teammate or finishing. Join the biggest rugby tournaments to show your team is the strongest team, no opponent. Can you do that? Try it!

Download Ball Mayhem! MOD APK

Ball Mayhem! brings a new style of sport, a completely new style of Voodoo game company. You will experience a completely new handball game right on your mobile device, a feeling of the unprecedented experience. Just enter the Ball Mayhem! to show your ball playing skills, bring the team to conquer the strongest ones in the world. And below, there will be the game download link for you to choose. There will be an original version from Google Play and a Ball Mayhem! version MOD APK with unlimited extremely attractive diamond features.

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