Balance: Meditation & Sleep
Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK (Subscribed Unlocked) 1.95.0

Get a free year of anxiety relief. Meditate, breathe, focus, and calm your mind.

App NameBalance: Meditation & Sleep
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About Balance

Anxiety and stress are constant companions in today’s fast-paced world. To be happier, you must find ways to relax your mind and boost your health. Balance, the first individualized meditation program, is designed to help with this issue. The app’s individualized meditation instruction provides a one-of-a-kind experience that can help with stress, insomnia, and general well-being.

Guided Meditation Lessons

Balance compiles a personalized meditation daily from a library of thousands of audio files. The app will poll you daily on your meditation history, preferences, and goals. Your reflections will become more tailored to your needs and more productive as you reveal about yourself. Balance can help you achieve your objectives in a myriad of ways.

Master the Foundations of Meditation

Each of Balance’s daily meditations is part of a 10-day plan designed to teach you the basics of meditation in a way specific to you and your goals. You will learn to cultivate a sense of present-moment awareness, maintain concentration despite interruptions, fall asleep faster, have less anxious dreams, and calm down more quickly after experiencing stress.

Learn to Relax Anywhere and at Any Time

The meditations provided by Balance are short enough to be used on the go. Start your day by meditating and stretching before you head out the door, and then use a meditation explicitly designed for your commute to help you relax and focus on your destination. Use the animated breathing exercises to help you relax (clear) your mind, and try the quick meditations to help you relax, energize, and concentrate.

Relaxation Techniques Before Bedtime for Quality Sleep

Using bilateral stimulation and controlled breathing, Balance’s Sleep meditations, Sleep Sounds, and Wind Down activity are the first-of-their-kind interactives designed to help you unwind before bed, manage anxiety, and get a better night’s sleep.

How to Advance Your Meditation Practice

Focusing on your breath and becoming more aware of bodily sensations are central to Balance’s Foundations Plan for cultivating mindfulness and reducing anxiety. If you’re a regular meditator and want to take your practice to the next level, we recommend beginning with the Advanced Plan. Our free annual membership gives you access to everything we offer, including our complete collection of 10-day individualized Plans, our portable Singles, and much more.

Just What You Get

Balance offers customized guided meditations based on your current state of mind, specific needs, and prior meditation experience. Includes research-backed exercises to help you unwind, lower stress, combat anxiety, and get ready for a good night’s sleep; 10-day plans to help you build and deepen your meditation abilities; and Short, bite-sized meditations to help you get the most out of any time. You may also choose your session lengths and earn badges for completing Plans, Singles, and developing your abilities. The app includes ten concrete meditation techniques, including Breath Focus, Body Scan, Labeling, and more, to help you deepen your practice and have fresh content published regularly.

The Update Improves Audio Reception

The newly added songs on Balance’s playlist are set up as highly original singles that affect your way of thinking. To begin the day’s instruction, users need merely turn it on. The disc’s music library will be played in the background during creative problem-solving activities. According to those standards, Balance has adopted a new, more soothing, motivating voice.

Arrange Everything Out According to Your Timetable

When Balance is installed, users will be given a schedule for the day. To ensure that the open plan is satisfactory, users can inform Balance of their plans for the day. Users may learn to retain and recall information rapidly with a 10-day meditation training program that includes fundamental exercises from video presentations. Furthermore, Balance may select music that fits your mood based on your choices.

Encourage Audiences to Take Part in Interactive Experiences

Balance provides novel experiences and techniques for finding inner peace and silence to draw in a huge user base. Meditation training badges are a great way to boost your confidence in your brain’s capacity for thought. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the pace of the training sessions, breathing exercises are another excellent option. More activities will be available shortly to help you maintain composure and hone your ability to communicate your feelings.

Interesting Material Awaits You

Balance’s fascinating alternatives are designed to help customers with emotional issues quickly and pinpoint the root cause of their distress. You may reflect in peace and better understand your emotions, the situation, and how to fix it for yourself. Something is taxing your mentality if you can’t get a decent night’s sleep and aren’t productive throughout the day. Balance employs music and meditation to cope with these issues.

Learn to Meditate and Boost Your Sleep and Mood

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try using the Balance technique. Also, the app facilitates greater emotional regulation and the development of a cheerful disposition. The free trial period will run for an entire year to enable customers to become comfortable with and rapidly test out a new ability. Thanks to the system, the greatest pleasures and peace of mind are guaranteed at all times. By providing even the simplest of activities, we help your mind unwind. The benefits of meditation on physical and mental well-being are immediately apparent after installing and using this app.

Important Characteristics

Balance offers a consistent environment for core meditations, training in the relevant skills, and cultivating experiences according to your current state of mind. Training sessions should be frequent and straightforward to create an emotional connection with the system. The user is free to utilize the workouts whenever they see fit. You may earn points toward a badge on their meditation practice scoreboard by sticking to the prescribed routine. The software contains breathing exercises to help you immediately regulate your emotions and stay calm. It’s often updated to provide users with more fresh content to assist them in exploring new things. Those who begin regular meditation practice report better sleep, more positive feelings, and less negativity. So that you don’t get bored, the soft music will randomly change.


Try Balance, the first individualized meditation program to reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, and feel better overall. Balance offers a comprehensive meditation program tailored to your requirements and tastes, including individualized guided meditations, 10-day Programs, bite-sized Singles, and activities supported by scientific research. There are animated breathing exercises for instant relaxation, new content is released often, and you can earn badges to show your progress. Balance’s year-long free trial period helps its customers gain emotional mastery and cultivate a more positive disposition. Download the Balance app and immediately start your path to better health and happiness.

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