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Badland Brawl 1

Today ApkMod will introduce to you a very interesting strategy game called Badland Brawl. This is a mobile game developed by Frogmind with the same castle-defense gameplay as the Clash Royale. This game is not too new since it had been released long ago for the iOS platform. After a while, realizing the success of Badland Brawl, Frogmind has brought this fascinating game to the Android platform so that more player can easily experience.

Badland Brawl 1

Badland Brawl was available on Android a few weeks ago in the pre-registration form, and now the game has been officially released so players can download and experience. In the article below, Apkmod will introduce you to the attractions that Badland Brawl has conquered the player and guide you how to download it to your device.

Badland Brawl – Attractive tactical castle-defense game

Tactical gameplay

Badland Brawl has a quite interesting strategy gameplay with the familiar card collecting style that is similar to the famous Clash Royale game. Joining the game, you will have to collect the cards with different types of troops to choose to participate in the dramatic and attractive battles. Each type of armor will have unique skills and combat abilities, so you have to understand that to build a good tactic. When fighting, your team will need to defend a tower and use the troops to defend, attack, and destroy the enemy’s tower.

Badland Brawl 2

The attraction is that you will not let your troops out by moving the army from your tower to the enemy’s one. Instead, you will use your gun to fire your troops into battle. You can shoot far, shoot nears …. depending on the type of troops and enemy situation. As long as you can defeat the enemy’s tower, you win. When released for Android, this game has a pretty attractive feature – the PvP real-time 2vs2.

Badland Brawl 3

Funny graphics

The game Badland Brawl brings a unique animation style with fun cartoon graphics, not as realistic as other tactical games. Especially, the character design is quite small, looking extremely lovely. The visual effects, sound effects are perfectly fine, creating a wonderful experience for you.

Badland Brawl 4

Download Badland Brawl APK

Badland Brawl was developed with attractive gameplay, eye-catching animated graphics so it has received the love of the player when released on iOS. And now, Badland Brawl is available on Google Play, you can download it via the link below, there will be a Badland Brawl APK version if you need it.

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