Avakin Life 1.058.00 (MOD Unlocked)

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World
Updated December 1, 2021 (5 days ago)
Publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Require Android4.4 and up
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Avakin Life is a fascinating role-playing simulation game where you can become a fashion star, design the house of your dreams, and express yourself to millions of other players.

Experience the exciting and vibrant 3D world in Avakin Life, where you can dress up, meet and chat with people! In this virtual reality game, players can become whoever they want, design their own homes and visit different landmarks! Download this simulation game now and interact with millions of players around the world!

About Avakin Life

Avakin Life is also a significant monument capable of standing next to The Sim Free Play, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Warsaw. Although it has only been on the market for a short time, it has already achieved a lot of success. This is because these simulation games have always had a strong appeal to gamers around the world. And what they all have in common is that it allows us to do whatever we want without having to pay attention to rules or regulations.

Up to now, this game has achieved more than 50 million downloads with millions of positive reviews. This is the success milestone of the publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd.

Coming to the world of Avakin Life, you can freely create appearance, design, and decorate your home. Shop, discover luxury fashion brands and create the perfect outfit. Become the fashion star and center of attention: date and party in many beautiful places like paradise. Show off your dream home. All in the 3D virtual reality world Avakin Life!

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Key features of Avakin Life

Avakin Life is definitely one of the most realistic and exciting life simulation games on Android that you should not miss. Let’s explore the outstanding features of this game right now.

Create your Character

If you’ve played other role-playing games, you’ll probably be no stranger to the tradition of starting these games by creating a character you want. Your character in the game is called Avakins (Like Sims in The Sim game). Note that the character options cannot be changed once you finish the initial setup. So make sure you have created the desired character before entering the game world.

You can choose the gender of the character and change the shape, skin color, clothe,s or any other part you want. Each character’s style reflects their personality and lifestyle. So don’t be afraid to come up with a “crazy” idea. That’s how the game can satisfy you.

There are hundreds of hair, skin, clothes, shoes, etc., for you to choose from in Avakin Life. So, when you mix them, you don’t need to worry about “touching” with anyone. Of course, shopping for clothes and accessories takes a lot of time and money. As you do daily quests, you’ll earn coins and experience to unlock new functions.

Start Building your Dreamlife

Avakin Life builds a virtual world where you live a life like a normal citizen. In this world, you can be anyone, live your dream life, make friends with people and participate in many other exciting activities.

First, you need a job. It is a way to make money in the game. Similar to every other life simulation game, the currency is an important item in Avakin Life. You need them to spend on personal needs such as shopping for clothes, house, organizing parties… Besides work, there are many different interesting activities for you to explore. For example, you can move to public places to meet new friends or join a weekend picnic with colleagues.

There are Avacoin chests that appear randomly at certain locations in the city. They are your chance for great rewards. Of course, it is not for free. Avacoin chests are the rewards of mini-games, where you and your friends have to complete missions in the fastest time possible and beat other teams.

Daily activities consume a lot of energy. So don’t forget your character has to eat and drink every day. Don’t forget to visit the gym if you have free time. The more time you spend in the world of Avakin Life, the more interesting things you will have to discover.

Avakin Life-gameplay

Join the Party

Parties are the place where you can rest and entertain after hours of hard work. So, put on your best, most expensive clothes and join the party in the city, be it a nightclub or a lively music party at a friend’s house. In particular, this is the best opportunity for you to get to know, chat and make friends with exciting guys or girls.

This game builds a large community of gamers in many different countries. However, due to safety limitations when interacting with strangers and there are too many opportunities for strangers to collect personal information for malicious purposes. Therefore, the game is rated 17+, so you should be aware of these points and not expose your kid to it.

Buy and decorate your house

There are two things that you should care about in this game, they are your character’s appearance and the house he/she is in. After you’ve created your own character, start building your house. You did not start Avakin Life as a millionaire. The game only provides you with basic costumes and a small house on the outskirts of the city. Don’t worry because there are many opportunities for you to find a new home. When you have enough Avacoins, the game allows you to buy a new house.

It can be a unique home or even a beachfront villa with an indoor swimming pool. Don’t forget you have a lot of work to do to decorate and upgrade your home. Buying furniture, decorations, and expanding your house is also a way to gain experience points and level up.

There are many things that you have to take care of in Avakin Life. Most of them have some price. So don’t forget to make as much money as you can. Just like in real life, the more money you have, the richer and more prominent you are in the game.

Avakin Life activities

Control mechanism

Avakin Life is only available for Android and iOS. Therefore, the control system of the game has been optimized for this platform. Most of the objects in the game can be interacted with. You just need to touch them to see the options. Besides, you can hold and swipe 360 degrees on the screen to change the viewing angle.

Graphics and Sound

Avakin Life is a 3D game with seemingly impossible graphics. Shaping the characters in the game and the landscape, the layout is designed in detail and meticulously to bring the player the most realistic experience. This is also one of the addictive points of this game.

With themed soundtracks and significant sound effects, players in Avakin Life will find themselves completely immersed in the virtual world. There’s also voice chat, and you can even talk to your online friends like you’re meeting in real life. From there, you will make new friends wherever you are.

MOD APK of Avakin Life

In-game currency

There are two currencies in Avakin Life, including Diamonds and Avacoins.

Diamonds can be considered the main currency of the game because you can use them to unlock or upgrade most items. For example, Diamonds can be used to buy new clothes, furniture, and jewelry. You can also use them to buy food and drinks to recharge your character. Diamonds can be obtained from daily quests or as you level up. So if you want to level up faster, try to earn as many gems as you can then spend them.

AvaCoin is considered the premium currency in the game. They are quite hard to find. You only get AvaCoins from special missions, events, or completing achievements. AvaCoin is used to buy high-end items such as apartments, pets, special outfits…

Just like in real life, you need a lot of money in Avakin Life to take control of your life. Work hard, complete missions to get rewards.

MOD Info

At our blog, you can download the latest Avakin Life mod for free. Here are the mod features:

  • Unlock all costumes and items: In this mod, all the costumes and jewelry are unlocked. So you can use them completely for free. It is definitely great when you have a unique look in the game world.


The mod feature only works on your side. It means that although you can see the character’s outfit and accessories, other players can’t. Do not believe in mods that provide infinite diamonds and Avacoins because they do not exist.


In short, Avakin Life is your second life simulation game, where you will meet new people, make new relationships, and participate in the most exciting activities. With Avakin Life’s 3D virtual world, you will become the person you want to be, enjoy the life you have always dreamed of, adventure in the world of paradise on earth. Download and experience this exciting game today!

Download Avakin Life 1.058.00 (MOD Unlocked)

Download (105M)


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