Download Auto Dude Theft MOD APK V0.8b (Free Shoping)

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  • Publisher: Poxel Studios
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 100M
  • Latest Version: 0.84b
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 28, 2019

Auto Dude Theft : Open World Sandbox Simulator is a highly addictive action-RPG game that was released in early April by the publisher Poxel Studios. The game is available for both Google Play stores and the AppStore. The game is totally free so players can download it easily to experience. This is a simulation game based on the role-playing game full of attractive, the player becomes a villain rather than a hero as other role-playing games. For more information about the gameplay of this game, you can refer to the article below of ApkMod. We will also show you how to download the game on your device.

Dude Theft Auto apk 1

Introducing Auto Dude Theft – Game GTA version Pixel

The plot of the game

The game Auto Dude Theft : Open World Sandbox Simulator opens up a vast city in the form of simulations and its life will take place just like in the real life. There is a quite handsome guy named Jack, he is also a citizen of this city with a small but quite confusing personality. He realized he was not a mediocre man, and decided to venture around the city in his car, doing everything he liked, even criminal work. When it comes to the game, you will take the role of this guy Jack and start the adventure with full of challenges.

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At the start of the game, you will be given the basic tasks to complete and then receive the first bonus. You have to go everywhere to be able to complete the task, including the work of a thug or criminal. You can even set up a gang to operate in this city easier. Make your gang as active as possible to get as much money. When you have a lot of money, you can buy new cars, weapons such as guns, knives, even a large casino.

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Gradually you will take over this vast city, things in everywhere are your criminal gangs’ works. You can do everything from driving around the city or attacking civilians. But you need to be careful of the police, they can catch you at any time. An interesting game mode is to participate in online activities with friends with the missions such as bank robbery, kidnapping extortion, … Can see this game Auto Dude Theft is developed gameplay Very similar to the popular GTA game on PC many years ago.

Control mechanism

The game Auto Dude Theft : Open World Sandbox Simulator was developed in the most simple way for the mobile mechanism. You will do everything in the game through the virtual keys which are integrated into the screen of your phone. There will be a navigation key for you to move the character in all directions along with other skill points such as attack, driving, weapon selection, etc.

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Graphics and sound

The game Auto Dude Theft is developed in the classic 32-bit graphics in combined with modern 3D Pixel Blocks. So Auto Dude Theft is a Pixel game but the picture quality is 3D, so the image in the game will be extremely sharp. Moreover, the background music and sound effects are integrated into each action phase in the game, making the game much more alive.

Download Auto Dude Theft APK V0.6b- Open World Sandbox Simulator

You may probably will not find the Auto Dude Theft: Open World Sandbox Simulator game impressive at the first glance because of its pixel graphics, but when you experience it, you can not stop. This is a great game that you can not ignore. Finally, you find this interesting game can download it to experience through the path below.

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