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Audio Editor : Ringtone Maker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.0.68

Most Complete Audio Editor! Ringtones,Merge,Mix,Converter,Video to Audio,Mute

App NameAudio Editor : Ringtone Maker
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About Audio Editor

Audio Editor is an Android app that serves multiple purposes and was developed specifically for musicians and fans. The application gives users access to a wide variety of audio editing features, such as audio chopping, mixing, merging, conversion, speed modification, and much more.

A Wide Variety of Audio Formats Can Be Played Together

The app is remarkable in interacting with all audio formats, enabling users to work across various devices or in a particular application. Users can convert file types within the app itself, eliminating the need for additional software and saving them time and effort.

You Can Improve Your Sound With Some Simple Tools

The application comes pre-loaded with a straightforward toolkit that can process or improve audio quality. These contain operations like cutting and trimming, as well as others, that will assist you in achieving ideal audio and removing unnecessary sections. It also has an audio clip magnifier, which makes it much simpler to chop or merge individual audio clips in a precise and harmonious manner.

Audio Mixer that Offers Absolute Synchronization and Is Innovative

The Audio Editor software has a unique mixer integrated into the system. This mixer enables users to mix two audio tracks easily by adjusting several parameters. Users have access to high precision because of the multi-layer editing, which allows them to mix each sound exactly. Because of the mixer, they can perfectly synchronize a few settings from two audio channels to get the desired result.

Perform Audio Merging to Create an Extensive Playlist

Users of the app can listen to many tracks at the same time or sequential sounds without having their experience interrupted by the app’s merge function. In addition, it assists in creating several transition effects between audio tracks, ensuring that everything is coordinated correctly in every aspect.

Modifying the Sound by Using several Different Tempos or Pitch Levels

The ability to immediately alter the sound quality using a variety of elements and upgrades is the app’s most significant selling point. This includes adjusting the tempo, the mute, and a wide variety of other parameters such that the speed of each audio clip varies dramatically to produce a wide range of emotions. After the editing procedure, users also have the option to adjust the pitch so that it is in sync with the tempo of the audio.

Video-to-audio converter that is simple to use

The Audio Editor also has a feature allowing users to convert video to audio format conveniently. This capability may be accessed through the settings menu. They can make many films simultaneously using batch processing while waiting for positive and desirable outcomes.

Built-in functionality that is both Comprehensive and Advanced in the app

Because of its advanced features and general superiority, the app is considered one of the most cutting-edge and popular audio editors. It can produce excellent results while cutting, trimming, combining, and mixing various file types. With the program’s assistance, users can obtain an audio file of superior quality in a relatively short time.

Superb AIs with an Infinite Variety of Applications

The app’s sophisticated artificial intelligence improves users’ precision when dealing with audio, allowing them to create listening experiences that are appealing and seamless. Users can achieve the required results thanks to unlimited possibilities when selling or processing the audio.

Easy to use and efficient in terms of time

The Audio Editor app is user-friendly, helps save time, and is compatible with various audio formats, making it an excellent choice. Because it allows users to import or export all of the audio after working on it, it has become an indispensable tool for artists and other music lovers.


The Audio Editor is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in audio processing or improvement. Because of its sophisticated features and capabilities, it is an excellent tool for artists and music enthusiasts alike. Because it is simple to operate and helps save time, the application is an indispensable device for everyone who wants to produce high-quality audio recordings. Users can merge, and convert audio recordings to their desired output with Audio Editor’s help, improving the listening experience.

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