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Do you remember the wonderful comic book Astro Boy? This is an extremely interesting comic book about the robot boy from Japan and is very well-known in many countries around the world. Many fans of this popular comic book have been waiting for one day that they can play a game with the theme of Astro Boy. And no more waiting, recently, a new game about this big hit comic book series has been released on the mobile platform called Astro Boy: Brick Breaker.

Astro Boy Brick Breaker 1

Astro Boy: Brick Breaker was developed and released by FUNPLE STREAM. It was released on April 5 and supports Android and iOS operating systems for totally free. This is really good news for those who love the comic book Astro Boy. The game Astro Boy: Brick Breaker will be developed in the role-playing game style with the adventurous element and a quite eye-catching graphics. You can refer to the article below for more highlights on Astro Boy: Brick Breaker along with how to download the game on your device.

Astro Boy: Brick Breaker – Role-playing game with Manga theme

The content of the game

The game Astro Boy: Brick Breaker was developed based on the famous Japanese comic book Astro Boy. For those who do not know about Astro Boy, this is a bit hit manga created by Osamu Tezuka and published from 1952 to 1968. Not only did Astro Boy succeed in the field of comics but when it was adapted into Animation film, it has also received a lot of attention from people all over the world. The game Astro Boy: Brick Breaker will match the content along with the character system in Astro Boy to develop a great gameplay.

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The game content is also taken from the main content of the comic book Astro Boy, the story is about the protagonist named Astro Boy. He is an android with emotions, personality as a real person. He was created by Umataro Tenma, a man who had lost his son. Astro was sold to a robot circus run by Hamegg, but fortunately, he was freed by Professor Ochanomizu. Astro takes Ochanomizu as his adoptive father. This professor created a robot family for Astro and helped him live a normal life like the other boys with adventurous exploits.

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Getting involved in the game, you will play as the protagonist Astro and start the unique adventure. Your task in this game is to control Astro Boy rescue the Earth from the plot of a crazy doctor named Brick. He is making a crazy plot, he wants to transform the Earth into a huge, lifeless mass. You will have to remove all the bricks or defeat a monster as the light goes out.

You will take part in various difficulty levels, each level will have a goal and your basic task is to eliminate all the bricks that appear on the screen. The game has more than 400 levels of difficulty, with each level you will see new bricks created quite eye-catching.

Astro Boy Brick Breaker 4

Medium graphics

This is a role-playing game with the style puzzle so the graphics are not invested too much. Astro Boy: Brick Breaker only own 2D graphics with cartoon style, but the image in the game is still very sharp and eye-catching. Because of its simple graphics, the Astro Boy: Brick Breaker is compact in size, less than 20MB in size and will fit in most smartphones today.

Download Astro Boy: Brick Breaker APK v1.3 for Android, iOS

Overall, the game Astro Boy: Brick Breaker is not a too complicated game but still very attractive. More than 400 challenging levels are waiting for you to explore, download Astro Boy: Brick Breaker on your device to experience it. You can download the game to your device via the link to Google Play, AppStore or the APK file below to experience it.

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