Armed Heist MOD APK + Data v1.1.20 (Invincible) for Android

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Armed Heist 1


  • Publisher: Sozap
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 80M
  • Latest Version: 1.1.20
  • MOD Features: Invincible
  • Date Updated: April 15, 2019

Introducing Armed Heist – Sozap’s attractive TPS game

Today we will give you a top-notch shooting game, which is loved by many players, it is called Armed Heist: Ultimate Third Person Shooting Game. This game was introduced by Sozap game company a long time ago, but they did not specify the game release date. Until now is March 2019, they will officially launch this shooter game. Currently the game is available on Google Play, the AppStore is in a free form for players to easily download.

Armed Heist 1

Accordingly, Armed Heist is the 3rd person shooter in which the player plays a criminal robbing the bank. If you are looking for a shooting game on mobile that makes you unable to take your eyes off the screen, Armed Heist is a great choice for you. To get a better understanding of the features, how to play games and how to download games, you can refer to the article below. At the end of the article will be the link to download the game, we will have an Armed Heist MOD version with lots of interesting features, you will definitely like.

Attractive shooting gameplay

Game Armed Heist developed the familiar shooting game of the TPS series (shooting under a 3rd perspective). If other shooters give you a role as a hero or a protagonist, then the Armed Heist will let you act as a villain and do bad things. As a chased criminal in the Armed Heist shooter, the player will have to be smarter and more skillful than the opponent in order to win. In the game your character will be able to use masks to cover their faces, as your quests in the game are plundering. In terms of upgrades, you can upgrade your character by unlocking and customizing a variety of weapons and equipment. Currently the game has more than 70 different missions with different levels of difficulty for you to conquer, try to complete all those tasks to become a legendary criminal.

Armed Heist 2

Coming to the game, you will be immersed in various types of crimes, from robbing a small jewelry store to large-scale bank robberies. Afterwards, the level of crime becomes bigger, more wonderful, more challenging, and brings more rewards. Each of your robberies needs to be carefully prepared for tactics and weapons so that no danger will occur.

In terms of weapons systems, Armed Heist gives you more than 30 types of weapons to choose from, everything from sniper rifles and rifles to SMGs. Once you have your favorite gun in your hand, you can change the aim, silencer, gun grip, gun barrel and more, all of which will affect weapon performance. Moreover, you can also improve your weapon aesthetically, every gun has countless skins displayed under high 3D image quality.

Armed Heist 3

High quality graphics

Armed Heist graphics are also meticulously designed and detailed in 3D style, bringing the most new shooting experience to players. Explosion effects constantly appear after each round of bullets encountering each other. It is not to mention that the small details are also meticulously cared for such as the bullet effect or the smoke bombs, the blind bombs used to block the retreat of bandits are also quite thoughtful.

Armed Heist 4

Armed Heist MOD Download APK

Game Armed Heist gives you the feeling of new experience in the shooting game series, when you will be carrying out large-scale robberies, in which you are the leader. Attractive gameplay, crisp 3D images will be the strong point of Armed Heist game. Link to download Armed Heist game is ready right below, you just have to choose for your device.

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