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ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK (All Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu) 2.0.29

ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK – Fight, survive, and tame 80+ dinosaurs in this massive genre-defining game world

App NameARK: Survival Evolved
Publisher Studio Wildcard
Size2.24 GB
MOD InfoAll Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu
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About ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is an immersive smartphone game that will take you to a prehistoric world filled with over 80 different dinosaurs and ancient animals, where you will embark on an epic adventure of survival and discovery. As you explore a large and ever-changing gaming environment, you can expect a survival experience. Join forces, establish settlements, and tame prehistoric beasts in this Jurassic-era RPG.

Release your inner adventurer and discover the uncharted regions of ARK: Survival Evolved. The goal of this game, which was a critical and commercial success on PC and consoles when it was first released, is to survive and prosper on a strange island using just your wits. Protect yourself from the many threats in the world by stockpiling supplies, making weapons and armor, and building sturdy shelters. However, staying alive is only half the battle; you must strive to tame and lead dinosaurs. Join forces with other players, form tribes, and build massive fortifications to fend against human foes and gigantic beasts.

The App’s Main Attributes

  • Get ready to unleash the beast as you use creative techniques to tame, train, ride, and breed more than 80 prehistoric species spanning land, sea, air, and underground environments.
  • The Art of Survival: Plunge into a live, breathing prehistoric terrain to learn how to endure, prosper, and break free of the Ark’s grasp.
  • Embrace the difficulties of daily life by learning to make the tools, armor, and food that will ensure your survival. Create safe havens, thriving communities, and prosperous metropolises out of nothing to survive on this harsh planet.
  • The app presents two options: solo or team travel. You may either band with hundreds of other players in the extensive online globe to conquer challenges or brave the world independently, testing your perseverance and resourcefulness.
  • Feel the power of the Tribe system, which encourages collaboration and mutual assistance, for yourself. Form active parties to increase your chances of survival by pooling your supplies, experience, and respawn points.
  • Primal Pass Unlock: Improve your gaming experience with a monthly or yearly membership to the Primal Pass. Ads are removed, XP gains are multiplied by 2, and premium servers and spaces on free servers are made available to subscribers. In addition to special access and a unique badge, Primal Pass holders get a memorable logo to show off their rank.

Exciting New Gameplay Features Are On the Way

In response to player input, ARK: Survival Evolved is constantly updated to provide a more stimulating and entertaining experience. Get ready for many enhancements, all of which have been fine-tuned for Android 12 and above smartphones. As you explore the revamped version, you’ll see that certain things have been moved about. For a more realistic experience, the game disables crater structure construction in the mod. The development staff is responsive to player feedback, and fixes identified flaws to make the experience more satisfying and impressive.

The game’s appeal comes from the unpredictability of each visit. Care for and raise over 80 different types of giant dinosaurs. Feed and raise these gorgeous animals since you need them to build, fight, and protect your home. A new ecosystem will form right in front of your eyes as you learn to survive in this primitive environment.

Learn to Thrive in Dangerous Circumstances

While managing the dangers of existence on this ancient island, ARK: Survival Evolved players must look for ways to build and extend their empires. Even while gigantic creatures are always a threat, you and your fellow warriors and neighbors may establish a strong community. Villages will spring up in the area you choose to populate, representing your cultivated ecology. Exploration yields essential resources, and it’s up to you to outfit yourself with clothing, weapons, and food. Whether you explore the wilderness alone or in a group, the game’s online join function will have you quickly making friends in the game world.

A strong network of committed players is fostered in the game. You may join this exciting community if eligible under the system’s rules. The survivors’ ties are strengthened by sharing their experiences and stories. Although thriving in a harsh environment presents significant challenges, you may gain the tools and resources you need by completing missions centered on dinosaur reproduction, such as spawning or egg-gathering activities. Get the latest scoop on forthcoming seasons so you won’t miss a beat of the action. The game’s simple drag-and-drop features make it easier to deal with the various obstacles you’ll encounter, and a thorough tutorial will quickly get you up to speed.

Featured Elements of the Game

  1. Take part in exciting cooperative or competitive clashes with other players in the game’s multiplayer mode, designed to promote either teamwork or healthy rivalry.
  2. Learn the ins and outs of taming and breeding various species, including dinosaurs, and use them as mounts or devoted companions.
  3. Acquire materials, make tools and other necessities, and build a shelter to secure your place on the island and guarantee your safety from the wild.
  4. Resource Management: Keep an eye on your own and your domesticated critters’ hunger, thirst, and health as you strike a balance between their needs and your own.
  5. Discover the history and mysteries of the vast island of ARK: Survival Evolved by setting out on an adventure of discovery in search of lost relics and long-lost settlements.
  6. Extensive modding support encourages players to unleash their imaginations by making and sharing their unique creations, vastly increasing the game’s replay value.

MOD APK version of ARK: Survival Evolved

MOD feature

  • Unlocked content from the Primal Pass and Ascendant Creature Unlock (they will show as locked in the store!)
  • Free craft
  • Engrams can be spent even if you don’t have enough of them (disable them after use)
    Unlimited ember and items (enable only in inventory and shop)
  • God Mod


Players of ARK: Survival Evolved are thrust into a primordial world rife with peril and wonder. Survival under perilous conditions requires excellent flexibility, ingenuity, and teamwork. Get some guts, learn to control the dinosaurs, and leave your mark on the wild world of ARK: Survival Evolved for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK (All Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu) 2.0.29

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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