Archero MOD APK (God Mode) 5.2.5

App NameArchero
Publisher Habby
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoGod Mode
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The evils are always behind you and take every opportunity to attack and destroy you. Do not be afraid of this force because the kingdom needs your courage and skill to destroy the enemy. Join Archero and experience the special features of the game.

About Archero

Although not developed from a famous brand, Habby’s Archero still shocks gamers. The featured game of this publisher has many cool features in gameplay and graphics. With special missions and an excellent weapon system, it doesn’t need to take many steps to win the hearts of fans. Currently, players can join this game through two versions: on the Android system or the PC. Therefore, if you have not chosen a game to play in this boring epidemic season yet, do not ignore this attractive archery game. It will give you indescribable emotions and unforgettable experiences.


Key features of Archero

Archero is the most successful mobile game that Habby released. It has reached over 100 million installs and received almost 2 million positive reviews from players. Here are the characteristics of this interesting game.


A kingdom full of chaos and fighting is the main setting of Archero. Fierce monsters have risen and invaded your beautiful land. They are more aggressive and dangerous than you can imagine. As a hero, you need to take action to protect your kingdom. A specially designed bow and arrow will be your weapon against the forces of darkness. With excellent archery skills and bravery, let wipe out all the monsters from your kingdom.


Archero’s gameplay is similar to other traditional mobile RPGs. In each level, you control your hero (an archer) to move around the map and fight opponents. You complete the level when you destroy all of them. New levels are only unlocked when you complete the previous one. And an important point you must always keep in mind is that there is no room for any mistakes. Each cover map is divided into many different levels, as soon as you die, you have to return to the starting point.

The battle journey in Archero is arduous and full of pitfalls. Enemies are not at their base but will appear all the way you go. They are ready to attack and make you die instantly. Furthermore, the strength of the monsters is divided by level. Their power will increase as you reach higher levels. Therefore, if you want to survive their attack, you need to be vigilant on all four sides.

Not only monsters, the pitfalls that appear on the road are also easy to make you lose. Its level of danger is no different from that of monsters. Electric traps or fireballs will make you lose blood immediately. If not careful, they will stun you and slow down the game. In addition, you will be practicing your combat skills through missions. Each different level will give you different combat and crafting tasks. Try to complete them to strengthen your skills and increase your chances of winning.

Boost your hero power

The difficulty of the levels is always increasing so you need to develop your hero. There are basically three ways to strengthen your hero.

First, your hero has a chance to auto-evolve in each battle. As he wins the level and level up, you can choose new Abilities. The Abilities bring special effects such as increased damage from weapons, more HP, more effects on arrows, increased armor…

Next, you should equip your hero with the necessary items. These include Weapons, Armor, Rings, Spirits, Lockets, Bracelets. Each type of item increases a certain stat. For example, Armor increases resistance when attacked by an opponent and provides some unique effects. Meanwhile, Ring increases your hero’s damage to a specific type of monster. Items can be dropped from monsters when you destroy them. Some rare items can only be obtained during the event or purchased directly from the shop.

Finally, unlock and upgrade talents. They create permanent effects on your character. You need to spend gold to unlock a new talent. Similar to Abilities, talents apply specific special effects to heroes or equipment. The difference is that they last forever. When you spend gold, a random talent is automatically unlocked in a collection of 12. The higher the level, the more coins you spend to unlock them.


The levels are random

Basically, Archero is a Roguelike game. It has similarities to Dead Cells or Hades. Each chapter consists of different levels and you need to go from the beginning to the end without letting your hero die. When the character is defeated at any level in the chapter, you have to start over. This increases the difficulty of the game. However, it can make players feel bored by loops.

Don’t worry because the game developer has solved this problem. The levels in the game are built randomly. This means that all map characteristics such as objects, monster types, and traps change as you replay a new turn. Of course, Bosses in each chapter are the same but they can appear at any level.

More challenges in Hero Mode

After you complete chapter 4, Hero Mode is unlocked. This mode brings more challenges. You may notice the map’s appearance turns purple with overcast skies as a warning of new challenges. The levels in the chapter remain the same but the difficulty has increased several times. The monsters in the levels are stronger and the traps are also more dangerous.

Simple controls

Archero does not require players to have much experience in character control. Just follow the initial instructions and practice through a few levels, and you will be able to play fluently in no time. When participating in the match, the two main skills you need to do are running and shooting. For running skills, you need to touch the screen and move the character in any direction. Its movement speed is smooth, so you are never afraid of not avoiding an attack timely.

For shooting skills, let drag the bow and arrow; align the shot, and release to take down the opponent. Plus, before playing, do not miss the opportunity to choose the arrow’s type to fight better. You can select multiple arrows, +1 arrows, or bouncing arrows. By choosing the right one, your chances of winning will be higher. Moreover, the system also allows you to combine your character’s skills for an easy victory.

The weapon system, skills, and pets

The bow is your only weapon of combat. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Archero’s manufacturer focuses on the weapon system. In the first battles, your bow is limited to one-shot/time. However, the number of shots will increase, even reaching seven shots/time when you upgrade your weapon. To upgrade weapons, you need to spend money. The fastest way to earn money is to complete quests and kill monsters.

In addition to weapons, do not forget to choose and upgrade skills for your character. The game provides players with a variety of skills and powers to experience. Note, you need to pay attention to weapons and competition tactics to choose the right skills. Improper skills make it easier for monsters to take you down.

Moreover, in this battle, you will not fight alone. The lovely Pet will be your companion. They also have their powers and are ready to assist you in battle. Train them to attack enemies for you, increase damage and help you heal.

Tips: When you find a new weapon that’s better than the old one, you can remove the upgrades on the old weapon to get back scrolls and coins. Then use them one more time to upgrade the new one.

Don’t waste your energy

Archero uses an energy system to manage your game turns. You need to spend 5 energy units per turn. When your character is defeated, you return to the starting point and lose 5 mana. Energy points automatically regenerate every 12 minutes. Note that your energy bar has a limit of 20. It means you need 4 hours to fill this bar. In case you receive rewards as energies, they will be added to the total energy bar without being limited to 20.

Limited energy means you are not free to play as many times as you want. So always be careful at each level because just fail, you will waste energy. If you buy a BattlePass, your recharge limit increases from 20 to 30. You can also recharge by paying diamonds or watching some ads.

Many interesting maps

Archero does not only attracts gamers with the weapon system but also many attractive maps. Each map will have many different battle floors. On each floor, you will encounter obstacles and monsters with different strengths. When you reach the high floors, the number of monsters and their power will increase. They will be difficult to deal with and require you to deploy many advanced skills and weapons. If you don’t upgrade your weapons and skills, the possibility of “game over” is high. Therefore, be cautious in combat and try to win all battles. Try to complete all the floors in a map to unlock a new one with beautiful graphics.

A new chapter (map) is only unlocked when you clear all levels on the previous map. Archero currently has 26 chapters with loads of challenges. You have the opportunity to adventure to the underground dead lands or fight in a quiet and mysterious forest.

Build your monster hatchery

When you defeat monsters on the maps, there is a chance to drop their eggs. Once you have eggs, you can hatch them in your hatchery. You have up to 4 slots to hatch the eggs. In order for the egg to hatch, you need to destroy the number of monsters the egg requires. For example, with the bomb ghost egg, we need to destroy 300 monsters of the same type to make it hatch.

When the egg hatches, you get a monster. They are raised on your monster farm. The monsters on the farm always want to play with you. So play with them in your spare time by tapping the bubbles on the monsters’ heads. Occasionally there are random items dropped from monsters, you can pick them up. Clean these items to get unexpected rewards.

Events in Archero

Besides challenging levels in main game mode and hero mode, there are exciting events waiting for you in Archero. The events in the game are divided into 2 groups: fixed events and festival events. Currently, the game has 6 fixed events including:

  • Hero Duel: Compete with gems to win! You will randomly challenge other players to a 1vs1 match. The winner takes gems from the loser.. The seasons refreshs every 2 weeks with some amazing ranked rewards. Please note: stats, equiments and skill will be balanced to ensure fair. You have 10 turns per day.
  • Hero Duo: Partner up with your friends to clear 100 levels. You have 10 turns per day.
  • Mystery Mine: A mysterious mine filled with precious minerals and evil monsters! Fight aside heroes to defeat evil and claim the treasure. You spend 15 Energy per turn. Then have to buy 100 gems for the extra turn.
  • Infinite Adventure: Atrue test of courage and your spirit; challenge infinite monsters now! You spend 10 Energy per turn. Then have to buy 100 gems for the extra turn.
  • Evil Dungeon: Giant monsters have escaped the dungeon where they were imprisoned. Detroy them!
  • Flying Bullets: The monsters here are great at long-ranged attacks. Can you survive their constant attacks? You spend 5 Energy per turn. Then have to buy 100 gems for the extra turn.

Update new contents

New events and content are still regularly added by the developer in new versions. Here we will update the new content in the latest versions of Archero.


  • Added Chapter 29 – Dark Forest to the main questline.
  • Added Clan event – Monster Treasure. Clan members work to collect special items to obtain monsters’ precious treasure.
  • Added some new monsters and monster eggs to spice things up!
  • Added VIP subscription privileges offering heaps of benefits!
  • Added new function-Bulk merge Jewels
  • Twist of Fate event has returned with upgraded rewards!
  • Improvements to interfaces and performance.

MOD APK of Archero

MOD Info

  • God Mode: When this mode is activated, your hero is immortal. He cannot die even when taking damage from monsters. Note that you must pass stage 2 to activate God Mode.
  • High Damage: When you shoot once, the damage is up to 65k. It is powerful enough to kill any boss with one shot.


You need to enable the MOD feature before starting a level.

Does the unlimited money mod version exist?

We bet you’ll find sites recommending a mod version of Archero, which allows unlimited use of in-game currency. Don’t believe it because it definitely doesn’t exist.


With the 3D design, vivid images, and attractive gameplay, gamers will be immersed in this game as soon as they fight on the first map. Let experience the feeling of defeating monsters and becoming the hero of the kingdom in Archero. Download the game now to see the quality and relaxation.

Download Archero MOD APK (God Mode) 5.2.5

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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