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Require5.0 and up
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Metaverse is a new concept that is gaining popularity in recent times. It is a digital universe that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), the Internet, and cryptocurrency. For those who are interested in games set in Metaverse, Arat: TPS MOBA is definitely a name that you should not miss.

Arat is a vast virtual world where millions of different players interact with each other and build a virtual life of their own. All players connect to this virtual world through a special port. In the world of Arat, there are special rules that all residents must follow. The Supreme Beings also make their own laws just like the law. Anyone who violates must be punished.

Not everyone is eligible to connect to Arat through a special port. As a result, there have been illegal intrusions. You will be one of them. As an intruder, you become a member of this digital world. Your mission is to fight other players in real-time battles for glory and rise on the global leaderboard.

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Its gameplay is a versatile combination of MOBA, MMO, and third-person shooter. Besides, there are many different exciting activities for you to enjoy real-time battles with friends or random opponents around the world.

Basically, the gameplay of Arat: TPS MOBA is similar to other third-person shooter games on mobile. You will control your character to move on a random map and attack opposing players. The 3vs3 matches in the game take place at a random map out of 20 available. Each is limited to 2 minutes. The rule is very clear: your team must fight and take down other players to win badges. When a team reaches 25 badges, they win. If two minutes are up and both sides have not reached the required number of medals, the team with the greater number of points will win. Competitive matches take place on a variety of mystical maps with unique trap and obstacle mechanics, so the in-match experience is always fresh.

Besides a default attack, each character can be equipped with a special skill. It can cause powerful effects on the map such as dealing large area damage, restoring HP to allies, hiding, etc.

When the player reaches the required level, new modes will be unlocked. The game is available in 4 different modes with unique rules. Win matches for special rewards and experience points. Experience points will determine your position on the leaderboard in the Arat world. So don’t miss any chance to win.

Arat TPS MOBA mod

Customize your character.

Arat is a virtual world where players freely express their personalities through the appearance of their characters. You can make a lot of different customizations to create a character with a unique appearance. In this test version, players can choose from three available characters including Veteran Cat, Mok, and Rina. The game currently has 16 different characters. Most of them are locked. If you want to unlock new characters, you need to complete special missions or buy them directly in the store.

Each character has its own appearance with unique stats and skills. Based on these pre-made models, players can create their own unique characters with tons of in-game accessories and outfits.

Live in the virtual world of Arat

Arat: TPS MOBA is not just a traditional TPS MOBA game. It offers various exciting activities for players to explore. Some functions like VRChat, and Recroom where players can become a member in other people’s social spaces, then interact and chat with them.

At the center of the Arat world, there was an area where all the players were gathered called Bit City. Here you can interact with others, take part in some special mini activities or enjoy the sights of the city. It will be really cool when you have the opportunity to relax in this virtual world after fierce 3vs3 matches.

Looking for special relationships

Arat: TPS MOBA introduces a special mechanic called Romance. It is an indicator that measures a relationship between two players. Now you can search for your romantic relationship in this virtual world.

When you fight with other teammates, you can form a strong bond with someone. And if you fall in love with another player, invite them into a romantic relationship in the virtual world of Arat. This mechanism affects the character’s component stats. It also creates special effects in the arena.

Creating special relationships with other players is one way to always have fun in this virtual world.

Arat TPS MOBA features


How to download

Arat: TPS MOBA is launching in early access on the Play Store in select regions. Currently, it is available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. There is no information about the official version for iOS yet. If you want to experience this game soon but not in the specified country, we have two ways for you to download and install it. As follows:

Method 1: Install from TapTap

TapTap is a platform dedicated to sharing new and popular mobile games on Android. It allows you to download and install newly released games, even if they are not yet available on your local Play Store.

  • Step 1: Download and install the TapTap application on the official homepage.
  • Step 2: Open the application, and log in to your account.
  • Step 3: Enter the keyword “Arat: TPS MOBA” in the search bar. You will find the game page. Now, click Install and wait for the download to complete.

Method 2: Change your IP address

  • Step 1: Use a popular VPN service to change your IP address. We recommend ExpressVPN or AdGuard VPN.
  • Step 2: Open VPN, select server Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines then connect.
  • Step 3: Open the Play Store then you can find and install the game.

MOD info

Currently, the mod does not exist. We will update it as soon as it is available.


Arat: TPS MOBA takes you into the Metaverse universe and becomes a member of it. Get ready to participate in exciting 3vs3 battles in real-time, chat with other players or find a romantic relationship in this world. Please download the game via the link below.

Download Arat: TPS MOBA MOD APK (NO)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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